Mistakes I Have Made: Confessions of a Repentant Genealogist

Cheri Hudson Passey
Jan 8, 2020
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Family Stories
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Published Genealogies
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Records That Don't Exist
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Lack of Organization
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No Research Plan
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Transcription Errors
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About this webinar

Let's face it. We all make mistakes when we are doing something new. True confessions: as a beginning and not-so-beginning genealogist, I made them all. Still do if I am not careful. “Mistakes I Have Made: Confessions of a Repentant Genealogist” shares examples of the most common genealogy errors with examples from my own experiences. Learn what NOT to do and how to avoid making these mistakes with your research.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Cheri Hudson Passey is a Professional Genealogist, Instructor, Writer, and Speaker and the owner of Carolina Girl Genealogy, LLC. Cheri is the host of the genealog
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Great variety of things to keep in mind

    A great presentation. Outlining proper proceedures for genealogy research and the fishhooks to avoid.

    A great start to 2020

    A walk down memory lane of past mistakes.

    A wonderful topic for all levels – beginner to advanced – to begin the year as we make our 2020 genealogical goals. A reminder that often the most simple, but required, habits (processes) are truly the best ones to produce successful results.

    Always excellent webinars.

    Another great webinar! Cheri made me feel so much better about my many genealogy mistakes. Great discussion and great tips! Enjoyed Marian’s comments and support recognizing we all make these kind of mistakes. Appreciate the reminders and summary about getting back in step at the correct place. New Tech Zones webinar concept is outstanding! Thanks to all!!!

    Brilliant webinar, I too have made many similar mistakes in the Past. Now is a New Year to get them sorted…

    Cheri gave a wonderful lecture. Loved her enthusiasm. Thank you. : )

    Cheri is a delightful presenter. I can relate to almost every mistake she discussed, I’m sorry to say. But that’s how we learn best. Thank you for sharing.

    Cherie is a great speaker and love her energy

    Cheri’s presentation was awesome! She did a fantastic job!

    Enjoyed all the discussion and recognized a lot of errors I have made!

    Enjoyed this one so much

    Enthusiastic and engaging presenter!

    Enthusiastic speaker

    Enthusiastic speaker with an interesting topic. I learned some new information. Enjoyed it.

    Excellent for beginners starting out.

    Excellent information to help with organizing and following through to the end.

    Excellent presentation.

    Excellent presenter. Cheri really keeps your attention and makes it interesting.

    Excellent recap–good reminder of the basics.

    Excellent refresher as to mistakes commonly made!

    Excellent speaker with great information that is easy to follow. She was also very entertaining! I will look for her other webinars.

    excellent speaker, clear and upbeat

    Excellent! Can’t wait to watch it again – had company arrive and they sat patiently drinking coffee, telling me to keep watching for the last 20 minutes, but I was distracted so I’ll be sure to watch it again.


    Excellent. Many great tips! Thanks

    Fabulous reminder of why we do all the things! Thank you.

    First time listener. Very enjoyable and informative.

    Fun to listen to and so very real.

    Glad to hear even the Pros start out rough. Cheri had some great ideas and reminders. I’ve been trying to move my folders into binders but that just doesn’t work for me right now. I think I will go back to the folders while I try to get better organized.

    Glad to know we are not alone in our searching problems.

    Good info

    Good points even if you have been doing genealogy for awhile

    Good reminders but not much new.

    Good reminders of what has been learned the hard way over 25 years.

    good reminders on what to do.

    good reminders to do things right the first time

    Good reminders.

    good review for beginners.

    good start for 2020

    Good tips and info but….she was very dramatic and it came across as sitcom at times.

    Good to have strategies to avoid making same mistakes over and over. Thank you.

    Great First of the Year Presentation. Would greatly love to see Cheri do more webinars.

    great handout, putting mistakes into categories with corrections – easy to read and understand. Cheri is has a great sense of humor and presents very well. thanks!

    Great information.

    Great information. Great enthusiasm. Most excited about the conference keeper website. Thanks for sharing.

    Great information. Yes, I have made most of those mistakes!

    Great presentation. A lot of information!

    Great presenter!

    Great reinforcement tools for not only beginners but more experienced genealogy sleuths as well.

    Great review with reminders of double checking and documenting all sources. That’s my project for this year, to add source to each individual on my Family Search Tree. Thank you.

    Great speaker!! Obviously interested in topic she’s speaking about and wants to impart info to others!! Very interesting!

    Great Thank You

    Great to hear Cheri Passey’s enthusiastic presentation on common mistakes and how to do better.

    Great webinar even for seasoned researchers – sometimes we need to be reminded how to avoid pitfalls! I really appreciated to upbeat demeanor of the presenter, her positive attitude and friendly voice!

    Great webinar! Easy to understand and fun to listen to.

    Great webinar. Fantastic presenter. All I need is time now.. and a carrot and a stick so I can create new habits. Certainly guilty of rushing, and not completing citations fully.

    Great, relate-able topic!

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Had to leave early after an hour but will watch again. Guilty of things she described.

    Happy New Year. Great start for 2020… Thanks

    Helpful content and wise reminders. I’ve made many of those same mistakes!


