Researching Family History at Your Library with MyHeritage Library Edition

Daniel Horowitz
Apr 4, 2024
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Search Engine
6m 55s
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Types of Records
15m 48s
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Global Name Translation
3m 05s
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Library vs Home Editions
8m 28s
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More info for librarians
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

MyHeritage Library Edition is one of the largest, most internationally diverse genealogy databases of its kind. Containing more than 19.5 billion historical records from all over the world, MyHeritage Library Edition leverages cutting-edge technology to make research fast and easy even across different languages, making it the most convenient genealogy product for libraries and institutions.

Discover the advanced technology behind the scenes and learn how to take full advantage of the search engine’s robust features to explore the lives of your ancestors from your local library or the convenience of your home with your library card. Don’t take our word for it: come to the session and see for yourself!

About the speakers

About the speakers

Genealogy Expert at MyHeritage, providing key contributions liaising with genealogy societies, bloggers and media, as well as lecturing, and attending conferences around the world. Dedicated to Genealogy since 1986, he was the teacher and the stud
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MyHeritage is the leading global destination for discovering, preserving and sharing family history. Our platform and DNA kits make it easy for anyone, anywhere to embark on a meaningful journey into their past and treasure their family stories fo
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  1. TS
    Trevor Smyth
    7 days ago

    Thank you Daniel, nice speed, so nice to be able to follow every part of your presentation.
    Please can you tell me if there are ANY libraries in the UK that have myheritage- I fear not, my local one has Ancestry.
    I see myheritage has a very good selection of newspapers available, pleased to see Jewish Chronicle.

  2. BB
    Brian Boneham
    1 week ago

    A fantastic cruise through the library edition of the My Heritage catalogue with some great searching ideas. Must watch again as I need to get the most out of the webinar presentation to up my searching game for my invisible relatives.

  3. SJ
    Susan Johnson
    1 week ago

    Great information, well presented. Great opportunity. I’m going to check if my library has the program.

  4. JN
    Joe Nero
    1 week ago

    I have experienced Daniel Horowitz’s webinars prior. They are always wonderful. Thank you Family Tree for making it available. Also, I enjoy Legacy Family Tree Webinars very much. Huge help. Thank you for providing them.

  5. AA
    Arthur A Fumarolo
    1 week ago

    Excellent overview of the library program. It certainly encourages me to look further into it. I’m especially interested in getting it on my personal computer.

  6. KG
    Kathie Gerecke
    1 week ago

    Thank you for all the awesome information on using My Heritage at/from the library. As well as how to navigate and use some of the tools when searching for my family records.

  7. AC
    April conley
    1 week ago

    good introductory session to MyHeritage

  8. CT
    Cynthia Taylor
    1 week ago

    Helpful for using home edition as well as library edition.


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