Mastering Digital Filing for Genealogists

Cyndi Ingle
Sep 23, 2022
Free through September 30, 2022
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1m 04s
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Speaker's Introduction
12m 16s
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Types of Filing Systems
8m 30s
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Filing Tools and Systems
7m 12s
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Software Programs
9m 37s
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File Names
11m 59s
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Shortcuts or Aliases
9m 00s
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Cyndi's Filing System
21m 32s
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Misc Tips & Ideas
9m 15s
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Announcements / prizes
6m 28s

About this webinar

Every genealogist feels that digital filing is out of their control. It can be an overwhelming process to keep track of all of the documents, images, and files that end up on our computers and devices. How do we even start to tackle this virtual pile of filing? What tools and processes will work best for you? We will discuss all of this and how to maintain digital filing as we research.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Cyndi Ingle is the creator and innovator behind the award-winning and globally recognized, a free categorized list of more than 337,000 links for genealogical research. In its 23 years online Cyndi’s List has consistently remained i
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  1. JS
    Julie Smart
    1 day ago

    Excellent webinar-very detailed in a good way! I’ve started to organise my electronic files in the last few months and heartened to hear that the way I have set up my filing system is very similar to Cyndi (our brains must be similar!). Love the use of shortcuts – hadn’t considered these, bur will definitely start to use them now.

  2. KO
    Kathleen OHagan
    2 days ago

    Hi Cyndi, thank you so very much for this amazing webinar, It is all coming together, as I have tried so many ways without success. This will really help me. I am now going through my Ancestry tree and also my FTM and removing all the media, scanning and putting it into my “new” filing system thanks to you. Can you tell me if you have an Ancestry tree online that I can view? Just to see how you organize without media. Thank you again so much. Looking forward to your next webinar.

  3. AR
    Anna Robinson
    2 days ago

    Another question I just thought of – do you separate your line from your husbands line or all the surnames under the research folder?

  4. AR
    Anna Robinson
    2 days ago

    I wasn’t able to watch live to ask any questions but I do have a couple. How do you suggest handling the same surname but on different lines, especially when it is not known if they connect somewhere in the past? And then there is the opposite, suggestions on handling more than one connection to the same family, i.e. pedigree collapse?

  5. NS
    Nicole Sparks
    3 days ago

    It might seem like organizing your files is super easy… but Cyndi points out why it isn’t, and how to simplify it. She’s also a riot. I laughed out loud at Murgatroyd McNuts (and a few other spots, but that’s when the kids came in to accuse me of watching youtube videos because genealogy isn’t supposed to be FUNNY).

  6. KD
    Kathy Dennis
    4 days ago

    Cyndi, thank you so much. You and I definitely think alike. I believe this system will work for me!

  7. JS
    Jeanette Shepherd
    4 days ago

    Thank you, Thank you , Thank you
    I have been trying for such a long time to organise my genealogy files, and I always get lost and give up after a few generations. Now I see where I was going wrong and how to do it better.

  8. AB
    Amy Barrick
    5 days ago

    Great webinar. Going to work through one of my families & try the file set up.


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