Working with Different Family Tree Views on MyHeritage

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Aug 11, 2020
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About this webinar

The bigger your family tree grows, the more unweildy it can be. MyHeritage offers several different family tree views to help you navigate your tree effectively. In this webinar, you'll the advantages of each and how to use them.

About the speakers

About the speakers

MyHeritage is the leading global destination for discovering, preserving and sharing family history. Our platform and DNA kits make it easy for anyone, anywhere to embark on a meaningful journey into their past and treasure their family stories fo
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Uri Gonen has been working at MyHeritage since 2005 where he took on different challenges and roles in product development and product management. He has been part of the wild journey of MyHeritage from a small startup to a dominant company in the
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  1. HM
    Heather Mackay
    3 years ago

    A great presentation of an excellent system, which continues to improve over time! However, the standard colours for most charts, hard-copy filing systems and family tree software are:
    Paternal grandfather’s quadrant – BLUE
    Paternal grandmother’s – GREEN
    Maternal grandfather’s – RED
    Maternal grandmother’s – YELLOW
    For some reason MyHeritage has chosen to swap the RED and YELLOW quadrants. Could you please consider changing this to match the standard used by everyone else.
    These fancharts are one of our primary tools for “enthusing” family members about our shared history and recruiting cousins to join our family DNA project to help solve our mysteries and unanswered questions.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    A very good lecture with many practical tips. Further development of MH seems very good

    Always eager to learn more. Keep it coming. Thanks

    another great webinar. I so get my $49 worth…..


    Awesome as always

    Awesome! I like MyHeritage more and more as time goes on. AND I know they listen to their users. Thank you MyHeritage. 🙂

    Awesome! love the color coded fan chart!

    Beautifully concise and in both examples and presentation. Learned a lot about the various tools available.

    Brilliant webinar with lots of great information to make using the My Heritage tree an even better experience.

    Clear, concise, and informative

    Didn’t know I had that many ways to use MyHeritage – sure gives Ancestry a nudge!!!! Thank you all so much for these free webinars!!! Wishing you all a great week!!

    enjoyed knowing about upcoming changes and features. Thank you for showing the FaceBook user group because I had questions that were not answered about ancestors that completely changed their names and how to put it into a tree and if the tree views support and have a way to show the double names. Thanks


    Excellent explanation of the various views and the benefits of each. I also like getting that glimpse into future improvements

    excellent information

    Excellent information for setting up a tree

    Excellent look at the future Web GUI

    Excellent overview of the My Heritage website. I learned a lot!

    Excellent overview of the tree views, as well as answers to many other MyHeritage questions

    Excellent presentation, nicely paced. Thank you.

    Excellent presentation… I learned a lot

    Excellent presentation…many helpful tips…

    Excellent presenter, with news of features I was not aware of.

    Excellent! Thanks!



    Excellent…Thanks very much…learned a lot!

    Excited to see the new MyHeritage features. 🙂

    Exciting things happening at My Heritage!

    Fabulous presentation on the different views and so many of the settings and ways to set things up! I love the fan view, but now I know more about working with the other two views as well. Only wish that there was an easy way to merge two identical people who were entered just “a little differently!” 😉

    FAN chart is fab. It spurs me on to finally upload my GEDCOM to this site.

    Glad to see the new views coming to MyHeritage. Because I am not a power user of MyHeritage, it was nice to see some of the things that I have forgotten.

    Good solid overview and preview. Thanks,

    good stuff! Excellent to learn more about MyHeritage! Thank you, Uri & Geoff!


    Great and exciting information!

    Great content.

    Great info for new and experienced members!

    Great presentation.

    Great presentation. Very informative.

    Great to know a bit more about some of the options on the different topics Uri discussed. Thank you so much, I have appreciated it.

    Great to see the new and future features.

    Great Webinar.

    Great webinR


    Having been using MyHeritage for a while, but learned so much this afternoon! Can’t wait to get started again! Thanks Geoff and Ari.

    He is very knowledeable & explains things well.

    I am fairly new to My Heritage and have not used many of the features. Thank you for this helpful webinar. This has really excited me about trying some of the features that I didn’t know about.

