Introduction to VPNs

Thomas MacEntee
Sep 23, 2020
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 24s
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What is VPN?
2m 57s
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Privacy and VPNs
2m 28s
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Which VPN?
3m 49s
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Setting Up and Using a VPN
3m 10s
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Tips and Tricks
5m 55s
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Action Item List
2m 05s
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Questions / answers
19m 53s
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Announcements / prizes
6m 33s
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

You may have heard other genealogists talking about a VPN . . . so what is it, how does it work, and why should you be interested? VPN is a Virtual Private Network and allows you to keep all your Internet searching as well as data use from prying eyes. In addition, a VPN can help you gain access to content to which you might not normally have access. Participants will learn the basics of Virtual Private Networks as well how to install and use a VPN. We’ll discuss which VPN is right for you and your research as well as offer tips and tricks for getting the most out of VPNs.

About the speaker

About the speaker

So, what if I told you that a Baby Boomer guy with a love of punk rock music but also Renaissance Art, somehow “fell” into the technology industry almost 40 years ago, and then left a lucrative career in information technology to pursue his love o
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Absolutely totally informative. Thank you so much.

    …never even knew this existed…..a whole new world 🙂

    A little slow in spots; however, I understand that the webinar needed to cover all types of information because of the knowledge of the audience.

    Absolutely Love T. MacEntee! Very informative, thorough and patient explanations, very knowledgeable about content. Very timely and helpful topic.

    again another home run for Thomas well done

    All new information. I will need to watch this again. Thanks for the presentation.

    Although I used VPN for work with the banking industry, and reviewed it via some not so reliable private offerings 10 or so years ago, I found it lacking. I’m very interested in checking out Thomas’ current suggestions. Also enjoyed the follow up security discussions. THANKS!

    Always an excellent presentation from Thomas!

    Always dependable for making an hour fun and interesting no matter your experience in genealogy, Tom has done it again! Thank you, well done.

    Always great content and subject presentation from Thomas MacEntee. Computer security issues are so very important and most people are intimidated by the topic. The content was easy to understand, and the syllabus is very helpful.

    always learn new things from Thomas

    Always learn something valuable from Thomas!!

    Always learning something with webinar from Mr MacEntee

    Always love Thomas!

    Always wanted to know about VPN. Now I hope I’m a little bit smarter.

    Always wondered if it was important to have a vpn. Now I have one. Thanks

    Amazing! Thomas explains things well and really tries to focus his subject. That focus shows up when he can answer questions aimed at him from every angle! This webinar didn’t have any ancestors in it, but it shows that you are interested in everyone doing their best and being their best. It recognizes that we often deal with identifiable data of individuals, some of them still living. This webinar will help us protect them too.

    Another excellent webinar by Thomas MacEntee

    Answered many good questions to increase understanding and use of VPNs

    As Always, Thomas is AMAZING! Love his webinars! Thank you 🙂

    As always, Thomas provided lots of good information. I’m definitely going to check out getting a VPN myself.

    As usual Thomas excels in helping us!

    As usual… excellent info and loads of fun!!!

    Brilliant, as always.

    Came in late, but will watch replay; good for what I saw

    Concise information

    Excellent and Informative Presentation!

    excellent as always.. thank you

    Excellent by Thomas as always. Use VPN but tip about authenticator will be useful!

    Excellent explanation and use cases for using a VPN

    Excellent information for someone new to VPNs.

    Excellent information. I’ve heard VPN and never known what it was. Thanks

    Excellent intro to VPN. Clear and concise.

    Excellent job! I’m a retired tech trainer, and I found what Thomas talked about very helpful AND well-explained. Thank you!

    excellent knowledge builder

    Excellent presentation

    Excellent presentation of a more complex topic made simple

    Excellent presentation. Short & to the point!

    Excellent! Convinced me to turn on two-factor authentication on my phone.

    Excellent! I have been considering getting a VPN for my devices and this helped enormously.

    Excellent! I used a VPN many years ago with the company I worked for, it required a physical token to log in, wow! so much has changed. Thank you for this terrific update, can’t get enough of Thomas’ expert information.

    Excellent, informative presentation!

    Excellent. Thomas is always very informative.

    Extremely helpful. Thanks for all the information

    Extremely infornmative, thanks!

    Fantastic webinar with some great advice to keep our data secure. Thanks also for the VPN Offer.

