5 Ways to find your Family in Southern Manuscript Collections

J. Mark Lowe, FUGA
Sep 30, 2020
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Speaker's Introduction
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Traditional Methods
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State Archives
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Published Works
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Personal Collections
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Early pioneers and settlers were a diverse group with family members across the country. Records about the families which moved and those individuals and neighbors back home are also often elusive, but may hold hidden treasure for the persistent researcher. Thousands of wonderful stories and records are preserved in the Southern states about these families, and may contain the answers for which we are searching.

About the speaker

About the speaker

J. Mark Lowe, FUGA is a full-time professional genealogist, author, and lecturer. While sharing personal experiences that help beginning and experienced researchers gain new skills and insights for research, he specializes in original records and
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    a lot of good information

    5+++ Tons of good info and so well presented. I am going back to listen to his previous webinars.

    a Couple new site to search at for sure.

    A very Powerful research source.

    Add a suggestion to join local gen & history societies, & finding aids, & local experts to locate local MS

    Almost all of my ancestors are from the southern states, so I REALLY appreciate this webinar. Thank you Mark, Geoff and Legacy!

    always good to be reminded of new ways to research!

    Always great info from Mark. Some of the stuff you already know and just need a nudge to get back to it, but some other previously unknown sources to look at as well.

    Always learn alot from mark Lowe.

    Always superb! Thank you

    Always the best with Mark Lowe!!!!!

    Am stuffed like a turkey! Great presenter!

    Any Mark Lowe webinar is a great webinar!

    Appreciated many of the new source approaches. Thanks.

    As usual, a presentation by Mark Lowe is interesting, full of information, inspiring, and yes, humor! Thank you Thank you! Awesome!

    Can you ever give Mark anything less than a 5? You always learn a great deal from him. Finding Manuscripts came at the right time. Knowing some of the places I had not known.

    Can’t wait to explore all these new resources for family information! Mark is one of top webinar presenters in my opinion.

    Can’t wait to watch it again.

    Clear & concise presenter.

    Enjoyed his method of presentation as well as the information!


    Excellent all the way around. *Whatever* he wants to present, sign me up. Thanks!

    Excellent as always!

    Excellent information!

    Excellent Mark.

    Excellent speaker, easy to follow. Content was extremely useful … new stuff and reminders of what I have forgotten



    Excellent. Even though I don’t have much in the way of southern heritage the ideas Mark shared will work anywhere. Thanks so much.

    Fantastic Presentation !!

    Fantastic presenter!

    Fantastic webinar with lots of great ideas to move forward with our genealogical researches. Mark is a great presenter…

    Good overview of possible resources to check out.

    good presenter

    Good-easy to follow!



    Great info! Thanks!

    Great info, Thanks

    Great info, wonderful presenter. Thanks!

    Great information

    Great Information and Sources!!!

    Great information for my special searching needs.

    Great information!

    Great information! Enjoyed the speaker.

    Great job! Lots of interesting new ideas for researching!

    Great new ideas for finding my difficult ancestors.

    Great new sources to research. Mark was knowledgeable and his presentation enjoyable

    Great presentation as always!

    Great presentation. Thank you.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Great reminders of OTHER places to look!

    Great speaker. Great information on resources.

    great stuff

    Had been searching manuscript collection and not finding anything. Now with Mr. Lowe’s helpful information, I am going to try again. Maybe I can overcome the brick wall I have been beating my head against in Kentucky. Thank you.

    Hated to leave early but I had a Zoom meeting.

    He gave some great strategies for finding manuscripts!

    He is always so very helpful!

    He suggested a lot of new places to research.

    I appreciated his illustrations and reminders to think of alternate sources.

    I just wish I’d put it to use!

    I love Mark’s webinars — they are always entertaining, encouraging, and packed with information!

    I never miss a Mark Lowe webinar. He is one of the best and we always learn so much from him. I’ve been fortunate enough to hear him in person several times. Thanks for having him. Have him back often!!

    I really enjoy Marks presentations. Would not miss one.

    I register for all Mark Lowe talks I hear about, even in societies located in counties and states where I have not researched! Always learn something.
    Informative as always

    It was very informative!

    J. Mark Lowe gave an excellent webinar with extensive suggestions on places to find and ways to search manuscript collections!

    J. Mark Lowe is an excellent speaker. I learn new things each and every time I hear one of his talks.

    J. Mark Lowe is my FAVORITE genealogy educator. Thank you for all the classes on Legacy Family Tree Webinars.

    Learned a lot! My grandfather told me, when I was 10, that any day he didn’t learn something new was a wasted day. Today was most definitely NOT wasted! Thanks, Mark and Geoff!

    Learned about new resources. Liked the examples, Very helpful. I have heard Mark at conferences and he is always delightful.

