What Would You Do If You Had Five Days in Washington, DC?

Pamela Boyer Sayre, CG, CGL
Jan 16, 2019
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Speaker's Introduction
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FGS 2019
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National Archives
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Library of Congress
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The Society of the Cincinnati
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Practical Tips
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An Example Plan
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

When you have mined web sources for records in Washington, DC, and your appetite has been whetted for a trip to see for yourself the vast array of repositories and sources available there, how will you plan your trip to make the most of the time available? This class presents a plan for an actual research trip to DC and suggestions about transportation, lodging, and other practical matters.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Pamela Boyer Sayre, CG, CGL, FUGA, is a professional researcher, educator, author, and lecturer. She has developed, coordinated, and taught courses at the Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research since 2007. She co-coordinates and teaches
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    A genealogy trip to Washington DC is definitely on my bucket list. This really inspired me to start thinking about it. Pam is great. Thanks

    a good general guide

    Amazing info, she needs more time, or there should be sub-webinars, definitely looking for more of these

    Appreciated the practical tips and perspective of speaker. From my only trip to Washington, DC several years ago, it was obvious she knew what she was talking about.

    Appreciated the sample trip agenda at the end of the seminar. Have been to DC to research and didn’t get near enough accomplished. Wish I had this information before my trip. Thank you.

    Enjoyable and informative!

    Even though a trip to DC seems overwhelming, Pam makes it sound ‘do able.’ Thank-you.


    Excellent information for a Washington visit.

    Excellent information. Having lived in DC I felt she covered good information about getting around the city.

    Excellent overview of DC Repositories.

    Excellent overview of the libraries and also of the city itself.

    Excellent presenter. Very organized, detailed, thorough, yet entertaining.

    Excellent speaker! Thank you!

    Excellent webinar!

    Fabulous webinar! I can’t wait to do some research in D.C. but must save up because I am sure I’ll need to be there for much longer than 5 days. Thank you so much for making all these Legacy webinars available!


    General overview was helpful

    Great info!

    Great overview for a visit to DC.

    Great presentation for visiting and researching in Washington.

    Great tips for when I get the chance to go to DC!

    Great webinar Wonderful information.

    Great webinar! Very informative! Thank you!

    Her excitement is contagious, can’t wait to visit DC!

    I am a major planner so this webinar was right up my alley. I can’t make the conference this year but I am hoping to plan a visit to our capital. Thanks, Pam!

    I did not get to hear all of it, But from what I did get it was wonderful !! Gave me a few ideas.

    I did not know that the Smithsonian had libraries!

    I enjoyed and appreciated all the facts on visiting and researching in Washington DC. I have visited the beautiful and historically absorbing DC twice with my daughter who married an American and lives there. I will pass on to her Pamela’s information of what can be gleaned from the repositories for her children’s American ancestors.

    I enjoyed the tour of Washington. The information about the various on line sources was very useful. One of the best webinars I have heard. thanks.

    I learned an awful lot tonight, which is a wonderful thing. Very, very informable. I will look forward to another webinar with Pam Sayre.

    I live in the DC area and have used several of the sites she mentioned. But I still learned something. Very well presented.

    I’ve been to DC multiple times. I had no idea the Smithsonian Museums have libraries!

    Last Wed (Maintaining an Organized Computer) was my first webinar experience. As soon as it ended I signed up as a member. I had high expectations for tonight’s class and … 5 Days in DC was even better than I’d hoped. Thanks, Pam and Geoff!

    Looking forward to more details.

    Looking forward to the series drop on March 1!

    loved the syllabus and all the additional information for DC

    Nice job

    Now….I just need to go!

    Oh my goodness! So amazing! I want to go there now. Great information.

    One of the best.

    Outstanding webinar and a great presenter.

    Outstanding webinar! What a great idea helping plan a genealogy research trip to DC. Pam is an excellent communicator! The webinar is very thorough. Such good ideas. I lived in Northern Virginia and worked in DC years ago. This webinar will help me plan a genealogy research trip without intimidation. Thank you for all the time and effort. I look forward to the additional research in DC webinars and the FGS conference!!!

    Pam gave such a wonderful presentation. I am hoping to be there in August. Thanks for a great 90 minutes.

    Pam was an AWESOME presenter!! Like Geoff said, you could hear the ‘smile in her voice’ plus she sure knows her stuff!! So very helpful!! She made me want to leave for DC tomorrow . . .

    Pamela Sayer had an enthusiastic, happy delivery that made you absolutely want to listen, and go where she recommended. Webinar looked and sounded great.

    Perfect timing. Going to DC in mid March for fun & research and look forward to listening to the info coming out the first of March. I’ll have time to listen to all the information and be prepared before I get there. Thanks for all your great webinars.

    Planning a research trip with NEHGS to DC, so this was helpful.

    Really helpful. Did not know of some repositories.

    She was a very good speaker, enthusiastic, yet down to Earth and practical. While I’m not planning on journeying to DC any time soon, her talk reminded me to check out what’s available online. And, if I discover it exists, though not online, I can make note of it for the future.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    She was very informative about visiting Washington, DC.

    So glad I attended this webinar. I share the presenter’s enthusiasm for all a research trip to DC offers, BUT I WILL NEVER attempt it. Too old now for such an adventure.

    Superb job at presenting a wealth of organizational and research tips in DC. Have been planning a trip there and was feeling somewhat overwhelmed due to so many options and too little time! Greatly appreciate this fantastic webinar – excellent presentation! Bravo!

    Thanks for a great overview of researching in Washington, DC. Pam described so much that I hadn’t thought about!

    Thanks for the inspiring presentation Pamela. Hopefully I’ll get to visit these repositories someday, however, I may not want to leave once I start finding all kinds of fantastic records.

    Thanks so much for all info! I am ready to go!

    the best seminar yet! so much appreciated when speakers “speak” rather than just read their message. Slides were full of info – really appreciate the detailed syllabus as well. D.C., here I come!

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Can’t wait for March 1

    This rates a 10! so incredibly helpful

    This was a great webinar and very informative. I have never been to Washington but I plan on going. Now I can be prepared and have a plan before going.

    Very detailed and learned a lot of information for what is there!

    Very easy to listen to and extremely informative

    very good – lots of details that we need to know about researching in the area so that we don’t get there and be disappointed because we weren’t prepared.

    Very good speaker

    Very good! My new favorite presenter!!

    Very helpful.

    Very informative

    Very informative

    Very informative and enjoyable.

    very informative, lots of great information and tips

    Very informative.

    very interesting.

    Very interesting. Love hearing from people who obviously enjoy what they are doing and who has personally experienced the area and topic of discussion.

    very very good. I am planning on going to FGS conference. Going early and she had great ideas. Thank you

    very, very helpful

    Well organized and useful information. Excellent presenter!

    Wonderful speaker! She is very enthusiastic and has a wealth of knowledge to share. Her natural way of presenting the material made the time fly quickly. Thank you for having her.

    wonderful ways to do thing in Washington.

    Wonderful!!!!!! Pam is a fantastic speaker!!

    WOW! Amazing and informative presenter! I will be sure to attend all of her future presentations. Thank you

    wow-fantastic webinar and speaker!!!


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