Seven Steps to Manage Digital Files

Denise May Levenick
Oct 30, 2019
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 13s
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3m 43s
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The Digital Challenge
5m 10s
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Digital Asset Management
8m 01s
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Filenaming & Versioning
6m 06s
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Non-destructive editing
7m 29s
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Browser vs software
6m 38s
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7 Step Workflow
5m 18s
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Weighing Advantages
12m 43s
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Announcements / prizes
4m 34s
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Questions / answers
10m 56s

About this webinar

Learn how Digital Asset Management (DAM) can help you organize and manage digital photos and images across computers, cloud services, and mobile devices with practical strategies for backup, adding metadata, filenaming, captioning, and sharing.

About the speaker

About the speaker

In every family, someone ends up with “the stuff.” Denise May Levenick is a writer, researcher, and speaker with a passion for preserving and sharing family treasures of all kinds. She is the creator of the award-winning family history
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Almost more than I could take in in one session. Will have to view again to make a good decision on which way to go. Thank you for this webinar!

    Always learn from Denise!!

    An excellent presentation. It got me thinking a bit differently abut how I manage files.

    another enjoyable webinar thank you

    Appreciate Denise talking slowly & clearly. Very helpful !! Thank you.

    As I said in the comments section, I’m getting a new scanner soon so this was great and I just got the quick guide too. So I should be ready to roll when I get it.

    Denise is always really good in the choice of material she presents. I benefit from learning of things new to me, as well as encouragement to try products and protocols that are “Denise-approved” and tested. Her comments reflecting pros & cons is very helpful, especially what she uses herself and why. Thank you and look forward to more from Denise in 2020.

    Denise is an excellent presenter and always so helpful and understandable. Thank you for another great webinar!


    Excellent advice and detailed help with handling images in genealogy. Thanks much!!!

    Excellent as always

    Excellent ideas!

    Excellent information and resources.

    Excellent presentation.

    Excellent presentation. Easy to follow.

    Excellent talk, but I wasn’t ready for this level. have to go back to some of Denise’s other webinars.

    Excellent webinar topic and good presenter. She knows her stuff. There is a lot of information packed in here. And especially since I recently inherited five (5) boxes of father’s family photos and documents…

    Excellent webinar with lots of tips on handling digital files and photos. It might help me to now get my digital mess under control and organized!!



    Excellent. Some of it over my head, tho!

    Excellent. I’m working on my overall genealogical workflow and this is an integral piece of that. One question I have is where are Picture Keeper and the like fitting into people’s workflow?

    fantastic webinar

    Good info.

    Good info. Very interesting. Will look into changing digital management.

    Good Introductory Presentation

    good presentation of array of options

    Good review

    Great ideas for digitizing and storing files.

    great info

    Great information about using different computer programs.

    Great information to advance learning. Missed some of the webinar because of the time difference but will watch the recording.

    Great information!

    Great overview of how to approach a filing project.

    Great practical tips and ideas I can implement. Thanks!

    Great topic, thanks for bringing us a knowledgeable speaker and providing good sound quality and graphics!

    great! informative!

    Great6 webinar of managing digital files.

    Had to miss most of it due to issues in the house, but what I heard was great and the handout and coming back to it will help a lot.

    Has got me more motivated to managing my digital files.

    helped to reinforce that I need to get my file names consistent. thank you so much.

    I always learn something new. Now I understand about Adobe, a little.

    I am not very computer software/program savvy. I think I will have to listen to this webinar again. I enjoyed it. Thank you .

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    I appreciate her advice but as a photographer her (admittedly very good advice) was preaching to the choir for me. Very useful for non-photographers who hadn’t already discovered Lightroom and modified their workflow to incorporate it.

    I enjoyed the webinar very much. This is something I am just wanting to start doing, and needed the info. I will have to download the syllabus, because I couldn’t see the slides in the PowerPoint. Thank you!

    I found Denise’s file-naming suggestions very helpful.

    I have been trying to get my research in order. I think this will help me. Thanks.

    I learned a lot about naming and managing digital photos, digital assets, and documents. I will also look into cloud storage. Thank you!

