Techniques for Integrating Documentary and Genetic Information in a Research Report

Karen Stanbary, CG
Mar 17, 2020
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Learn about BCG
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Presenter's Introduction
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Standards vs Application Guide
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The Research Report
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Pedigree Evaluation
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

This lecture provides practical examples of reporting on, analyzing, correlating and integrating information from documentary and genetic sources in a Research Report. The focus will be on meeting Standards detailed in Genealogy Standards, 2nd edition.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Karen Stanbary, MA, LCSW, CG®, BCG Trustee, is an author and national lecturer focusing on topics related to using genetic evidence correlated with documentary evidence to solve genealogical brick walls. A Chicago local, she holds a Master’s Degre
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Beautiful voice. Great detail.

    A lot to think about and process.

    Always good to know these things. Thanks

    Amazing, especially now that so many need to do online research.

    Appreciated the way documentation supplemented DNA and vice versa.

    Brilliant as usual, Karen! 🙂

    Brilliant! Thanks, Karen!

    Excellent and beautifully presented. Interesting to learn about Mexican records. Also got some ideas for presenting research on a person with an incredibly complex genetic history!

    Excellent and fascinating.

    Excellent case study; super interesting.

    Excellent presentation on a challenging topic.

    Excellent presentation. I did have trouble getting to the syllabus but I was successful toward the end.

    Excellent presentation. Lots of good research expertise.

    Excellent presentation. Thank you so much.

    Excellent presenter

    Excellent webinar on using DNA and documents to prove you genealogy question.



    Excellent! Clearly explained. I want to implement many elements.

    Excellent, interesting, and informative webinar. Great Job!

    Excellent. Inspirational.

    Extremely clear, well-timed and logical in her presentation. I may not be able to do that myself but I’m several steps closer to it now thanks to her.

    Extremely knowledgeable speaker and an incredibly detailed report! Seeing the report really helped to understand how the DNA evidence was integrated into the documentary information. It was very cohesive.

    Fascinating!!!! Karen Stanbury, gee just wonderful!!

    Good information, but a little above my skill level. It gives me something to work toward.

    Good information. It was nice to be able to see how the client report was constructed using the DNA evidence. The report was impressive.

    Great detailed information and explanations that were easy to follow due to very logical and consistent presentation format. Karen, Thank you!!!


    Great info.

    Great presentation and information. I learned a great deal from this outstanding presentation. An excellent use of my time during social distancing. Thank you!

    Great presentation with tons of details and examples and the reason behind doing what is required. Lively and engaging.

    Great presentation! Thank you! : )

    great research example – clear communication

    I am impressed by the great meticulousness of the study. Unbelievable patience and time devoted to this study. And this inquisitiveness !!

    I enjoyed this webinar very much. She showed how to use DNA and well as documentary evidence for reports.

    I found her voice a little *too* soothing, but the information was great!

    I found the analysis of the reports extremely informative.

    I found this very interesting and easy to follow. The steps taken to find proof were incredible, and the Research Report was outstanding. Thank you for offering this webinar, and many thanks to Karen Stanbary for walking us through the steps she took researching.

    I have been waiting for someone to illustrate the new BCG genetic standards in action and this did it very well. Thank you.

    I have had a hard time incorporating DNA into my own research and this webinar provided a clear picture of the steps I need to consider.

    I love how organized and detailer Karen was in her presentation. This made presentation full of details much easier to follow.

    I thought this was going to be a dry topic and was surprised on how much I was entertained and taught.

    I was impressed with the thorough research she does and the importance of formulating a research question to begin your project.

    Karen did a great job. Wonderful.

    Karen Stanbary is able to make DNA and BCG Standards not seem so overwhelming.

    Karen was very clear, with excellent examples of combining documentary evidence with genetic evidence.

    Love the BCG seminars, I always learn a lot.

    My thoughts watching the presentation, was that it seemed easy. I was glad the presenter acknowledged that the examples were from an easy project. I struggled with DNA and research with African-American ancestors where so few records exist beyond a certain time frame especially if the ancestor was a slave. Inference might be acceptable, but I’ve seen it overused in this situation.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Nicely done!

    Oh wow, so good, both on the subject and the report in general. One day I may actually “get” this !

    One of the best presenters I’ve heard. Very packed full of info.

    One of the very best webinars I’ve watched (and I’ve watched MANY)! I’d previously read Stanbary’s NGSQ article about this client’s research. It was wonderful to hear her talk us through the process by which she did the work. Her slides of details from her research report and genealogical summary were extremely helpful.

    Outstanding blending of DNA interpretation with documentary evidence.


    Professional and personable–lots of information presented in an engaging way. Left me with good ideas for my work.

    Really looking forward to her intermediate DNA class at IGHR.

    Reasonably exhaustive research … heaven help me.

    She did an excellent job of laying things out in a clear and logical fashion. I really like the dual method of research report and genealogy. It presents a much more complete picture.

    So interesting

    thank you

    The example made the seminar. The initial stage (reviewing standards) could have been shorter.

    This was a great topic and really well presented, thanks!

    This was amazing! Thank you so much. I am excited to incorporate these ideas and samples into my reports.


    Usually one would complain about a presenter “reading the slides” but in this case, the wonderful details and writing style justify it, and besides, the spoken versions helpfully fully expanded all abbreviations!

    Very comprehensive and practical.

    very impressive

    Very informative, great examples.

    Very interesting and informative. I especially appreciate learning how to organize my research in tabular format.

    Very orderly

    Very thorough research explained in a very thorough, cognitive presentation. Wow!

    Very well presented webinar.

    Very well-organized and explanations had clarity. I was able to follow the presentation easily. Thank you.

    Way over my head!!

    well done and interesting.

    Well done and well presented

    Well done presentation. She sounded so calm.

    Well organized and presented example

    What a faulous very interesting webinar on the dna documentation.

    What a wonderful webinar related to DNA…I learned a lot.

    Wonderful presentation!

    Wonderful presentation! I appreciated her sharing her combination of storytelling report and research report for the client… well-packaged deliverable.

    Wow. I was so impressed with her presentation.

    You are an amazing woman. My younger self would have loved to do what you do.


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