Reporting on Research: Standards Encourage Better Communication

Nancy A. Peters, CG, CGL
Mar 16, 2021
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About BCG
4m 49s
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Speaker's Introduction
6m 22s
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10 Elements of Reports
19m 14s
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Documentation Standards
2m 55s
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Planned Research
3m 15s
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Collecting Data
7m 44s
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Writing Standards
4m 51s
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Report Structure
6m 12s
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Learn More
3m 24s
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Documenting and sharing are fundamental to a genealogist’s work. Learn guidelines for preparing more informative, accurate, and useful research reports for yourself and others. The webinar shows how observing genealogical standards can improve written communication of research notes and findings. Topics include ten essential characteristics of quality reports, optional report elements, and standards applied to research case examples.

About the speaker

About the speaker

A board-certified genealogist, Nancy A. Peters, CG, CGL, coedited the National Genealogical Society Quarterly (NGSQ) from 2019 to 2022. She served two terms as a trustee of the Board for Certification of Genealogists and is a former edito
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    A good refresher about the Standards.

    A great overview of what excellent standards demand and how to effectively achieve them. The examples brought it all together.

    Absolutely fantastic and packed with wonderful information. I feel a little intimidated but a lot inspired! Thanks, Nancy!

    An excellent presentation! Nancy was very informative and understandable. I will be watching this one again!

    An excellent webinar! I have already marked this in my notes to rewatch!

    Appreciate learning details for reporting the information we spend so much time researching. Also how this teaches us to ot waste time in going over the same material.

    Best lecture yet on report writing. Great primer! Will definitely watch again.

    Clear and concise examples of her reports.

    Clear presentation – good pace and focused content, thank you. A good learning experience

    Covered essential points thoroughly in well organized presentation with useful examples. Thank you.

    Energized me to write reports on my research!

    Everything about this was excellent! Well-spoken, good images, and pertinent. It’s one I’ll watch again in the webinar library.


    Excellent ! i learned alot, Thank You,

    Excellent explanation of the most important elements of a research report. Very helpful to see examples.

    Excellent ideas. Thank you.

    Excellent in all respects. Excellent powerpoint and well-articulated presentation. Thank you, Nancy.

    Excellent information about writing reports. This webinar helped to make writing reports a little less daunting Thank you

    Excellent information and well paced. Thank you!

    Excellent presentation – great advice! Thanks Nancy!!!

    Excellent presentation and a resource for people who need advanced educational lectures.

    Excellent presentation and handout. The presenter provided a good overview then drilled into the detail, which I really wanted. Thanks.

    Excellent presentation by Nancy Peters.

    Excellent presentation. My OCD was on overload. Great guidance and very clear presentation. Thanks for all your research.

    Excellent thanks!


    Excellent! Clearly explained and well structured.

    Excellent! I enjoyed every minute of this one, and I learned a lot. Nancy A. Peters is a great speaker, and very thorough. Thank you!

    Excellent!! Very clear presentation and an incredibly knowledgable speaker.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Excellent, and so helpful!

    Excellent. So packed with information I will want to watch it again.

    Extremely informative! Thank you. I definitely have a better understanding of how a good research report works now.


    Good examples to put into practice.

    got called away early. I’ll watch later.

    Great information given. Thank you!

    Great presenter. Lots of excellent information. I will listen to this one again–at least once–as I put her teachings into practice.

    Great topic and clear and precise information.

    Great webinar on reporting on research and you must use the GPS.

    I found the first section a little abstract, but once Nancy began showing examples from her own reports it was excellent.

    I learned more tonite about research reports than in several years of college courses! Thank you.

    I loved the examples that tied in the standards to a research report. Thank you for a fantastic webinar!

    I see the value in writing a report, but possibly I am confusing writing a report with analysis of the information. Enjoyed the examples for clarification.

    I too wish I had known all of this when I first started. It would save me a lot time now. Thanks

    I wish I had the information presented here before I started my genealogy research about 1 year ago. Thank you for this useful information.

    I’m not a professional genealogist… yet. I’ve only been at this a few years, but wanted to see what the profession is about. This is the first high-level seminar I’ve seen. So, what I learned tonight is the BCG sets the bar quite high, and I have a lot to learn! Thanks.

    Informative. It helped me to see areas that I can improve in with my own reports. Thank You!

    It always helps to hear a more experienced persons thoughts and ideas. that is what we come to these for. This was great. It will help my focus in the future.

    It was a very good webinar. Lots of great information about writing reports. I will watch it again.

    It was fabulous and very informative. Thank you so much, Nancy!

    It was very motivating to listen to an Nancy, an accomplished expert. I am a bit slack with some portions of my family reporting, but am reminded by this webinar how important each element is to research success!

    It’s nice that she showed so many specific examples.

    I’ve had a bit of a mental block about research reports, they always seemed a bit intimidating to me, but this webinar was extremely helpful in laying out the what and the why clearly and simply.

    Learned a lot…

    Legacy Webinars never disappoint! This was one of the best ever! So clearly explained in an easy-to-understand fashion! Loved it!

    Like many genealogists we miss out if we dont

    Like many “”uncredited”” genealogists we miss out if we don’t participate in these type of Webinars. We learn so much from the experienced researchers providing us not only with the correct format but we obtain the knowledge and pleasure we get from doing the research and also submitting if we choose.

    Lots of great information for an involved topic.

    Lots of info.

    Made the topic much easier to understand. Encouraged me to begin using a much more organized style. Especially eager to to see some of the sample research reports.

    more please

    Nancy is an excellent speaker! Her webinar is probably the best one I have ever attended. Her presentation slides were amazing and I wish I was that proficient at PowerPoint, and the information was presented in a very thought out process.

