Visualizing Ancestral Lines with DNA AutoClusters

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Apr 9, 2019
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The Report
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About this webinar

AutoClusters is an automatic tool that organizes your DNA Matches into clusters that likely descended from common ancestors. Discover how you can leverage this powerful visual display to learn more about how you and your DNA Matches are related.

About the speakers

About the speakers

MyHeritage is the leading global destination for discovering, preserving and sharing family history. Our platform and DNA kits make it easy for anyone, anywhere to embark on a meaningful journey into their past and treasure their family stories fo
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Ran Snir, VP of Product Management, is responsible for MyHeritage DNA products, Mobile apps and few other projects which are still in the oven. He’s managing a team of product managers who create and optimize the entire DNA journey — from or
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Excellent, excellent, excellent new feature. I really appreciate the clean data separated from the family trees which includes inherent errors. I clearly understand why you are now setting the thresholds at the current limits. I didn’t understand the table below and all the options. I really appreciate this presentation and will continue my subscription to the Legacy webinars.

    a great tool

    Able to follow though my first language is Swedish. So very nice. Thank you

    Always brilliant webinars from MyHeritage brought to us by Legacy. The webinar was very informative and clearly presented.

    Always enjoy and learn more about DNA.

    Amazing explanations of this wonderful new tool. Right from the developer! Great job!!!

    An excellent step-by-step explanation of AutoClusters and how to best use the reports. I highly recommend to all using the tool(s)!

    It was a wonderful start and had many helpful eye-openers for me.

    AWESOME webinar! This is a very meaningful webinar that is helping me better understand the AutoCluster tool. I now understand better some of the specifics: how tos, whys, etc. I really like and appreciate the AutoCluster tool. Thank you!

    Brilliant webinar with lots of great advice to forward our Genealogical researches with DNA AutoClusters.

    Clear, concise explanations of AutoCluster report fields…..excellent webinar!

    Clearly explained so even a novice could understand. Keep up the Good Work that makes genetic genealogy less tedious. Thanks!

    easy to understand, great examples

    excellent as usual

    Excellent but i had to leave – will watch it when it is posted later today!

    excellent explanation of use of Auto Clusters. Thank you.

    Excellent new tool. Thank you!

    Excellent overview.

    Excellent presentation of complicated info!

    Excellent presentation!

    Excellent webinar! I learned a lot!



    Excellent, very helpful!

    Excellent. Clarified the mystery of what is happening in these clusters that I see shared in other discussion groups. Thanks tons.

    Fantastic! This one I picked up a whole lot more on clusters. Heard his first webinar before. on them. Boy I am benefiting so much by listening to your WEBINARS! Thank you!!!!

    Found out a lot of useful pointers to enhance the tool.

    Glad for the walk-through on how the system was built, and for suggestions of related videos. Now I understand why some known matches never appeared in my clusters.

    Good and informative! Although personally, I have been using the beta for some time now and have managed to figure out the operational features myself.

    Good explanation of this new tool and what it does and does not include.

    Good explanation on why it makes sense with clusters to look for the higher score matches.

    Good introduction. I learned a lot.

    Great explanations of how this works!

    great explanations. wished it was longer so I could learn even more!

    Great info

    Great information – thanks!

    Great overview of how AutoClusters works. Easily understood, I’d recommend it for basic to intermediate users.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Great presentation, with lots of new information on navigating this powerful new tool.

    Great thanks!

    Great webinar! Another step in trying to understand DNA and how to use matches for identifying ancestors. I am never sure I understand it fully but learning sessions like this always help along with the tools from DNA websites getting more sophisticated every day. Thanks for all of it!

    Great Webinar! Thank you!

    Great webinar! Very easy to follow and thorough explanation of Auto Clusters.

    Great webinar. Had already “figured out” a lot of what Ran showed us today. Glad that I now understand those “grey squares” and what they mean! Thank you.

    Great webinar. I am so excited to further explore the auto cluster feature on MyHeritage.

    Great webinar. Ran Snir did it again. He is full of good information

    Great! thank you!

    Great! Very interesting!

    Great. Thanks RAn.

    He explained things very well.

    He explains things so clearly…step by step

    His examples were very clear – it answered my questions about this cluster stuff.

    I always love the webinars! Ran gave a very satisfying explanation of Autoclusters, how they are generated and how to interpret the results. Thanks for a great webinar!!

    I am always amazed by the new tools MH is developing and hope they keep it up!!!

    I had done my AutoCluster, but didn’t really understand it all and how to use it. Now I am ready to play with it!

    I have bee using the Auto CLusters a bit in the last month – but this webinar taught me a lot about tips, tricks and reasoning. Thank you very much!

    I have run my auto-cluster at MyHeritage, but I was pretty clueless at what I was looking at. I feel much more confident now to be able to use the information presented to me in the report. Thank you!

    I joined late, but still managed to learn quite a bit. Excellent.

    I learned a lot and now am anxious to put it into use! Thank you.

    I learned so much!

    i need to try this soon. very interesting fast moving webinar

    I now halve a better understanding of what the Auto Cluster output are reflecting.

