New York City Genealogical Research: Navigating Through The Five Boroughs

Michael L. Strauss, AG
Nov 8, 2017
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Speaker's Introduction
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Vital Records
14m 58s
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State Census
8m 01s
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City Directories
5m 40s
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Court Records
14m 10s
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Military Records
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Probate Records
8m 50s
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Maps and Atlases
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Voter Records
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Business Licenses
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Many persons can trace their origins to the Empire State. New York City being one of the largest urban center offers many genealogical resources. Between the American Revolution and the Civil War-several key urban cities along the eastern seaboard populations increased strikingly. In 1790 New York’s population was about 33,000 persons, and by 1860 more than 1 million persons lived in the metropolitan area. This lecture offer a unique prospective into the various genealogical sources and historical records that are New York City.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Michael L. Strauss, AG, an Accredited Genealogist and forensic investigator, is a native of Pennsylvania and a resident of Utah. He holds a BA in History and is a United States Coast Guard veteran. He is a licensed Private Investigator and qualifi
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  1. SM
    Sara Martin
    3 years ago

    Such a good presentation. Michael Strauss is so knowledgable!

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    7 years ago

    He was and excellent speaker, very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and interesting. I loved it.

    great detailed handout too.

    A lot of information was included in this webinar which could be very useful, even if not researching NYC.

    A plethora of information presented at a level that beginner genealogists could follow along, and advance could glean new nuggets to further their research.

    Absolutely fantastic webinar. So full of info and SOOOOO well organized. Thank you! one of the top 5 webinars I have seen at Legacy. Much better than some I’ve paid a lot for! Thank you!

    amazing – one of the best presenters and content in the webinar series


    Awesome! So much more to search for now! Thanks 🙂

    Best ever!

    Excellent in-depth review & summary of sources in NY city.

    excellent. Very fact-packed!

    Fantastic Presentation. I learned so much from Michael tonight, and any others I have listen to with him. I enjoy his presentations, filled with knowledge, experience, examples. Thank You so much, so glad I didn’t miss this one.

    Great speaker & content. Never realized NYC had so many records.

    Great webinar. Michael was a great presenter. His information was unbelievably rich with content.

    I loved that the basics were covered but that he also spent time on some of the more obscure, hard to find records.

    Incredible amount of information! Very, very well organized and presented! The syllabus is very impressive! I can use all of this.

    Inredibly informative and thorough!!

    It was very comprehensive, covering all the different types of NYC records, years spanned & where to find them. I have been researching my NYC ancestors for many years and I found this webinar to be very informative and it has given me a few new places to search. Thank you!

    Just when I think Legacy’s webinars can’t get any better — another great one comes along. I don’t even have any NYC ancestors — and I was fascinated by Michael’s information. I am going to tell my 2nd cousin who DOES have NYC ancestors that she’d better watch this one! Thank you again, Legacy

    Michael is excellent and really knows his subject.

    Michael Strauss shared an incredible amount of information clearly and effectively. Best webinar I’ve attended.

    My first webinar – it was great!

    one of most informative speakers I’ve heard.

    Outstanding! Have his back again!

    Packed with info!

    So informative — Just amazing the number of resources that Mike gave us… and thanks so much for the tremendous syllabus!!

    Superb webinar! Thank you, Michael!

    Superb! The most comprehensive bunch of sources ever for NYC. Maybe I can break through some Staten Island brick walls!!! thanks.

    Thank you for having Michael Strauss back for another webinar – he is the best presenter, so informative, unique topics, great handout. Please invite him back for many more webinars!!!

    This is one of the best and most informative I’ve seen at Legacy. Loved it.

    This was absolutely jam packed with information! As an armchair genealogist, it’s good to know that much of the information is available online.

    Very comprehensive review of documents available.

    Very, very good and informative!! Great speaker!!!

    we need more of him

    What an amazing amount of information. I have done a fair amount of research in NYC, but this reminded me of more records I need to search and the syllabus is so detailed!



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