    I am not that familiar yet with MyHeritage – I have been more active to date with other providers.

    I find each Webinar I watch to be very helpful — it’s amazing what all can be done that I need to learn about. Today’s plus was learning of another one to sign up for that I know will be as helpful. THANK YOU

    I have a My Heritage subscription for the DNA matches, but have never explore the various tree views. I will now!

    I learned a LOT of new things about MyHeritage that I didn’t know about…the different tree view, the buttons, the “more” list, the “gear icon”. Thank you!

    I learned a lot of new ways of viewing and using the family trees on MyHeritage.

    I learned a lot of very helpful tools.

    I learned so much and am convinced that I need to use My Heritage much more. They appear to be a company that puts the needs of the user/researcher in the forefront of design innovations. I like them more and more.

    I learned so much! and all of it is free. Maybe I dialed it incorrectly. do have a subscription, but it makes it much easier to talk to other people about things that are free. Thank you fo much for a clear, easy to understand presentation.

    I like knowing what improvements are coming to My Heritage. Thanks for sharing.

    I like the new tee features that are coming

    I really learned alot. I have been adding names but wondered how to do a display as you have shown today. Thankyou

    I wasn’t aware of the different views. I learn something new with every webinar.

    I wasn’t familiar enough to really get excited about this. Thanks for posting where to find all the webinars for My heritage.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    I’m so very glad for the inventive abilities that Uri has used to make such improvement to MyHeritage.!!


    interesting new deveolpments

    Interesting new features.

    Interesting; Iearned some new things about MyHeritage.

    It was good and interesting.

    It was great learning how to use different charts and maneuvering around them and hearing about the future tune ups.

    Learned a lot!

    Learned a lot, and good to see future developments

    learned many details

    Learned many new and exciting things!

    Looking forward to new things coming, especially relationship calc.

    Looking forward to what is coming soon.

    lots of great info!!

    Lots of tidbits

    Love the changes MyHeritage is making to the way you view and work with family trees! Fan View is my favorite! Also love the photo enhancer and colorizing tools! I’ve been away from MyHeritage, just returned. It may become my primary research site with all of the interesting changes! Great presentation, easy to understand and follow. Thank you Legacy FamilyTree for hosting such informative webinars!

    love the fan chart!

    Love, love, loved it! Inspired me to finally upload my GEDCOM File

    My Grand-kids are going to love the colorful Fan charts”

    Loved the “coming attractions”!!

    Many things that I haven’t used. It was very easy to follow. The red arrows helped a lot.

    Most of what was shown is easily explorable at the website.

    My appreciations!!!

    New features available and new features coming!

    This was very informative and will be helpful for using and deciding upon which view(s) to use.


    Really great

    So many new and good things happening at myheritage. So glad you have these webinars to teach us.

    Thank you for the overview and preview of coming features

    Thank you so much! I learned a number of new tricks and I am a happy camper!


    Thanks Geoff for walking us thru a live tree demo.

    Thanks to URI & Legacy for this very informative & helpful Webinar. Somethings are coming back to me after over a decade of absences. Doing a superb job.


    The fact that Geoff worked with the presenter to do actual examples from his own tree/account on MyHeritage made this much better than without his examples.

    This was so helpful for a new user of MyHeritage. Thanks!

    This webinar was very good. I enjoyed the presenter Uri and I learned a lot. Looking forward to the new features that are coming to My Heritage.

    very good

    Very good. There was info. for beginners up to advanced researchers. I like the upcoming changes.

    very helpful overview of different trees. Loved the colors on the fan view!

    Very helpful webinar!

    Very helpful!

    very imformative

    very informative

    Very informative and gave a look into what is coming in the future.

    Very informative and learned a lot I didn’t know. Good to hear of changes and improvements.

    Very informative I learned a lot

    Very informative.

    Will need to listen to the recorded version. Did not know many of the features presented today. Thank you.

    Wonderful guide to easy access, use of MyHeritage Trees. Very nice!

    Wonderful presentation and lots of great information. Loved learning about the versatility of MyHertitage and its multiple family tree views. Thanks ever so much!



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