    I learned a lot especially that I have a lot more to learn, I really did enjoy this webinar and look forward to watching more of Denise’s webinars.

    I liked the pacing and thoughtful style of the presenter. Just right for an intro.

    I liked the specifics about the different editing systems.

    I love Denise’s measured voice…not too slow and not too fast. Southerners like myself, have a hard time following speakers who talk rather fast. LOL

    I thought it would cover more than just photographs although I did get good information to use.

    I thought the presenter was excellent in her detail and thoroughness.


    Informative about photo handling.

    Informative, but I still need to assess my needs and learn more about it.

    interesting though a little over my head. I will check out Adobe Bridge as a starter option. Thank you!

    interesting; will need to review it a few more times to understand completely all that was put forth.

    It was interesting, but a bit over my head.

    Learned about Adobe Lightroom. Was not familiar with that. other interesting steps to take to manage digital files (some that I do now, some that I don’t).

    Lot’s of useful information for handling digital photos.

    Most informative. Thank you! : )

    My husband swears by Adobe Lightroom, so I guess I better learn how to use it.

    Pleasant and clear presenter

    Rating this one 4-1/2. Very educational, but very focused on Adobe Lightroom, which is a monthly subscription product that must be maintained moving forward. That being said, Ms. Levenick is a very good educator and was kind enough to include alternative products in her presentation. Ms Levenick also answered questions about software that she previously used, providing her reasoning for moving to her current preferred software. I would definitely enjoy future webinars featuring Ms Levenick.

    She gave me some ideas about products for editing and backup. I am currently using an external hard drive s and several U.S.B. hard drives,

    She was thorough in her presentation. Mirrors handout pretty good. Helpful with planning file management organization, file naming and suggestions on photo software. Excellent with communicating about non-destructive software.

    So logical and informative! Thank you!

    Somewhat useful, but technical stuff a challenge.

    Sort-of over my head. But with the syllabus links I can probably do it. I didn’t understand some vital terms like browser.


    Thank you Denise! I have been working with Lightroom – this webinar gave me new insights into developing a workflow. I’m curious to know how /where you keep your PDF files … I’ll check your blog.

    Thank you for a relevant, informative and interesting webinar.

    Thank you for all the advice today!

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Thanks for reminding what I should be doing with my files. I get so wrapped in daily life that I often forget.

    Thanks! Great info.

    the workflow chart and notes with each step will be very helpful and as a visual person even better! Thanks!

    This talk on digital file management was motivating and inspiring. I’m ready to analyze my old file naming system and make some changes. Thank you!

    This was Fabulous! I really need this. I get lost in figuring out what to do with all my photos/files.

    This was my first webinar. I felt it was possibly a little advanced for me, as far as working with computer files and unfamiliar software, even though I have had some experience with both. I was, however, able to glean some helpful tips and workflow ideas which I hope will get me better organized. I think a beginner would have been a bit lost.

    This was such perfect timing for what I’m doing with a family photo archive. I loved her suggestions and strategies and this pushed me over to get Lightroom CC. I am a Photoshop CS5 user who keeps trying to convince myself I don’t need to upgrade. But I see that I do. I use the old Adobe Bridge and can’t wait to get the new one. Thank you, Denise.

    This was very new info for me, but I soon understood what the presenter was saying; she explained everything well.

    Truly outstanding. I’ve always wondered exactly how Lightroom worked and this was the best explanation I’ve heard by far. As was her description of the sidecar.

    Until this presentation, I wasn’t aware of the concept of destructive & non-destructive editing. Based on what I have heard thus far, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, probably, will be the photo management software that best meets my needs. Thank you Denise & Geoff!


    Very good information. Will be watching again, since I had to miss the first part. Thanks!

    Very helpful for hints regarding my many photos and documents. Thank you.

    Very helpful!

    Very helpful!

    Very helpful, thank you.

    Very informative

    Very informative

    Very informative.

    Very informative.

    Very practical webinar which definitely helps me think more about how to re-organize/name/file my very messy photo files.

    very useful information and efficiently presented. Many thanks

    Well done!

    well planned, pleasant voice, good presenter, knows her stuff, thanks

    Well presented & paced; thank you


    Wonderful! Terrific teacher. Thank you


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