    I saw Ran’s introductory lecture at RootsTech. It was great to get a more indepth look at all of the features of the AutoCluster report. As always Ran’s talk was easy to follow and very informative

    I sure learned alot and LOVED this webinar. I will be watching it again. Thank you!

    I was only aware of the excel page so i was happy to get a better understanding

    i will have to review at a later time. I started and it is really good information but I had an emergency and have to disconnect

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    I’ll be able to interpret my autoclusters so much more effectively. Thank you.


    It was very pedagogical and easy to understand. Though you have to look at the webinar again, because it contained a lot of information. Excellently done!

    Learned more about what the various features in the listing under the cluster could do for me.

    Learned sooo much. Thank you!!!

    Love the MyHeritage webinars as I just really started getting into their site after being a member with Ancestry for so many years. I’m finding that with my complete membership that I need to start using this more as my main site as so many features that I love…MyHeritage developers are great !!!!!

    Loved this webinar, very helpful!

    made me understand my autocluster results better

    Making DNA more understandable. Thank you!

    One of the best DNA explanations ever! Now I understand how to use the results I’m getting.

    One of the best webinars ever, so informative. It was so interesting too, it seemed like it was only ten minutes long.

    One of the best webinars. Maybe MyHeritage can give participants a discount to their membership as a LFT member or for those who have watched the webinar.

    Outstanding as always.

    Ran always does an excellent job explaining the webinar topic!

    Ran gave a terrific presentation. I used my own autoclusters report to follow along and it helped immensely! Thanks!

    Ran gives an excellent presentation. A good introduction to AutoClusters…much better than trying to find my own way around! Thank you.

    Ran is a wonderful presenter. His is easy to understand and to follow along with. I learned new things and can’t wait to get time to try the new info. Good job, everyone!

    Ran made it look easy! Well done.

    Ran Snir does the most useful webinars. I always learn something I can apply right away. Thanks!

    Really helpful! The first time I looked at my autocluster report Ipoked around a little bit and gave up. It makes much more sense now. I’ll go try it again.

    so enjoyable, striving to learn more.

    So many possibilities. Thankyou.

    Thank you for this webinar. When auto-clusters were introduced, I couldn’t figure out how to read the graph, so the information was absolutely useless to me. Now I’ll have to go back for a 2d look (assuming they’re still available now that my subscription has expired. (Can’t afford to re-subscribe at the moment.)

    Thanks for the detailed explanation of this new My Heritage tool. I plan to watch this webinar again!

    That really helped A LOT! When I ran my Auto Cluster report, I had no idea what to do with it. Now it makes sense. Thanks

    I have a better understanding of how autoclusters work and how they may help me figure out my matches. I was especially happy to better understand why my largest matches aren’t included. It makes sense now.

    Thanks for the great webinar!

    This puts meat on my DNA bones – have good bones but very little meat until today!

    This was an outstanding presentation and now I feel confident to open and work with my AutoClusters report!! Thank you for offering this webinar.

    This was excellent! I’d sent for my AutoClusters in March, but wasn’t really sure how to work with it. It makes so much more sense now that Ran has explained it! I’m hopeful that I’ll be able figure out how more of these matches are related to me now. Thanks so much for this and all the other webinars you offer. They are not only educational, but they help keep enthusiasm high. While I love genealogy, there are days when it’s more than a little frustrating, and a webinar can keep me plugging away at it!

    Useful and informative Thank you
    V!ery interesting and very clearly explained. I now know what to do

    Very clear and concise.

    Very Clear and concise…liked it.

    Very clear explanations. Thank you.

    Very fun easy to understand new DNA tool.

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Very good and a reason to get a subscription and upload my many DNA kits. I’ve been creating my own clusters manually using an excel spreadsheet to capture the data. How wonderful these tools are!

    very good presentation

    Very good presentation and information. I’m checking out my AutoCluster report right now!

    Very good.

    Very helpful

    Very helpful and well-done!

    very helpful, thank you

    Very helpful, thank you.

    very helpful. Thanks!

    Very helpful. Thanks.

    Very informative and now I feel I will be more comfortable in using AutoCluster feature to assist in my research.

    Very informative on how to use the tool

    Very informative on who is not included in the auto-clusters (close relatives). Also liked to see the table which provides more information. Also liked the strategy of look at chart, then go to individual to see information. Paring down the list by setting limits was informative.

    Very informative.

    Very informative.

    Very informative.

    Very informative. Cleared up using clusters, for me. Thank you.

    very informative. Thank you

    Very informative. Thank you.

    Very instructive and enlightening

    Very interesting and I believe what I have learned will help me very much with this feature.

    Very interesting! Thank you!

    Very interesting.


    Very useful information.

    Very well done and really helped to explain how to use the auto-cluster feature!

    Very well explained, thank you

    Well done, right length.

    Well explained

    well presented – and very informative

    Wonderful explanation of AutoClusters. Ran is a great presenter. Thoroughly enjoyed the webinar!

    Wonderful! I’ll definitely have to watch this again when I can stop and start the webinar while “playing” with my AutoClusters.

    Wonderfully clear presentation – well-paced, answered questions specifically, excellent examples.

    Wow! So much information included in this report. Thank you MH and Ran.

    Wow!!! It was great!

    Zowie – Terrific!


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