Tools for Translating and Transcribing Genealogy Records

Thomas MacEntee
May 29, 2019
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Speaker's Introduction
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Translation Tips and Tricks
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Transcription Projects
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Social Media
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Tips and Tricks
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Documents – old and new – are a requisite resource for genealogy research. Learn the latest tools and programs available to translate foreign language documents as well as transcribe documents in order to extract needed information.

About the speaker

About the speaker

So, what if I told you that a Baby Boomer guy with a love of punk rock music but also Renaissance Art, somehow “fell” into the technology industry almost 40 years ago, and then left a lucrative career in information technology to pursue his love o
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago




    A wealth of information and advice given in such a pleasing manner. Thank you!!!

    Absolutely fabulous resources!! Thank you Thomas!! And as always, great resources, very well organized and timed presentation.

    again lots of good stuff and as always great advice. thanks Thomas

    Always a pleasure to learn from Thomas MacEntee. Good reference to translation software/applications

    Always good webinars especially with Thomas MacEntee

    Always love Thomas’ webinars; I learn so much! I’ve recently been indexing records for FamilySearch in an area of the country I’m familiar with. What I learned today will help me try other areas, and I know now that I can get ‘help’ using software I’ve never even heard of before… woohoo!!

    always love Thomas’s webinars.

    Always so informative. Thank you Thomas and Geoff.

    amazing new tools!!!! Thomas rocks


    Another excellent webinar by Thomas!! What else can I say? Thanks for all y’all do to provide these webinars.

    another great webinar filled with valuable information. Great job Thomas

    Another hit by Thomas, I really learned a lot. This is a must hear for new genealogists. I really enjoy his easy way of explaining the various programs.

    As always, brilliant!

    As always, I learned so much from Thomas. Many, Many thanks!

    As usual he knows more than I have time to try!

    As usual Thomas did a fantastic job.

    As usual Thomas did a great job.

    Awesome Presentation. The speaker makes everything sound so easy and his displays are wonderful. A just perfect webinar to me. Thanks.


    Can’t wait to try out these new tools!!

    Every webinar of Thomas’s that I’ve watched, and I think I’ve seen all, has been jam packed with great information, and information that Thomas presents in such a way that even those of us who aren’t as computer literate can use! I hope to subscribe to the webinar library soon!

    Everything Thomas MacEntee does is EXCELLENT!


    Excellent — Now so many new things to try!

    Excellent as always Thomas

    Excellent as always! I look forward to seeing you speak in person at the Northwest Geneaology Confernce in August!

    excellent as usual for Thomas

    Excellent as usual!!!

    Excellent coverage of information!

    Excellent information!

    Excellent information.

    Excellent information…much of which I did not know about.

    Excellent informative webinar!

    Excellent job and very informative!

    Excellent presentation. Lots of great ideas. Thx!

    Excellent resource. I’ve been doing my genealogy for about 50 years now, and you’ve given me a great boost.

    Excellent session. Enjoyed it.

    Excellent Thomas, as always

    Excellent Webinar!

    Excellent webinar! So much information and so useful!! Thank you for a fascinating webinar.

    Excellent webinar.

    Excellent webinar. Very informative. Thank you for offering this and thank you, Thomas, for sharing your expertise.

    Excellent! 😀

    Excellent! As always…….

    Excellent! I would rate it much higher than 5 if I could. I hope to use Transcript to finish copying my 3rd great-grandmother’s 1850 Will, together with some deeds received from Library and Archives Canada. Having a split screen should make it much easier. Fortunately my ancestors were in an English speaking area of Quebec so the documents are in English and not French! Thank you so much for this webinar.

    Excellent! So many helpful tools that I didn’t know about.

    Excellent! Thanks so much!


    Excellent, very knowledgeable.

    Extremely helpful

    Extremely informative, as he always is.

    Fabulous as always! Thanks, Thomas!

    Fantastic information.

    Fantastic new tools to use with my family archives project! Thanks!!!

    Fantastic resources!

    Fantastic webinar! : )Thank you!


    Fantastic, as always!!! Thank you, Thomas. You deserve a 12 or 13. Wonderful, useful, handout.

    First time attending one of Thomas’s webinars…great speaker!

    Good ideas!

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Good seminar

    Good sources.

    Good speaker

    great as usual

    Great I learned a lot

    Great information and amazing speaker.

    Great information from Thomas!

    Great information. I was aware of some of these tools but reluctant to purchase Dragon without some recommendations I trust. Thanks Thomas

    Great recommendations and tips/short cuts for solving many genealogy issues.

    Great sources. So much to do, too little time.

    Great stuff!

    Great time – new tools (to me) to check out and hopefully make Gen Life a bit easier. 🙂

    Great tips from Thomas and the webinar attendees.

    Great webinar!

    Great webinar, as all of Thomas’s are. Very helpful! Thanks to Thomas, Geoff & Legacy.

    He is always great. Very useful information and he presents it well.

    His webinars alone are worth the price of subscribing… Always, always interesting and informative.

    I always enjoy Thomas’s webinars!

    I always look forward to Thomas’ webinars. Definitely will look into GenScriber and Transcript programs. I did not know that some US census microfilm images were available on Internet Archive. Thanks for the tip!

    I always pick up something I didn’t know I needed when I hear Thomas! Thank you!!!

    I am continuously amazed at how little I actually know after all these years, when I attend one of Thomas’ webinars! Thank you!

    I learn so much from these classes. Thank you!