    Hope Cheri Hudson Passey comes back Great information and tips!

    I appreciated her honesty and ability to laugh at herself!

    I enjoyed Cheri’s enthusiasm and all the info provided! Where was she when i started n 1985? hahhaha

    I have been researching for over 30 years and it was great to have such entertaining reminders of the many ways I still have to go back and clean up my research. Great webinar!

    I have made many of the same mistakes Cheri Hudson Passey has made, and her webinar showed me how NOT to make those mistakes! She shared so many helpful tips, and I am glad I attended her webinar. Thank you!

    I made almost all the mistakes now I have to clean up my family tree on several sites. Useful information for all of us.

    I might have been a little too advanced for most of this webinar, but I still picked up a couple of good tips (as usual from your webinars!!) Cheri did a nice job.

    We simply never get too old or too experienced to learn some new tips and tricks.

    I really enjoyed listening to Cheri Hudson Passay.

    I try to be Careful but I am always making mistakes. I need to slow down and be consistent.Thanks it was Great.

    I was preparing a similar presentation for our local genealogy club. This webinar confirmed and added to what I was going to present. Good to know that I have learned much along the way.

    Interesting and reminded me of my many early (and not so early) mistakes.

    It was reassuring to hear that I’m not alone in making many of those newbie errors. Although, I still struggle with making a plan, I’m slowly getting better. Keep up the good work on the webinars. I really enjoy them.

    It was very easy to follow and kept my attention for the whole presentation.

    It was very helpful in letting me know what to watch out for. Thank you.

    Liked presenter’s style, will go back and watch past presentations by Cheri. Handout looks great –easy to follow and not overloaded with info. Great job Cheri!

    Lots of good suggestions.

    Lots of great info presented in a fun, upbeat manner.

    Lots of useful reminders and tips!

    Love Cheri’s webinars, she is always cheerful, enthusiastic, and engaging. She took a topic that could easily be used to shame or browbeat people into doing things a certain way (I’ve seen people do it) and made it silly and fun, and something to learn from rather than being talked down to for making mistakes. A++++

    Loved Cheri’s openness with the problems we’ve all done!!

    Loved her light-hearted way of pointing out mistakes without making us feel like fools. Very enjoyable.

    Loved it. Touched on many mistakes I’ve made. Thanks for sharing.

    Lovely presenter, lots of info, great way to kick off the new year! Thank you

    many tips to remind us of good research habits. Nice delivery style!

    More of a beginner webinar, but useful as a reminder to more experienced researchers.

    Most information was obvious but there were a few gems.

    My first webinar with you and am looking forward to more.

    Nicely done, but content was fairly basic.

    Outstanding presentation with great suggestions and solutions for common mistakes and problems.

    Pleasant presenter shared familiar experiences and pitfalls to avoid.

    Rather basic for my needs, but good presenter

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    She mentioned everything that I have done.

    She was so entertaining. I learned so much. Hope she does more webinars!

    Solid well expressed points

    Thank you Cheri for your confessions. I learned a lot, and being fairly new at this, I can see that you have helped me to prevent some (but, of course, not all) of my future mistakes. Thanks again.

    Thank you for covering the various research pits we can fall into. With Cheri’s guidance tonight, there should be safer travels! Thanks! It was very interesting! I will apply a lot of what was covered to my research.

    Thank you for very practical, common sense suggestions.

    Thank you. Some was review for me but also some good ideas I can surely put to use.

    This is an outstanding webinar for beginning researchers, so they can avoid learning the hard way. As a seasoned researcher, I also appreciated the reminders!

    This was an excellent webinar topic & presenter to start off a new year & decade of genealogical education. Thank you!!!

    This webinar made me smile and laugh, especially the slide on trying to decipher poor penmanship. I have often sat at my desk completely baffled by my own handwriting. I also particularly enjoyed the comment that one reason to attend genealogy conferences was that you could talk as much as you wanted about genealogy –
    very tempting! Thanks again.

    This webinar provided especially valuable information for newbies to genealogical research. I wish I had been able to know all this before I started some 20 years ago! The only reason I rated it as a 4 rather than a perfect 5 is that I’ve already made all of the mistakes mentioned so it is certainly redundant to me!

    useful hints thank you

    Very easy to access.

    Very enjoyable!!!

    very entertaining

    Very entertaining and thorough treatment of common mistakes and how to not make them. Great webinar! Thanks.

    Very fun and informative. Thank you!

    very good

    Very good information and advice!!

    Very good refresher presentation on a variety of topics

    Very good speaker. Easy to listen to.

    Very helpful and points made were great. I learned a lot. Thank you.

    very informative. now I have a lot of work to do

    Very interesting and funny.

    Very interesting.

    Very succinct, organized syllabus, easy to follow.

    Very useful

    Very well presented. Excellent visual aids.

    way too basic

    Well done! Great upbeat presentation. Easy to listen to! Thank you.

    well organized

    Well organized and good coverage.

    Well presented and very informative. Lots of information provided but presented in an easy format to use,

    We’ve all made those mistakes! Great speaker!

    Wonderful on not to do in family history.


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