Ole Master Record All Us In The Good Book – Using the Slave Owner’s Bible Records

Char McCargo Bah
Jul 1, 2022
Free through July 8, 2022
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About this webinar

Locating and using former slave owners’ bible records can reveal slave families as well as their birth, ages and deaths. These records are valuable and can predate statewide vital statistic records. In addition, these records can show enslaved persons were listed with their enslaved families.

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About the speaker

About the speaker

Char McCargo Bah is the CEO/Owner of FindingThingsforU, LLC. She has undergrad degrees in Urban Studies and African-American Studies. She holds professional certificates in genealogy, publishing, investigation, research and paralegal. She has been
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  1. AC
    Anna Christian
    18 hours ago

    Very informative, interesting and detailed. The speaker did extensive research which I appreciate as my family is from Virginia.

  2. JH
    Jamesetta Hammons
    18 hours ago

    Very interesting research strategy. Thanks Char for a wonderful presentation. Thanks also to Legacy for the African Diaspora Webinars!

  3. KM
    Karen Mcatlin
    18 hours ago

    Excellent presentation! Such fantastic resources for locating hard to find records! Thank you!

  4. TK
    Tim Kilby
    18 hours ago

    Char Bah is the ultimate genealogical detective.

  5. SA
    Sharon Amos
    18 hours ago

    Many documents and support for findings.

  6. GH
    Gloria Hill
    18 hours ago

    Very informative

  7. CH
    Carol Harper
    18 hours ago

    Excellent, clear presentation. Char Bah is amazing and determined! Her presentation and information were immensely helpful to me in finding my black relatives. I am white and know one of them, but need a lot of help in determining our relationship! Thank you so much! Carol

  8. AH
    Anita Hooker
    18 hours ago

    excellent information


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