    Learned about one new source, and a little different way to look at my searches. Always Good!

    Learned new information and am eager to pursue it. Reminded me of resources used in the past. Excellent as usual.

    Lots of added directions where I can research my ancestors. Thx

    Lots of good information on where to look for manuscript collections and suggestions for places to find new information.

    Lots of good research information provided by Mark.

    Lots of great ideas! Thanks!

    Lots of great information and new sources to explore! Thank you, Mark!

    Lots of great information!!

    lots of great suggestions of how and where to search for my ancestors. Some searches I had never heard of before.

    Lots of really good information.

    Love anything Mark does and he always shares great underutilized resources

    Love anything Mark Lowe does.

    Love listening to Mark as his easy manner makes it a pleasure to learn!

    Love listening to Mark. I always learn a lot and am entertained in the process

    Love Mark and have missed his wonderful teaching. Webinar gave me a few new ideas and reminded me of some resources I need to revisit.

    Love Mark Lowe!

    Love Mark Lowe!!!!

    love Mark!

    Love Mark’s humor and stories! He is so easy to listen to yet his webinars are full of useful information

    love this one

    Love to hear Tennessee Mark!

    Love, love, love J. Mark Lowe webinars!! So much information!

    Loved all the research go-tos. Wonderful webinar!

    Loved this webinar! I can’t wait to check out some of the sites from the links provided. I will be watching a replay of this one. Keep these webinars coming, please.

    Lowe is always interesting and well prepared.

    Many thanks for a wonderfully informative presentation!

    Mar is a great presenter and so knowledgeable. I will listen to I’m every time.

    Mark always has helpful information and is so good at telling about it.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Mark is a wonderful speaker!!!! Always giving us new ways to do our genealogy.

    Mark is always amazing. So smart, such an engaging teacher.

    Mark is always excellent!

    Mark is always excellent!!!!

    Mark is always great!

    Mark is always inspirational and gives real life examples! Excellent!

    Mark is always interesting. Learned about new sites and love the success stories.

    Mark is now one of my top speakers.

    Mark Lowe gave excellent examples of using manuscripts and sources to find manuscripts.

    Mark Lowe is always excellent, no matter what his subject.

    Mark Lowe is always so interesting and informative!

    Mark Lowe is an excellent presenter and I always learn from his webinars.

    Mark never disappoints.

    Mark offered a lot of useful ideas to expand my research

    Mark’s presentations are always very informative, helpful and interesting. Thank you Mark and Geoff! : )

    Mark’s sessions are always well-organized, informative, and packed with great examples. His style is a perfect match for the webinar format.

    Mark’s webinars are ALWAYS interesting…regardless of the subject matter. I’d completely forgotten about those old NUCMC books. Can’t wait to check out the website. RIGHT NOW! Thanks for another great Wednesday afternoon.

    Most of my ancestors are from the North, but still found lots of good information in this webinar!

    Mr. Lowe is an excellent presenter. Great information on finding manuscripts and other items we often don’t bother to go after — but we should!

    Opened my eyes to lots of new places to research, thanks!


    Really informative, sparked some new ideas.

    Search ideas apply to everyone

    Smooth speaker with a lot of pertinent information

    So many new places to look. What fun

    so much info.

    Such great information! Love it.

    Thanks again to Mark for shaking loose more areas of research.

    Thanks Geoff and Mark. I always learn so much for Mark’s webinars.

    This was a fun webinar. Mark’s accent and voice was so relaxing to listen to. He was not rushed to say everything as though it was one word.

    This webinar had a lot of good information. It starts out very slowly and gets much better.

    This webinar was outstanding. Thank you!

    Topnotch! One of the best and most informative I have heard.

    Triggered new ideas and gained a few new sources.

    Very clear speaker and was well prepared.

    Very good info.

    Very good webinar! Great information well presented! Thanks!

    Very informative

    Very informative and entertaining.

    very informative and interesting

    Very informative and nice to hear J. Mark Lowe again.

    Very informative!

    Very informative. I appreciate it when the speaker gives the meaning of all the abbreviations – as in NUCMC and COSA. Thanks for the webinar today & looking forward to the next one!!!!!!

    very interesting

    Very interesting, gave me new places to search for information.

    Very interesting.

    very interesting. now trying to figure out how to get the syllabus

    Very useful, left me with much to explore.

    Very well thought out. He also keeps to his syllabus and puts all the power point citatio.ns on the syllabus. It always surprises me how many presenters don’t do that. Kudos to him for making his syllabus up to date in every respect. Thanks, wonderful

    Wonderful information!

    Wow…so many different places to find manuscripts.

    You all do such a wonderful job. So pleased to be safe at home and learn so much about genealogy research. Thank you so much. Mark was really one of the best. Fun, doesn’t talk to fast. Its like visiting a good friend. So fun.


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