Maryland State Archives Decoded

Rebecca Whitman Koford, CG, CGL
Apr 21, 2020
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Learn about BCG
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Speaker's Introduction
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Archival Accessioning
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Visiting in Person
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Archives of Maryland
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Baltimore City Archives
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

The Maryland State Archives has a rich collection of genealogical sources for the state. This talk will help you prepare for a trip to the archive and know what is available online.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Rebecca Whitman Koford holds credentials as a Certified Genealogist ®  and as a Certified Genealogical Lecturer. She focuses on research in Maryland, Upstate New York, Virginia, the District of Columbia, colonial recor
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    A clear description on how to navigate the MD State Archives. Excellent presentation!

    All of my ancestors were based in Maryland. This gave me some great information about how to utilize the Maryland State Archives when I am back visiting the area to do research. Thank you!

    Amazing information! This was one of the most informative webinars I have watched in a long time. Great job!!

    Another fabulous webinar. Rebecca is amazing.

    Awesome information. I can’t wait to “finish” my Ohio and Pennsylvania research and move back in time to Maryland.

    Blew me away so much to learn

    Brilliant webinar with a fantastic walk through of What to do and How to do it in The Maryland State Archives. Great aid and learning tool for people unfamiliar with the Maryland State Archive.

    Cuts straight through to use the archives effectively. Great presentation.

    Enjoyed the map of the site. I will explore it from home.


    Excellent presentation on the Maryland State Archives

    Excellent presenter, easy webinar login.

    Excellent speaker.

    First time I’ve attended a webinar about Maryland State Archives and found it very informative. It’s been years since I’ve been to MSA in Annapolis, but this was a good reminder of how many wonderful holdings are there. Thank you!

    Good insight into searching and using the Maryland State Archives

    good talk!

    Good. Liked the handouts.

    great handout

    Great information!

    Great information! From my DNA matches in southern Maryland, I anticipate I had ancestors there. But, I haven’t researched back that far yet.

    Great Job, thanks.

    Great overview. I will be revisiting the MSA and land records websites again tonight.

    Great presentation for Maryland Research

    GReat presentation style!

    great resources

    Great webinar! Thanks!

    Great! Thanks.

    I absolutely loved this webinar!

    I am a retired librarian, but this webinar was so far advanced that I felt brand new to the system. What a wonderful, informative seminar. Can’t wait to visit my sister in Annapolis and head out to the Archives building.

    I appreciate the detailed look at how to prepare for a visit to the Maryland State Archives.

    I found it to be very helpful. I am just beginning to become more serious with my research and this was great.

    I had used trial-and-error to find records at MSA before, but this webinar did help “decode” what seemed so convoluted. In the question time, the website was mentioned. I had used Maryland Land Records for years, but never checked out Already found a missing piece of family history that way!

    I have been trying to use The Maryland Archive website without great success. This webinar has been extremely helpful.

    I learned so much and have already visited the MSA several times. Can’t wait to go back again!

    I liked the walk-through. I like the tangible takeaways like the links in the syllabus.

    I probably would have enjoyed it more if I had proven Maryland ancestors. I do have one line that may go back to Maryland once I verify info in Pennsylvania and go back another couple generations.

    I really appreciated all the steps she showed us to get to the records. I will be able to use this as a guide to prepare for a visit to the archives. I had been very frustrated with the website and she put everything in line for me. Thanks!

    I wouldn’t have know how to prepare for my visit to Maryland. This was a great help.

    I’m pretty sure I would get lost and waste a lot of time searching the archives online without the information in this wonderful webinar! With this webinar and the syllabus I feel that I can now do an in-depth research to find the documentation I need and how to procure hard copy. Thank you!

    Incredibly informative. One of the most useful and practical webinars. Not only tells me where to go but how to navigate once there. Brilliant!

    Informative, easy to listen to, and motivates me to visit MD Archives.

    It was a very thorough presentation on MSA

    It was very informative and I enjoyed it very much.

    it was very interesting and gives me all sorts of help in pursuing my Maryland ancestors, thank you

    I’ve attended about 3 webinars in this topic – this byfar was the best

    I’ve been to the archives and this has helped me so much. Now I think I can navigate the site so much easier.

    I’ve had trouble using the Archive website in the past. Can’t wait to try out the tips from the webinar.

    I’ve used the archives (online, mostly) many times but haven’t had the time to master the most efficient way to search it. It is a difficult online site to navigate but this webinar definitely made me better able to search it with more confidence. When they eventually open the archives and the rest of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, I will definitely go again. Thank you!

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Learned so much. Maryland is a state I NEED to research in, but have shied away from it. Rebecca has given me the encouragement to plunge into it.

    looking for a naturalization transferred from county I think this will help

    Lots of useful information.

