Can mtDNA and XDNA help topple Geoff’s Brick Wall?

Diahan Southard
Nov 15, 2023
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 50s
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Geoff's Background Info
5m 05s
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Whose DNA Should We Use?
12m 46s
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Geoff's Genealogy Strategy
6m 43s
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My Dream Will
14m 29s
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Join Geoff as he consults with DNA expert Diahan Southard to determine if mtDNA and/or XDNA can help him learn more about his 4X great grandmother.

About the speakers

About the speakers

Diahan Southard knows firsthand what a difference it can make to know where you came from. What started off as an educational and career interest in genetic genealogy became deeply personal when she used DNA to discover her mom’s birth parents and
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Geoffrey D. Rasmussen is the father of four budding genealogists. He graduated with a degree in Genealogy and Family History from Brigham Young University and has served as director and vice-president of the Utah Genealogical Association. He is th
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  1. CD
    Cynthia Deal
    5 days ago

    Geoff has the best genealogy karma of all! Great webinar. Thanks.

  2. MD
    Marilyn Dietiker
    7 days ago

    This webinar was SOOO great! Thank you both and Diahan it kind of took away the mental block I have about trying to understand DNA research. It was so amazing for Geoff to actually find and prove his 4th great grandmother! Wow!! Wow !!! I can only hope that I will find and prove my 2 x great grandfather/grandmother in time. Thank you again.

  3. DG
    Diana Gill
    2 weeks ago

    OMG! This presentation was informative, instructive and inspiring. I could feel Geoff’s sense of being overwhelmed and grateful. I am happy to learn HOW, if all the stars align, you can get your family back using mtDNA. Thank you both!

  4. PS
    Patricia Sprague
    2 weeks ago

    Excellent webinar!! The best that I have seen in ages.

  5. MS
    Marilyn Smith
    2 weeks ago

    Thanks for another wonderful insightful and helpful learning session.

  6. CK
    Catherine Kesseler
    2 weeks ago

    Great job! Really informative.

  7. JP
    Jonny Perl
    2 weeks ago

    Living the dream. Great job Diahan and Geoff!

  8. SH
    Susan Hollis
    2 weeks ago

    Yea Geoff, yea Diahan! Very informative>.


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