Lighthouses and Their Keepers; For Those in Peril on the Sea

Peggy Clemens Lauritzen, AG
Sep 22, 2023
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Is my ancestor a keeper?
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About this webinar

As far back as 2,000 years ago there were lighthouses, with the earliest known in Egypt. As Europeans made their new homes in British America they also needed beacons to protect the craggy shores of this new land and the inland waters.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Peggy Clemens Lauritzen, AG, was involved in genealogy before she was even born. The daughter of avid genealogists, she was spending time in courthouses and cemeteries while other children were playing on swings and going to the beach. The love of
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  1. KP
    Karen Prytula
    10 months ago

    Very detailed

  2. PM
    Peggy Maeger
    10 months ago

    Good information. I love lighthouses.

  3. KM
    Kristin Macy
    10 months ago

    Everything you didn’t know that you needed to know about Lighthouses and the folks who cared for them. Great webinar.

  4. MP
    Marilyn Poole
    10 months ago

    Thank you! Love Lighthouses and this was so informative. Peggy always makes her talks so interesting.

  5. BL
    Barbara Love
    10 months ago

    Very interesting. My great grandfather, Charles Morrison, was a lighthouse keeper on Amet Island, Nova Scotia.

  6. KS
    Kathleen Smith
    10 months ago

    I enjoyed listening to this presentation about the history of lighthouses in the USA and seeing all of the photos/resources as well as all the resources/web pages, etc. that will give me more information. Thank you so much for your webinar and all the useful information.

  7. TQ
    Tamara Quiring
    10 months ago

    Any webinar that gives the viewer a kazillion new rabbit holes is definitely a webinar worth watching. =)

  8. MM
    MaryAnn McLean
    10 months ago

    I loved this webinar. Family lore states that an ancester on my maternal side was Kepper of the Light on the Isle of Man. I have yet to find him.


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