    Loved the step by step examples & her easy to understand explanations.

    Maryland has baffled me for a long time. I received some good guidance with this webinar. Thanks.

    MD State Archives is one of my favorite places to visit and I am always eager to learn new things about it.

    My first time listening. Very informative.

    My husband has an ancestor who was born in Maryland and died in Missouri. This will be very interesting!

    Nice clear answers and very nice to hear that MSA is making their sites more user friendly.

    Outstanding – best one yet!

    Outstanding! Very organized – great presentation style

    Presenter was very knowledgeable. I have been using MSA website for about 4 years and have a lot to learn. This webinar filled in many of the gaps in my knowledge.


    Professional presentation.

    Really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Thank you!

    Rebecca is an excellent speaker.

    Rebecca did a great job. Thank you.

    Rebecca is ALWAYS great! I was in one of her classes at IGHR and always look forward to learning from her.

    Rebecca is such a great resource for Maryland. It took me years to learn what she gave so willingly tonight!

    Rebecca provided an outstanding presentation. Her handout will serve as a fantastic reference guide for research at the Maryland State Archives.

    Rebecca was very knowledgeable about the MD State Archives. Thank you .

    Rebecca Whitman Koford is one of my favorite presenters of all time. Her presentations are always organized and communicated clearly. Please have her back as soon as possible!

    Rebecca’s presentation was excellent in content and design. She has an impressive knowledge of the MD State Archives as it applies to genealogical research. I picked up some great tips that can be applied to working at any brick and mortar repository. Thanks again!

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Rebecca’s presentation was so informative.

    Rebecca’s webinars are always very helpful!

    She gave a complete orientation. I will read her handout frequently.

    She was very good and easy to follow. Thank you very much!

    she was very knowledgeable & helpful.

    Since I live in Maryland, I found it very informative

    So Good, So Much to take in. I hope I can utilize some of this information and the sources. Thank you.

    So informative, presented in an easily understandable way. Very engaging presenter. Loved every minute!

    So Much information, I will need to watch at least once or twice more for details. I think mine landed in Baltimore from originally Germany and then heads northwest to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. So I am only looking for a small time frame but find it difficult to find anything,

    So much wonderful information. I will be sepnding a lot of time at the archives website! Thank you!

    Speaker’s knowledge of the subject is very good. Thank you

    Started slowly, but good information in her presentation.

    The information was straightforward, not confusing. The syllabus was well printed out and kept right with all the information One of the best webinars given.

    The more I learn the easier research gets..(sometimes)Thanks

    The presentation guide is wonderful.

    The presentation was invaluable since I have Colonial ancestors in Frederick and Washington counties and live in California, so having any online access to MD records and/or resources is vital for my research.

    The presenter has the heart of a teacher and is one of the best presenters!

    This was a great lesson. I have used the Archives for 30 years but still picked up new tips.

    This was a great webinar. I can now start writing up a research plan for a visit.

    This was fantastic! I’ve had much difficulty researching at MSA. So much information to help in the future.

    This was helpful to understand the organization of archives anywhere.

    This was very helpful. I will be able use the website and the archives so much more efficiently now.

    Tremendous amount of information and suggestions for researching. Thank you.

    Very easily understandable. I go to this repository which can be confusing and she made it very consumable. There are so many records and numerous ways to get to each; she made it less confusing. Thank you for sponsoring THIS topic and webinar!

    Very good

    Very good information and excellent speaker

    Very helpful

    Very helpful to understand best way to use MSA.

    Very helpful!

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Very helpful, easy to follow. Looking forward to researching online tomorrow. THANK YOU!!

    Very helpful.

    Very helpful. Thanks.

    Very informative

    Very informative

    Very informative and presented very well. It got me motivated to do some work on my Maryland people.

    Very informative for MD and other archives

    Very informative!

    Very Informative!

    Very informative!

    very informative, organized well

    very well done

    very well informed speaker about the MD State Archives

    Very well organized, and will assist me further in my research.

    Very, very informative! Thank you! : )

    Well done

    well organized, easily understandable.

    What a great presentation! Thank you for shining a light on a confusing subject. Extrememely useful!

    Wish I had learned this before I went to MSA in 1986. I would have come away happier and possibly found answers. Wish it wasn’t so far to go back now.

    Wonderful information which will be of great help to me since I have Maryland ancestors!

    wonderful presentation

    wonderful presentation, well organized and understandible

    Wonderful seminar…moved at a fast clip to keep my interest (lots of BSO in the room) but not so fast that I was lost. Good speaker.

    Wonderful webinar on using the Maryland State Archives.

    Wonderful, chock-full-of-info webinar.


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