    I learned about several tools I was not aware of. I am going to check a few of them out. Thank you so much.

    I learned something new. Thank you.

    I should have set myself up earlier for note taking. Will go review the syllabus.

    I was so excited to be apart of this.

    I was so happy to learn of these (new to me) tools!!

    It was quick and productive.

    It’s always fun and educational listening to Thomas.

    I’ve said it before … I am ever so glad Thomas left the tech world, and has combined his skills and interests to help/guide us all on our journeys. Incredible, useful knowledge of sites, how-tos, tips, short cuts … I would love a few days of his undivided attention and guidance, especially w my well-intended organization. . .and would keep him fortified w organic, PNW veggies, fruits, pastured beef/pork/chicken, beverages 🙂 Thank you, once again.

    Learned more today than I have in the past 6 months. Thomas provided great resources today & I can’t wait to check out the websites. Time well spent & a big thank you to Thomas & Geoff!!

    learnt heaps, good presenter, knows what he’s talking about

    Lots and lots of great information!

    Lots of good info on Translation and Transcription. Thomas did a great job.

    Lots of great information in this webinar! You can always count on a well-done presentation and well-documented synopsis from Thomas MacEntee and this webinar was no exception. I can definitely recommend watching this presentation. Thanks so much!

    Lots of great new tools. Thomas is a super resource! Thanks.

    Lots of info to help with research

    Lots of unknown (to me) information.

    love this info.

    Love Thomas! Learn so much every time I attend one of his presentations.

    Most Excellent

    Much excellent info, as usual.

    Need to watch again

    Never heard of some of these and cannot wait to try them out!

    Not something that I would use much, but still interesting.

    One of the best speakers. I always learn something new and useful.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago


    So many new sites to use for transcribing and translating assistance. Great information now to start putting it into practice.

    So many new things to try….Thanks for this fantastic presentation!

    Some new things I didn’t know about before…

    Such a treasure trove of new tools to try out 🙂

    Such great information. Thomas’ webinars never disappoint! Thanks.



    Terrific webinar by Thomas, he never disappoints! Thanks for having him again.


    Thank you for this webinar and ALL the links and information. It is just like CHRISTMAS, gifts galore.

    Thank you!

    Thank you! Wonderful information.

    There are many tools that I was not aware of.

    This is my first webinar with Thomas… I greatly enjoyed his style, his delivery, his visual demos (except for when FB crashed!). I’ll be looking to view some of his other webinars in the Library.

    This is one of his most helpful of tips and tricks webinars. Thank you.

    this really helped with ways to shorten my genealogy problems of technological issues.

    Thomas ALWAYS provides something new for me!!!

    Thomas hit a grand slam homerun…way to go…thanks for all your help.

    Thomas is always amazing. His handouts are on point and helpful. And he speaks slowly, calmly, and clearly so that we can take notes and follow along! Thank you Thomas!

    Thomas is always excellent! So much new information to explore, and always clearly presented.

    Thomas is always great. Interesting subject and new information. Thanks.

    Thomas is ALWAYS well prepared. He has up to date content, vast knowledge, and great tips for us to follow. Thank you, Thomas.

    Thomas is so knowledgeable about genealogy tools, it’s amazing! He takes the time to experiment with different websites and presents them to us! How does he ever have time to really work on his own genealogy!?

    Thomas is such a great presenter, primarily because he has grappled with all of our issues before we did, and because of his wealth and depth of experience. He is always a great presenter, but this webinar was incredibly informative, and helpful. Thank him–so much–from each one of us!

    Thomas is the best!!!

    Thomas MacEntee aways has the highest quality webinars!!!! He packs it with sooo much information. His handouts are also the most complete for both content and links. He is a genealogical genius!!!! Thank you for having him often!!

    Thomas MacEntee is a veritable fount of knowledge. I was just about to transcribe some census reports, so will try GenScriber. Thanks!

    Thomas MacEntee’s Webinar presented a lot of useful technology tools. I certainly want to try some of these. Thanks so much!

    Thomas never disappoints. Great speaker and extremely knowledgeable.

    Thomas’ presentation was magnificent! I plan to watch the webinar again to catch what I missed.

    Thomas was great as always!!!

    Thomas’ webinars are the best always learn something.

    Today was Thomas MacEntee’s Webinar Again he DELIVERS!! He is always fresh in presentations he gives! Wonderful

    Tools are always good and Thomas presents so well

    Very good I missed the first 20 minutes so am looking forward to watching the beginning.

    Very helpful information I think. I work in our Religious Community archives and we still have German documents and letters hiding in some files. And we have pretty much run out of Sisters able to translate them. I’ll keep this syllabus on my desk and try to get familiar with all of these resources and make some notes about using then for future workers. But as the advice “do geneology first” is good, I’ll start with what lurks in my own family folders. Thanks much for this and all webinars.

    Very helpful! Lots of good tips and some tools I haven’t tried!

    Very informative, but as a newbie to all of this I am in overload right now. I will definitely use the information I was able to write down but would love to see it again and pick up some additional information, I didn’t get written down. Looking forward to more webinars.

    very informative.

    Very interesting. Had no idea these tools were available.

    Very knowledgeable speaker. Learned some VERY good tools for translating/transcribing. Going to start using a couple of them soon for transcriptions!

    Very useful information!

    Very useful tips, as always.

    very well presented with lots of good information – thanks!!

    Where do I start? I’m switching over from Irish research, well under way, to Scottish genealogy and love all the options for translations. I had no idea all this was available.


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