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Apr 9, 2020
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About this webinar

Join the experts at Legacy Family Tree software for an informal session of Questions / answers, and demonstration of some of our user's favorite tips.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Legacy Family Tree is the award-winning family tree software that provides tools to help users record their family's history, organize their pictures, perform their research, and share their findings.  
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  1. Fred Thrupp
    8 months ago

    I have my Mothers Maiden name in my Tree. Along with her ancesters.
    Is it easy to separate those names from my main Tree. If so, how would I do it.
    Thanks in anticipation

  2. ET
    Ellyn Tanenberg
    11 months ago

    I have a blank space between two siblings and I can’t get rid of it.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    this was very helpful. Thank you!

    All the hints and examples were helpful

    all was good. Liked the explanation of why to show RIN on screen. Also the hover spot in lower right hand corner was new to me.

    Awesome! Lets do this again soon. I learned a lot of neat tips and tricks!

    Do more of these “Ask Questions About Legacy” webinars please.

    Excellent as always

    Fantastic can we please do this on a regular basis. So much information

    Fantastic! I’d give it a 10 if it were an option.

    Fantastic, please do again sometime

    Fun and so informative! I know about these things, but sometimes get confused as to why or how to use the features in a purposeful way! Very helpful.

    Fun session, let’s do another one in the future!

    Good questions with clear answers.

    great format. thank you

    Great idea with lots of info and reminders of what we forgot was available in Legacy. Hope you have more of them. Stay safe!

    Great new learnings on Legacy

    Great, I learn a lot. We need more hands on learning. Thank you

    I couldn’t think of any specific questions to ask previously, but I sure learned things I didn’t know, or forgot I knew at one time. The One Name and One Place studies are calling to me for my new Prussian research on my father’s family.

    I learned a lot!

    I like the format of “Ask the Legacy Experts”. Maybe this could be done at least every 3 months or so. It’s a convenient way to highlight certain features of the program, and also display some additional tips.

    I love the hands on webinars as I always learn something!

    I love the none scripted webinars, no set topic just go with the questions, more please!

    I needed this one. very good

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    I would like to see this type of webinar on a regular bases

    I would love to have separate times for beginner, Int, and advanced. The information for all groups is interesting and a great review. But I wold love some more tips for the advanced user. I am hoping to pull myself up to a higher user level. I feel that I am a high intermediate user and need some new helpful user tips. More merging and drag and drop from two files with split screen help is what I need at this time. I can do it, but I am sure that I am missing some useful tips. Great webinar today, tx

    It was great. We do need to do some more of these.

    Learned a lot of how to. I am fairly new to Legacy.

    Learned things I didn’t know. Thanks!

    Lets do this again

    Life’s short; do genealogy first!

    Like the live demos. Would like to see more of this. The hidden gems are a nice touch!

    Love this webinar, learned a lot and really enjoyed it. Hope for more to come


    Excellent idea to have this format. I particularly like the ‘thinking out loud’ since it shows us your thought process. Well done!

    Please continue these types of question and answer webinars. Learned a lot. Very worth watching!!!

    Please do it again soon!

    Please, let’s do this again! It was great fun & I learned lots.

    Questions asked are not what you typically hear in most webinars. I picked up 3 or 4 new tips on how to do things in my Legacy 9. The flow went very well and I think you should schedule these types of Webinars several times a year; maybe 1 a quarter. Thanks again!

    Thanks for everyone’s time. This was very well done by Geoff in an informal setting. Definitely worth repeating.

    Thanks it was interesting to see Legacy in action – lets do it again!

    Thanks to all the presenters! Very helpful info. I’d love to see more of these presented.

    The team did a great job as always.

    This was a great concept! Reminded me of Watch Geoff Live and hope y’all do it again.

    This was a great idea

    This was really good and went over stuff i knew was in Legacy but have never used.

    This was very informative and gives me something to do while ordered to “Stay At Home”

    Very helpful information and useful as we got to ask things that were puzzling us, rather than the experts deciding what they were going to talk about. Not that the normal webinars are uninformative as they are brilliant, but I really did enjoy this question and answer webinar.

    Very helpful! I would like to see webinars like this on a regular basis.

    very informative on random topics

    Was glad I could get my question answered. I like how one question leads to another related question/answer. Is there a way the questions that weren’t answered could be followed up and answered later?

    We definitely should do this more often! It will increase sales of Legacy software.

    Well done- got a few tips to make my use of Legacy 9 more effective. Thanks

    Wonderful! Legacy has soooo much to offer,it’s difficult to remember it all! Very helpful webinar. Yes,please do it again

    Would like to see more of these types of Webinars for asking questions

    WOW! That was incredible. Learnt some fabulous tips and tricks. Can’t wait for more! Thanks also for answering my question. Also fun getting to chat before the start. Great job.

    Yes! Please do this again. Longtime user here – I learned lots of new tricks to try!

    You definitely need to do this again… Even with no particular questions in mind, I picked up a few little hints along the way.


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