    Nancy is so thorough. Great examples.

    Nancy presented clearly and provided examples that helped me to understand better. Thank you, Nancy!

    Nancy was very detailed and methodical. I look forward to watching more Webinars! Thank you.

    Nancy was very knowledgeable and informative. She packed a tremendous amount of information into the time allotted. I’m definitely going to have to go back to rewatch it a couple of times to become more familiar with the standards involved. It’s all very logical, but I’ve never tried documenting my research in such a way before and want to be sure of what I’m doing.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Nancy was very knowledgeable and very professional in her presentation. One of the best I’ve attended.

    Oh, my files are going to be so happy when some Reports to Self along these lines get written and get in those cabinets! (I am often mystified when I find an old packet of previous research by what it even means. No more of that.)

    One of the best BCG webinars I’ve seen here.

    One of the most helpful webinars I have attended. Clear with many examples shown. Thank you!

    Outstanding! It was full of very useful information.

    Peters was well organized and spoke competently and with authority. The examples of the reports she shared were relevant, real and great examples.

    Really very helpful – the labelled examples along with standards explanations made everything very comprehensive. I will be revisiting this presentation – Thank you!

    She had great examples and a clear explanation as to why the report and citations are given.

    So much detail. Overwhelming for a amateur 🙂

    So thorough! Speak pace was excellent – not too fast, not too slow.

    Such a daunting task – but Nancy made it so much clearer that not only is report writing valuable to ANY researcher – but that it is FUN!! Thank you, Nancy.

    Superb presentation

    Thanks for a very helpful seminar although it was quite complex to cover in an hour. Perhaps it would be helpful to break it up in segments for various future presentations. As a non-professional but avid genealogist It seemed a little too much to think of in terms that I could accomplish in a meaningful period of time and still be able to accomplish other tasks in my daily schedule. I think this should be emphasized to the younger generations as they start the research process.

    The best I’ve heard on writing research reports.

    The speaker, Nancy A. Peters spoke clearly and distinctly. It was easy to understand her as she went through her presentation. She had examples to illustrate standards, as well.

    The webinar was very easy to follow and the pacing was perfect. The examples were clear with visual clues to support the concepts presented. It was excellent! I wonder if Nancy would consider presenting a webinar on writing a case study using standards and the GPS. Thank you for an excellent learning opportunity!

    This presentation has given me a framework for streamlining and adding focus to the family genealogy research I am doing. The idea of creating a report in order to share our legacy to the youngest and future generations is appealing. I will give it considerable thought as a culminating document by which to share my hypotheses and proved/disproved conclusions about who’s related to who and how. I would like to learn how to integrate family history, known family members and new connections from DNA matches.

    This seminar had the most practical information that I can incorporate immediately into my genealogical studies and assignments, and use in my personal research endeavors.

    This was outstanding!

    This was an excellent webinar, especially for beginning researchers.

    This was one of the best webinars I’ve recently watched. I penciled notes in my copy of genealogy standards as she explained additional things that might fit into the standard discussed.

    Very clear explanations, very thorough and well presented.

    Very detailed and excellent handout.

    Very detailed and logical presentation.

    Very detailed and organized, good explanations.

    Very detailed and well-explained. Love the examples.

    Very Good

    Very good information.

    Very good. Learned alot.

    Very helpful description of research reports.

    Very helpful with specific examples and tips.

    Very helpful. Increased my understanding enormously. Thank you.

    Very helpful…as research reports are my “bugaboo”…thanks I will be looking at some of the items on the “further study” page.

    Very information, helpful and interesting. Thank you!

    Very informational.

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Very informative

    Very informative

    Very informative and easy to understand.

    very informative and explained very well

    Very informative and helpful. Looking forward to improving my research reports.

    Very informative and helpful. Terrific presenter. Thank you!

    Very informative and relatable. Information can be immediately applied.

    Very informative and useful. I hope to listen again to get the most out of this webinar. Thank you so much, Ms Peters.

    Very informative on a subject that we all struggle with in our work!

    Very informative with great details.

    Very informative! Thank you for the information, excellent organization of presentation and easily understood, caring, professional manner of presentation! Blessings to you!

    Very informative, a lot to take in and digest.

    Very informative.

    Very informative. I like the idea of doing reports for myself to keep me straight. I can see how useful they would be especially if there is a large time gap in working on something and then going back to it. Keeps you from doing the same thing over again. Thank You

    Very interesting and helpful!

    Very logical but overwhelming!

    Very practical demonstration of the standards. Really appreciated the examples included and the careful explanations. Will rewatch.

    very thorough and knowledgeable

    Very thorough.

    Very useful and the examples made it accessible

    very well organized

    Very well presented, webinar presented at a good speed and lots of very good information

    was late to join but found info terrific. will go to website to catch first part. some days are unpredictable. thanks for great webinars!

    Well done. Thanks you

    Well presented and detailed. Step by step on how a report should be done!

    Well presented and great use of examples.

    Well presented, with lots of examples.

    Wonderful webinar – appreciated all of the various reports Ms. Peters used as examples. Many thanks.

    Wonderful, specific information about writing research reports.

    Wow!! This was great. What a boatload of useful information. Thank you for providing such great information without cost.

    Yes; excellent presenter and presentation! So pleased these genealogical standards are available for everyone to discover and follow. I have worked for attorneys in the past and am a Certified Paralegal; in addition, I am an educator (MA in Education and SPED Certifications) and have first-hand experience in both professions in documenting and research. Furthermore, as I take a deeper dive into my maternal genealogy, I always remember Mr. Geoff’s mantra “genealogy without documentation is mythology”.


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