Genealogy 101, a 3-Session Course in Beginning Genealogy – Part 1

Peggy Clemens Lauritzen, AG
Apr 1, 2015
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Play. Playing.
3m 05s
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 32s
Play. Playing.
2m 20s
Play. Playing.
Why Family History?
4m 20s
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What Do We Have At Home?
4m 19s
Play. Playing.
Organize Your Research
7m 33s
Play. Playing.
Talk to Older Relatives
5m 11s
Play. Playing.
The Older Generation
1m 00s
Play. Playing.
Genealogy Library
Play. Playing.
1m 34s
Play. Playing.
Get Ready to Go!
8m 09s
Play. Playing.
Chart #1
3m 34s
Play. Playing.
Chart #2
1m 00s
Play. Playing.
Chart #3
Play. Playing.
Chart #4
Play. Playing.
Document Your Sources
1m 21s
Play. Playing.
Primary and Secondary Sources
Play. Playing.
Common Records
6m 45s
Play. Playing.
Data Entry
1m 48s
Play. Playing.
Find A Grave
2m 17s
Play. Playing.
Great Web Sites
1m 39s
Play. Playing.
Announcements / prizes
7m 24s
Play. Playing.
Questions / answers
24m 34s
Play. Playing.
After-webinar party
16m 55s

About this webinar

We all have an aunt or a grandmother that has a shoebox full of obituaries, funeral cards, or other old documents that sit on a dresser or closet shelf. Or, perhaps we are that person with the shoebox. These beginning genealogy sessions will show how to take what you know and what you have access to, and teach the steps involved in getting it organized and compiled into a useful genealogy that can benefit future generations. 

Session 1 – Getting Started on the Right Foot. All of us know at least a bit of information about our family. It may be something we have heard, or something we have and don't know how it can help us. We will start out learning about information from an obituary, and entering the facts into the Legacy Family Tree software.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Peggy Clemens Lauritzen, AG, was involved in genealogy before she was even born. The daughter of avid genealogists, she was spending time in courthouses and cemeteries while other children were playing on swings and going to the beach. The love of
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