Details of New and Modified DNA-Related Standards

Karen Stanbary, CG
Sep 6, 2019
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Speaker's Introduction
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Three Standards
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Standard 51
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Standard 52
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Standard 54
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Karen will summarize the process undertaken by BCG to create new and modified DNA-specific standards. She will provide an outline of the new standards with emphasis on how they help genealogists meet the Genealogical Proof Standard for conclusions about genetic relationships. The lecture will include some examples illustrating research and writing strategies she uses to meet the standards. 


Presented live at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City as part of the Joy Reisinger Memorial Lecture Series, and sponsored by the Board for Certification of Genealogists.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Karen Stanbary, MA, LCSW, CG®, BCG Trustee, is an author and national lecturer focusing on topics related to using genetic evidence correlated with documentary evidence to solve genealogical brick walls. A Chicago local, she holds a Master’s Degre
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    A lot of information to absorb will have to review

    Although interesting, I am not sure that I have a better understanding of how I should be correlating and reporting DNA results. This has left me a bit confused. Additional resources would have been helpful — Karen mentioned an article she had written, but there is no mention of it in her handout

    As a DNA beginner, it was way beyond my knowledge or interest. I’m much more interested in documentary genealogy. I was left with why did BCG do this?

    Discussing standards is not a riveting subject, and the importance of using DNA test results can be a contentious subject, but both needed to be aired!

    DNA is a touchy subject. This may help convince some to test.

    Enjoyed hearing about the process used to incorporate the new DNA standards.

    Enjoyed lecture

    Excellent information!

    Excellent presentation of difficult material.

    Excellent review of the standards related to DNA!

    Excellent way of explaining the new and revised standards. Valuable to know how this all came to be, starting with the Ad-hoc committee. Thank you for sharing this important information to the genealogy community!



    Excellent! Thank you!

    Found useful the background behind the standards. However, I wish she hadn’t gone on that I hate science rant. If she intented to reassure people that they do not need advanced science skills to do genealogical DNA analysis, there are ways that are not so negative. For instance, you do not need advanced skills or science is not my strong suit, but that doesn’t get in the way. She got it right when she said Logic is the main skill. That is a skill that is important for all kinds of things we do.

    Good explanation of additional standards!

    Good information presented in an understandable way.

    Great explanation of additions and changes to Genealogical Standards!

    Great explanation of the process and results involved in adding DNA testing to the GPS standards.

    Helpful, clear and concise.

    How is DNA from different sources ie Ancestry versus different? It seems like DNA at has less privacy requirements.

    I am one that is hesitant in using DNA testing only because I have a hard time reading the results. Thank you for giving me the confidence to dive in and learn more and gain some understanding.

    I appreciated the history of how the standards came to be defined and modified. Fascinating. Once it got into the new standards themselves, it became a bit too abstract and could have been helped along by increased use of concrete examples.

    I found it most helpful when Karen explained where in the GPS each of the new DNA standards fit in, which correlated to each of the Big 5. I was familiar with the new standards generally, but her explanation was great.

    I liked the integration with the other proof standards.

    I was very interested I the process of how these standards came about. It was helpful to see how others are adding genetics into research and into reports. It is a process I am working on and therefore, this gave me a lot to think about.

    Informational and Helpful – will watch again….


    Interesting about the process and input used to develop the DNA Standards. Liked the concrete examples she used to show how the standards might also be used.



    It was interesting to hear how BCG has incorporated DNA into genealogical standards. I am very appreciative of BCG & Family Tree Webinars for presenting these Joy Reisinger Lecture series to all of us. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

    It’s a joy to be able to follow a DNA lecture, with lots of details, and feel comfortable that I am following the methodology. Well done!

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Karen did an excellent job with what could have been a very dry subject.

    Karen had a great presentation.

    Karen knows her stuff and explains it well!

    Lots of good information…helps me understand the different standards.

    Necessary information about the new standards, but I always prefer people who expand on the slides, not just read them

    No reflection on the presenter but this was a little over my head.

    once explained so well, are less complicated than they seemed on 1st or 2nd reading!

    Terrific presentation!

    Thank you

    The link to the 1st vs 2nd edition of Genealogy Standards very helpful.

    The presenter made me less afraid to delve into DNA research. The presentation was well done with interesting slides.

    The topic is of interest to me, but I learn best when concepts such as genealogical standards are illustrated by specific cases. It would be helpful to see how the standards for DNA evidence work in practice. This might not be achievable in a single webinar but perhaps in a series presented in one day or over a series of days.

    There was a lot of valuable information presented. I will further my studies to include more expertise in genetics and DNA. The presentation was clear, concise, and again, very informative. Brava!

    This is very helpful, Thank you!

    This was excellent! I want to watch it again and absorb each standard so that it becomes a natural process to integrate DNA into my reports. Thank you for sharing!

    Tons of new information for me, so it was all wonderful and understandable to this newby.

    Very helpful in understanding the updates.

    I will have to order a copy of the new book.

    Very helpful to sort out the standard changes.

    Very informative

    Very informative

    very informative and clear in her presentation

    Very informative for the new DNA standard! Thank you, Karen!

    Very informative.

    Very informative. I’m not new to DNA, but I enjoyed learning about the new standards and all the points she presented.

    Very interesting and informative.

    Very interesting hearing about the history of the new standards and how BCG worked with so many people (including non certified genealogists) to get it done.

    Very interesting!

    Very technical stuff that is hard to follow. I will have to rewatch several times to begin to understand.

    Very well structured presentation

    Well explained.

    What a great day for a line up of wonderful speakers!

    Will need to listen at least once more to absorb everything she shared.

    Would need to absorb this, with examples, at a much slower pace!

    Wow. A lot of information to process but very necessary. Still learning. DNA field is ever changing. Thank you BCG for working in this vital area of research and providing much needed guidance.


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