Patriot or Not? Using the Genealogical Proof Standard on a Closed DAR Line

Elissa Scalise Powell, CG
Jan 25, 2019
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 00s
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15m 10s
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The Goal
4m 10s
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When Was David Born?
11m 31s
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Was the Information Correct?
9m 17s
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Did He Serve?
10m 09s
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From Pennsylvania?
14m 29s
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

The audience is introduced to the Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS) and then presented with four research questions concerning a man who is currently a patriot on a closed DAR line. The closed line needs more proof before descendants may claim his service. After going through the evidence, the audience will be asked to participate in the decision on whether the conclusion has been proven for each of four research questions. The Colglazier family was said to be of Pennsylvania, but were they? Following each step of the migration backward from where they settled in Indiana to the Military District of Ohio to their origins through land, probate, military, census, and tax lists, the questions are laid out and analyzed through several analysis techniques. This lecture discusses what constitutes an exhaustive search, proof, and conflicting evidence, as well as techniques (time lines, spreadsheets, and other analysis tools) that help us see the answers in the data.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Elissa Scalise Powell, CG, CGL, a western Pennsylvania researcher for over 30 years, is the co-director of the Genealogi
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Another excellent webinar. I always learn so much from Elissa!

    As usual, Elissa delivers an amazing piece of research AND tools that we can use immediately for our own analysis. Thanks SO much!

    Awesome Pressentation!

    Brilliant webinar giving a great demonstration on how to apply the GPS. Need to re-watch the webinar for the bits I missed at the beginning and to further learn more about applying the GPS to my researching.


    Case studies are fascinating and educational at the same time. The shared methodology will come in handy on my own personal research. Very nicely presented!

    easy to follow

    Elissa, as always, provided excellent information and strategies.

    Enjoyable webinar on using the GPS.

    Enlightening! Thanks for mentioning that the original will is in the probate package!


    Excellent application of GPS you multiple research questions involving David Colglazier. I am in the process of gathering information to apply to DAR, this webinar was very helpful. Excellent presentation with relevant graphics,
    timelines, maps, charts, etc. Loved it!

    Excellent examples!!!

    Excellent knowledgeable presenter

    excellent speaker … always knows her subject well.

    thank you..

    Excellent webinar! Thank you very much.

    Excellent! I appreciate the great handout, especially the chart on page 4. Thanks so much.



    Excellent. Much food for thought and research!

    Extremely helpful as I am a member of DAR and do a lot with prospective members trying to prove their ancestors fought in the Rev. War.

    Fabulous presentation. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you

    Fantastic webinar! One of the best I have seen! I always learn the most when it is a case study and they show how they analyzed documents and came to a conclusion.


    Fascinating, detailed work.

    Following a case study step-by-step is a great learning opportunity. Thank you Elissa!

    Gave me new insights into research.

    Gave me some ideas on how to proceed with my blocked DAR patriot

    Gleaned some good tips, thank you!

    Good example of how to apply the GPS

    Good slides. Easy to follow. Valuable.

    good to see concrete examples of the need to go to original sources when possible

    Great case study to show how to apply the GPS.

    Great seminar! It is always helpful to hear how other people do an analysis. I just completed the analysis portion of the DAR GEP 3 class and waiting my grade. I love to see how others organize info and move forward to find conclusions.

    Great tip about the 1840 census – listing war veterans!

    Great usable information!!!

    Great webinar. I need to watch again and make more progress on my DAR research. This webinar will be very helpful. Thanks!

    I enjoy hearing how others use their powers of deduction.

    I especially enjoy case study webinars because they present helpful techniques for gathering and analyzing information as well as how each element of the GPS is worked through to reach the conclusion.

    I only give it a 4 because while I loved seeing the process, I was expecting to learn more about what the DAR actually looks for to aid in my own future application.

    I very much enjoy following along with real-life examples of GPS in action. I’m not sure I would have formulated the exact same questions, but it’s still instructive to realize you don’t have to resolve every possible question in your research, just prove or disprove the specific facts of the hypothesis. Eg. I would have wanted to further pursue who exactly his parents were, rather than stopping with proving who his parents weren’t, which was enough to disprove the original hypothesis.


    Interesting even though I do not have any DAR relatives/ancestors – the method of proof and steps taken could apply to any ambiguous data

    It gave some great examples of how to do this kind of research and move forward.

    It was good

    It was very informative. I am glad I have a membership so I can view it again [and maybe again LOL]

    learned a lot about asking and proving answers to proper questions

    Love Elissa’s webinars.

    Love seeing how real problems are tackled. Very helpful.

    loved it. great presentation.

    Loved the step by step analysis of solving the DAR mystery patriot. Good use of spreadsheets and charts and overview at the beginning of the webinar.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Made everyone question everything!

    More connecting of the info search would help instead of more questions, she didn’t tell us why she went to a certain type of record

    Ms. Powell is a lucid speaker, and her examples (timelines, etc.) were helpful. I found this webinar quite useful.

    One of the best I’ve watched on methodology in tackling a research question. Greatly enjoyed it! I have a similar research challenge in reproving a DAR patriot.

    So helpful to see a comprehensive search from beginning to end on a particular problem person. Great webinar and speaker!

    Thank you

    Thank you, Elissa! Hope to see you next month in Moon.

    Thanks for showing all your examples!

    The only thing she didn’t do was explain to anyone not familiar with the DAR — just exactly did a dead file mean…..otherwise, terrific

    The practical case study with demonstrated problem solving techniques was very helpful. This is a very good instructional method, applicable to ongoing genealogical research.

    The techniques and charts shown were very helpful!

    This case study is ‘close-to-my-heart’ with a MARTIN family who followed the same migration path, and also sorting out the Benj.McDonald’s of VA/WV.

    This was a superb study on a researching a potential revolutionary war Patriot. Excellent use of the GPS methodology.

    This was very well done.

    This webinar was excellent. Ms. Scalise was easy to listen to and follow- Not to fast, not to slow and her presentation flowed well across the entire presentation. She was well organized with her hand out and her powerpoint slides were
    not overloaded. It is nice to get a handout that follows the speech so when you go back to look at it again it makes sense. This is

    one of the best webinars I have attended. Thank you very Much for the webinar.

    Thought-provoking analysis will help in my genealogy researching.

    Using a case study was a great way to explain how to confirm why a DAR was closed. I appreciate the GPS explanation even throughout the case study slides. I hope to use this approach in the future to better aid patrons and researchers.
    Very good example of not just searching but analyzing what we find.

    very good presentation on the DAR Jeanne

    very good!

    Very helpful!

    Very informative

    Very informative and valuable information.

    Very informative. This will help as I investigate my closed line.

    Very Interesting and found other ways to prove the correct ancestor. Thank you.

    Very interesting approaches to solving problems of identity in a family line that assure proof standards.

    Very interesting.

    Very methodical and a great attention getter for keeping the mind and actions on track for better solutions without the clutter. Great job done. Very energizing.

    Very useful. I like all her charts for timelines, etc.

    Webinar was clearly written and presented. Elissa was obviously comfortable with her presentation, Well done!

    Well done and well-paced. Thank you.

    Well presented. A lot of information for the time available.

    Working on a similar problem, two men/same name. One has a military marker, similar to the Colglazer IN marker, at his Ontario Co, NY grave, but it belongs to another man with the same name buried in another Ontario Co, NY, cemetery. I believe Elissa referred to the IN David’s marker as a DAR marker – it is not – because it doesn’t have the DAR insignia. Rather, it is a military marker. Good lecture – thank you

    Wow! This was so good! I a lot of research went in to these cases! Great webinar!


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