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The next Best of Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL series webinar is on Friday (a members-only event). Learn more here. Become a member here.

The 1939 Register for Family Historians

Fiona Brooker
Jun 30, 2020
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About this webinar

Following on from the declaration of War, on September 29th 1939, the details of the population of Great Britain and Northern Ireland were recorded and identity cards were issued. Findmypast has now published the registers for England and Wales. This talk will look at searching the 1939 Register and what to do with the information you find.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Fiona Brooker is a professional genealogist (Memories In Time) who has been actively researching her family history for over 35 years, inspired by two marriage certificates and a collection of family letters written from New Zealand back to her im
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Brilliant webinar with lots of great information on how to use the 1939 Register for Genealogical Research.

    Clear, good examples. I had used it prior, but interesting to hear of some of the quirks, discrepancies and issues with the Register. A most useful FH Resource.

    Complete coverage of the 1939 Register! Many thanks to Fiona Brooker for covering so much material in her webinar. Thank you.

    Crystal clear transmission and packed with excellent information from a superb presenter. Well worth while attending.

    Don’t know if the registry would apply for me but I’m not sure for some of my relatives and wanted to see what it was and how it worked. I enjoyed Fiona’s presentation and feel I could do it if the need comes up.

    Double 5!!



    Excellent content and delivery – thanks Fiona!

    Excellent coverage of a very interesting resource. Fiona is a very clear communicator and chose examples that showcased what you can do with the Register very thoroughly. I hope we get to hear more from her in future.

    Excellent info and visuals

    Excellent information – clearly delivered by the presenter – excellent illustrations on the screen – very informative.

    Excellent presentation, very clear.

    Excellent presenter, great examples

    Excellent scope and depth plus helpful handout

    Excellent Speaker. The 1939 register is my favourite source for UK research

    Excellent talk on 1939 Register. I learned several new things!

    Excellent technically -no broadcasting glitches that I noticed.

    Extremely clear presentation! And, given I am in the south of the US, I loved the accent!! Thank you!


    Fiona is a superb teacher – she keeps things simple but is thorough. She is always well-prepared and stays on topic. Her handouts and graphics are always informative and immensely useful. Thanks Fiona.

    Fiona is a very good presenter

    Fiona is such a good speaker that we all enjoy her material which cane be very detained but she covers a lot of ground effortlessly.

    Fiona was fascinating and very informative. I am going to use the 1939 Register for my research! Excellent job!!!!

    Following the step by step example made it all so easy to understand, and good examples of how to do it right the first time.

    Full of excellent information and extremely well presented in a way that was easy to understand.

    Great coverage of research strategies for this register

    Great informative webinar. Loved it 🙂

    Great presentation

    Great presentation. Easy to follow.

    great slides easy to follow. All new information to me. It is not in a time frame that I am searching but still made me think of solutions I could use for the 1841 census, Scotland Library Maps and address searching techniques

    Great speaker! Enjoyed this presentation and learned a great deal.

    Great to see different ways to search the register and how to report deaths in order to open redacted people. Thanks

    Great webinar! Thanks!

    Great! Big help finding a new tool to research!


    I have used it but appreciated extra background information.

    I learnt lots. Thanks.

    It took me down memory lane. Thanks.

    Look forward to an opportunity to use these records. She’s an excellent presenter!

    loved the presentation. Well spoken with no ummms and ahhhhhs as so many presenters are guilty of. Knew her topic well. I came to the webinar with two questions typed out and both were answered during the presentation. Glad to know how I can open up my mother’s and uncle’s blacked out line.

    Most informative

    New source which is good to know about!

    Not relevant to my family.

    Outstanding! Great for all levels of experience.

    Really enjoyed it as the majority of my ancestors are british

    Really excellent webinar. Thank you so much

    Short, sweet and full of great info. Thanks Fiona, Geoff and the Legacy team!

    so clear with her examples

    speaker was very comfortable with her topic – she limited the content to allow time to give clear examples, very clearly. A very enjoyable – and informative – webinar. Can we have her again, please

    Succinct and clear explanation with supporting material.

    Succinct and informative!!!

    Thank you for the informative presentation.

    The information provided will be of great help to me as I research my family – thank you so much!

    This was such an informative webinar. I have found the 1939 Register an invaluable tool in my search for my birth parents (were from England). Thank you.

    Very clear and concise presentation so I’m looking forward to discovering more of my family on the 1939 Registry.

    very clear, understandable and interesting

    Very descriptive and easy to follow. Thank you.

    Very good and informative. It was the first time I have used the webinar and was wondering if you could view it afterwards where you can fast forward or rewind some parts.

    Very Helpful Thank you

    very informative

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Very informative and great delivery. Thanks.

    Very informative and well presented. Good to have a session at Australian friendly time.

    Very informative!

    Very informative, excellent presentation.

    Very informative. I love learning about how to search in the UK more! Good job!

    Very interesting and helpful.

    Very interesting and informative. Thank you.

    Very interesting go-through the 1939 Register by Fiona Brooker. Very clear and with several examples to show how to search in various ways to find one’s cousins and family members. Could have gone a bit slower, with perhaps a few more examples. Otherwise, another excellent webinar.

    Very interesting records. Very well explained and shown w examples. Good thing to know about.

    Very interesting. Enjoyed her accent so much and the proper pronunciation of words. Extremely informative and learned the difference in a register and census.

    Very thorough presentation with all the little details we needed!!!

    Very thorough presentation.

    Very thorough walk-through of the new resource. Excellent job Fiona, thanks!

    Very well done and good example of researching this 1939 Register and what to do if incorrect or if some entry had been blacked out.

    Very well organized, highlighting different strategies for searching. Nice job

    Very well presented, clear and concise and ordered in a logical way. And Fiona’s accent wasn’t at all difficult to understand. Learned lots. I’d recommend other talks by Fiona based on this.

    Very well researched and presented. Fiona has a clear voice and her slides were very easy to understand as she used them to illustrate her presentation.

    Was a great introduction to the 1939 register.

    Wasn’t sure what i was signing up for with this class -so glad I took a chance!!! Extremely interesting & I learned a great deal. Thank you so much for these free webinars!!!

    Well presented…logical and clearly…demonstrated a good knowledge of the subject…thank you

    What a great webinar – very informative! Please keep doing the free webinars.

    While not something I could hook into at the moment, it was brilliant information. So great to have the opportunity to be exposed to it.

    Wonderful information- thank you!

    Wonderful presentation… informative and the presenter was easily understood! Thank you 🙂


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