    Fantastic!!! Thomas is the best at all this technology.

    gold standard webinar

    Good info presented so everyone can understand.

    Good information thanks!

    Good information on a subject I knew very little about. I have been thinking about something like this for when I can travel for genealogy research again. Now I know it would be a good idea for at home too. Thanks!


    Great as always love the speaker.

    Great as always

    great information

    Great information

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Great information! Thomas is always interesting and informative. Thanks!

    Great information.

    Great information. I will definitely look into a VPN.

    Great presentation – helped me better understand how VPN functions. Thank you.

    Great presentation – I am now wiser about VPSs. Will take on the free trial and go from there. Thomas makes things easy to understand – so thank you so much!

    Great presentation with ample time for questions!

    Great presenter. Useful information without getting into deep ‘tech talk’

    Great topic!

    great webinar ….Thomas is a great presenter

    Great webinar from Thomas with everyday solutions on technology.

    Great webinar on VPNs.

    Great webinar!

    Great Webinar!! Very informative.

    Great webinar.

    Great! I now understand the value of VPN.

    Great, as usual!!!

    He was clear in his information. He is an excellent presenter.

    Helpful. Especially about choosing a larger provider.

    I always learn so much from Thomas’ webinars!

    I always learn something new with Thomas

    I always love to learn from Thomas. This presentation was very technology oriented and I’m glad to have a membership so that I can listen at my own pace in order to understand the terminology.

    I am trying it out. Very informative webinar

    I currently use a VPN but it doesn’t turn on when my computer does. When I first got it, it worked properly and started when my computed started. I am very frustrated with it. I am very anxious to try this new VPN out. Excellent presentation, I love listening to Thomas.

    I don’t see any reason not to have a VPN after hearing Thomas talk about it. I never gave it much thought before. Thanks so much.

    I learned a lot about an important topic I’ve NEVER seen discussed. I have a VPN on my laptop thru MacKeeper…time to check on comparative reviews and have one on my phone and ipad as well.

    I learned a lot.

    I loved the diagram with the tunnel. Guess I’m a visual person. I finally understand what a VPN is! The Q&A was great, also. Thanks!

    I talked to my company’s i.t. people who made it sound like a MAJOR ordeal to set up for our travels. I have my trave laptop and cell phone set up already. Thank you for the GREAT presentation. It was a piece of cake!

    I thought this was a very good introduction to something I had never heard of before.

    Informative and timely.

    Interesting as I did not even know what a vpn is!

    Interesting however I’ll have to watch it a few times to really understand VPNs.

    Interesting to know about…thanks!…but not for me at this time.

    Interesting topic. Thomas is always a trend setter. Thank you!

    It was on a very relevant topic: VPNs. I appreciate that Thomas MacEntee shares his knowledge of technology via these free webinars.

    It was very easy to understand and there was lots of time for questions.

    Ive been wondering about using a VPN for a while. Thomas did a great job of explaining why we should and what to look for in a VPN. Thanks!

    just what I wanted – a getting started on VPN session – HOME RUN!! Thanks.

    learned a lot

    Losing our privacy on the Internet can bring all kinds of problems. My husband’s computer was hacked a few months ago. Watching this webinar has given us the tools to prevent hackers from entering our lives. Many thanks to Thomas MacEntee for stepping us through what we should be doing to stop losing our privacy. Legacy Family Tree, thank you for the generous offerings of your webinars.

    Lot of information for thought! Great presentation!

    Lots of good information on VPNs

    Lots of good information!

    Love the stuff that Thomas is doing for the genealogy community!

    My husband did the research for our VPN, I was interested to learn more about it. Great presentation!

    Nice informed presentation! Great to have lots of time for questions and to have Geoff to scan through and ask them for us. Thank you.

    Questions were as informative as the webinar

    Really good info. Good explanations.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Really informative–another great MacEntee webinar!

    Slept in – missed the beginning – will be viewing again later today. What I listened to was fascinating.

    Such a timely webinar – and so clear. Thomas makes these techy things easy for me to learn, and to do!! Merci buckets, Thomas, and to Geoff for another Wonderful Wednesday Webinar!! Cheers.

    Super informative!

    Superb! without getting technical!

    Superior presentation. Thank you!

    Terrific information. Thanks, Thomas.

    Terrific introduction to VPNs and their benefits. Thank you!

    Thank you, Thomas! I always learn a lot. This webinar confirmed questions I had about the VPN I’m using.

