Using Multiple WATO Analyses to break through a Brick Wall

Maurice Gleeson
May 3, 2023
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 16s
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1m 31s
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Identifying Clusters
9m 18s
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Analysing a Cluster
20m 24s
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Case Study: Brennans
11m 48s
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Torture the DNA
28m 57s
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Maurice Gleeson has been experimenting with Multiple WATO (What Are The Odds) Analyses as a technique to break through Brick Walls in family trees at the 1750-1800 timepoint. With Multiple WATO Analyses, all possible scenarios for an ancestral relationship are explored (hence the “multiple” in the title). So if there are 3 individuals born about the same time, the various scenarios to explore are: 1. are they all brothers? 2. are they all half-brothers? 3. are two brothers and the third a 1st cousin to the other two? 4. are two half-brothers and the third a 1st cousin? 5. are they all 1st cousins? etc. etc. etc. And each scenario above is assessed from the perspective of all descendants involved in the analysis … so if there are 10 Scenarios and 8 descendants there will be 28 pair-wise comparisons in each scenario so 280 comparisons in total. Maurice will present several examples of how this technique has been used in practice to break thru Irish Brick Walls.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Maurice Gleeson is a medical doctor by first profession (psychiatry, pharmaceutical medicine) and now works as a professional genetic genealogist. He authors several blogs (e.g. DNA and Family Tree Research) and has been a regular contributor to g
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  1. KR
    Kathy Rieberger
    7 months ago

    Little by little I feel the webinars are helping me understand DNA. I just need to get going with my genealogy !!

  2. GL
    Graham Lowe
    7 months ago

    This presentation will require replaying at least a couple times in order to grasp methodology & processes necessary to replicate and use this type of analysis when I’m ready to tackle my own brick wall ancestors. Maurice Gleeson, thank you for your very logical and detailed step-by-step presentation!

  3. JN
    Jill Nock
    7 months ago

    Great methodology and detailed explanations; made it very easy to follow.

  4. MS
    Michele Sewell
    7 months ago

    wonderful information- glad it’s recorded because I need to watch again.

  5. PH
    Pauline Hooper
    7 months ago

    Clearly explained. Good voice. Fantastic help.

  6. JB
    Jo-Ann Blomquist
    7 months ago

    Super excellent. Perfect for us “geek” types. Explained in a way that took a complex analysis and made it understandable, and not too overwhelming. Maurice has a very engaging style of presenting. I definitely will watch it again because I think I may finally have a tool that will help answer the exact same questions I have.

  7. DW
    David Woodson
    7 months ago

    The presenter, Maurice Gleeson provided very interesting concepts and methods of analysis — I didn’t understand all but hope to watch again to get a better understanding and try and following his methods on my Brick Wall.

  8. DC
    Debbie Cravens
    7 months ago

    One of the best and most useful Webinars I have attended. Maurice’s explanations of a very complicated subject were very clear. I have been working with my DNA issues for a long time and now I see ways of going forward. I will definitely be watching this again and again! The syllabus will be a terrific review.


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