Trousers, Black Domestic, Tacks & Housekeeping Bills: Problem-Solving with “Trivial Details”

Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL
Jan 27, 2023
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3m 24s
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Speaker's Introduction
3m 25s
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1m 46s
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Basic Principles
10m 02s
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Case Studies: John Hickman
2m 23s
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Celeste LaCombe
2m 38s
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Trousers for Elijah
4m 23s
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Evidence Analysis Process Map
2m 43s
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Marie Louise Mariotte
6m 12s
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James Ball
6m 01s
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FAN Club
1m 34s
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Hugh Griffin
4m 56s
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Thomas Anderson
5m 31s
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Nancy Flanders
3m 09s
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Bachariah Harper
5m 02s
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1m 52s
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Announcements / prizes
5m 59s
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Questions / answers
10m 34s

About this webinar

The records we use are filled with “trivia,” bits and pieces of information that seem to have no “genealogical” value—at least not until we become more innovative in our research and analysis. Each piece of trivia in every document is an opportunity waiting to be connected to something else. Our ability to resolve problems depends upon our ability to make those connections. This class explores eighteen types of records and the kind of hidden clues each offers to help us resolve problems of identity, kinship, and origin.

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About the speaker

About the speaker

Across a long career, Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG, FUGA, FNGS, has been an innovator of research methods and strategies. Published widely by academic and popular presses, she edited a national-level scholarly journal for 16 years, taught
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  1. JH
    Jane Halloran
    3 days ago

    What a fantastic lecture. Thank you very much. I will definitely be at the next class.

  2. GS
    Georgianna Seko
    4 days ago

    This was an excellent webinar and should not be missed by anyone who does genealogical research. Thank you so much.

  3. KC
    KJ Corbett
    4 days ago

    I truly enjoyed this presentation. As a former DAR Registrar and Lineage Researcher for DAR, you have reinforced many things I felt were correct in searching for families through other sources such as Estate Sales. Thank you so much.
    KJ Proctor-Corbett

  4. JF
    Janice Feather
    4 days ago

    Paradigm shifting. Thank you Elizabeth!!

  5. PS
    Patricia Strot
    5 days ago

    Fantastic and thank you!

  6. RG
    Robin Grantham
    5 days ago

    A master’s degree in genealogy in one hour. Thank you for sharing your insights.

  7. HS
    Helen Schenkelaars
    5 days ago

    Just brilliant! Fabulous handout too.

  8. RW
    1 week ago

    Looking at probate sales will never be the same again – thank you!


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