    Thank you, Thomas, for providing the name of the VPN service that you use and are satisfied with. I think you’ve convinced me to get a VPN.

    Thanks for clarifying what was formerly “clear as mud”. 😉

    Thanks for sharing! Great info!

    Thanks so much!

    the presenter did an excellent overview of VPNs at a very good non- technical level – well fone

    There was a lot of information to be absorbed – learned a lot.

    There was a lot of terminology that I don’t quite understand yet.

    This is something I have been considering. Good information.

    This was an outstanding presentation. Please invite Thomas MacEntee to cover more tech issues related to genealogy and computer usage in general. He makes a challenging issue very easy to understand! Thanks for this one. I am sold on VPNs!

    This was the first webinar I have sat in on, really enjoyed it. Will be back for more.

    this webinar about VPNs was very enlightening. I am going to look into a VPN for myself.

    Thomas – thank you for another very informative & succinct webinar!

    Thomas always does a great job of explaining new technology even if one may not use it.

    Thomas ALWAYS does a terrific job, making the topic so much easier to understand.

    Thomas always explains technology really well and today was no exception! Thanks, Thomas, for bringing a great door prize and offering the amazing VPN deal!

    Thomas always had GREAT information !!

    Thomas ALWAYS has good topics and has a knack of answering all of the questions I have about said topic.

    Thomas always has great information that is helpful.

    Thomas always present an amazing learning experience.

    Thomas always provides great information in an easy to understand manner. I love his honest answers to questions and his presentation of pros cons considerations. Look forward to 2 step validation

    Thomas did a wonderful job of explaining VPNs.

    Thomas has a very smooth way of presenting that is easy to follow.

    Thomas is always a great speaker to listen to. He is very informative with a lot of current tech information!!!!!

    Thomas is always fantastic!

    Thomas is always great!!!

    Thomas is ALWAYS informative, clear in his explanations, and totally on point with our needs today.

    Thomas is always so generous with his time and information.

    Thomas is always so informative. Just the best.

    Thomas is always superb

    Thomas is an outstanding presenter. Cuts to the chase with meaningful information & I like his ACTION Items section (good summary).

    Thomas is my FAV!

    Thomas is so knowledgeable. Still have lot of questions – will have to contact him

    Thomas is the best!

    Thomas is the techno-wizard!

    Thomas MacEntee is just a wealth of knowledge. Thank you for your insights on VPNs.

    Thomas MacEntee knows his stuff. I would love a webinar on his computer set up.

    Thomas makes technology understandable. Thank you!

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Thomas speaks so calmly. Slow enough and clear enough to actually understand. Love his presentations. Thank you, Thomas. And thank you, Geoff, for 10 years of webinars. We are all very fortunate to have such an affordable, reliable and diversified source of information! So glad they will continue!

    Thomas was excellent, as always.

    Thomas’s webinars are always excellent. Packed with lots of good information.


    Tom always has a great show…

    Very clear and action oriented

    Very clear presentation given at a great speed; not fast and not too slow. Excellent

    Very good

    very GOOD

    Very Good information, great presentation

    VERY GOOD. I have been waiting for this one. Thank you!!

    very helpful and informative

    Very helpful to me in area that I didn’t understand. Thx!

    very informative

    Very informative and helpful

    very informative on VPNs. I know a lot more now and will be purchasing one.

    Very informative!

    Very informative! Thanks

    Very informative.

    Very Informative.

    very interesting

    Very interesting – lots to ponder on

    Very interesting and well presented. This is a new topic for me and I was able to follow and understand it. Thanks!

    Very interesting Good questions from peoples

    Very interesting. His webinar’s are always good! Thank you.

    Very useful information clearly presented. Thank you!

    Very, very good presentation and information. Thanks, Much to study.

    Very, very meaningful information and direction! I am going to try VPN. Thank you! I use two factor authentication; but, will watch the hopefully future Tech Zone on it to confirm I understand it 100%!

    VPN now thanks to Thomas I do believe I understand it! Thanks so much for Having Such Great WEbinars and Tech Zones Geoff!

    VPNs – very interesting and informative.

    Went fairly fast for someone like me taking notes, but a great deal of useful material was presented.

    What a wealth of knowledge he is and explains everything so clearly! I have learned so much from his webinars!

    What more can I say to Thomas but THANK YOU. for all the great info.


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