101 Ways to Design a Genealogy Chart

Janet Hovorka
Dec 12, 2018
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About this webinar

Tired of the regular fan, left to right or top to bottom chart? Want to show off your family relationships, places and time periods in an engaging way? If your clients and family members aren't clamoring for more, maybe you're just not showing it off effectively. The visual presentation of a family's history is one of the most powerful communication tools for genealogists. What is the difference between a butterfly, hourglass, waterfall, DNA and bow-tie chart and which format will show ALL of your family members? How do you squish a whole bunch of people onto a teeny tiny paper? Get lots of creative, artistic hints and come learn about the best tools for displaying your family's history.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Janet Hovorka and her husband own Family ChartMasters, a genealogy chart printing service and official printing service for Legacy Charting. She is the author of the Zap the Grandma Gap book and workbooks about engaging youth with family
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    A lot to think about, especially as I think there are more blanks to fill in before I could print a chart. Can see how a blank chart to fill in would help give a visual of where I am and where I need to go. Thanks.

    Amazed at all of the different designs that are obtainable.


    Awesome webinar, liked the variety of ideas for charts.

    awesome! so inspiring! thank you!

    Beautiful charts!

    Beautiful Charts!!

    Excellent… knowledgeable and experienced. Thank you!


    excellent as usual

    Excellent presentation and thorough knowledge of the family chart business. It’s very interesting to learn about the various ways and designs to illustrate and display family / ethnic / military / ancestor / and descendant connections.


    Found it very interesting.

    Gave me many ideas to share my information


    Great chart ideas !

    Great class on charts for genealogy.

    Great presentation of many different ways of charting.

    Great presentation! Thank you! : )

    Great speaker.

    Great webinar showing all the various formats and ideas for charts!

    Great Webinar! Will definitely use Family Chart Masters in the near future for our first big family reunion!!

    Awesome webinar! I’m a calligrapher, as well as an amateur genealogist. I’ve hand made genealogy charts in years past, sizes varied, dependent on how many ancestors my customers found. Times have changed; all computer now, and I love it even though I dig out my pens and ink from time to time. I can hardly wait to watch this webinar again… enjoyed it very much!


    Her enthusiasm is wonderful! The charts were very interesting…all those different styles.

    I did not know about family chart masters before this program. Thank you for the information!

    I loved being able to see such a large variety of charts for ideas.

    I loved it! As a former computer graphics person, and a retired typesetter, it was wonderful to see what can be done with charts!!

    I made family history charts for all my children last year for Christmas wish I had known about all this first.. the webinar was great.

    I would have liked to see more historical charts….as inspiration for creating period looks.

    I’m so excited to start creating charts to showcase my family’s legacy! Thanks so much!


    Interesting to see the many different charts available with backgrounds and colors and color-coding.


    It was a very enthusiastic sales pitch, with some quick looks at layouts that have been produced. Most helpful is the link to the company site and a discount. When this goes to the legacy webinars, I would keep it free as it truly is a sales promotion.

    It was really 101 ways to design a genealogy chat! Thanks a lot! Now I will seek for the price of them…

    It went so fast but there was a lot to cover.

    Janet was so resourceful and offered a great presentational style with loads of examples! iGracias! 🙂

    Lots of ideas, thinking outside the box for presenting families

    Loved all the new ideas (to me anyways) and websites to go to.

    Most interesting webinar so far!

    Nice presentation.

    Nice show of her product line.

    Now we know where to go. Thanks.

    really instructive Thank you

    Some very interesting ideas of family tree formats and background art.

    Terrific speaker and moderator. The slideshow and discussion were inspiring for ideas and projects. I just wish the webinar software allowed for us to see more details of the example charts. Thanks for the coupons and door prizes.

    Very clear explanations & ideas. Great photos to illustrate examples.

    very good

    Very good presentation and subject – thank you

    Very informative about all the different ways one can create a chart. It makes you think outside the box.

    Very informative and it has me thinking about several ideas for charts.

    Very informative!

    Very informative!

    very informative. I was not aware of so many different ways to create a tree and it made me think of other ways then the traditional trees.

    Very interesting – great presentation! I just found these webinars, so I look forward to more learning to come!

    Very interesting and inspiring

    Very interesting lot of good information

    Very interesting to find out possibilities for displaying family history. Well organised and well presented.

    Very interesting; great ideas; thanks so much.

    Waaay too many ideas to keep track of what the names of the different charts are but I guess it’s to get the juices flowing.

    Well done, interesting

    Well organized presentation with lots of useful suggestions. I was very impressed by the depth of knowledge of the presenter. Please invite her to offer another webinar.

    What a great webinar! So many interesting ideas!

    Wonderful presentation!


    Wow! So many charts but oh, so little time!

    Wow, such great charts! Thanks!

    Your beautiful examples of charts have me inspired to design a few as gifts. Thank you!


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