Finding New Cousins and Building Your Family Tree with DNA

Anne Young
Sep 22, 2020
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Speaker's Introduction
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Review DNA Match
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Chromosome Browser
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DNA Tools
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Using the MyHeritage DNA analysis tools to connect with cousins and build your family tree.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Anne has been researching her family history for 30 years and blogging for eight years. Most of her family arrived in Australia during the nineteenth century gold rushes, however her mother’s family only came to Australia from Germany a
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Great presenter. Easy to listen to. Information very clearly presented in the visuals and discussion.

    Help me to more fully use the My Heritage tools…very clear and informative

    Helped to unravel the complexities of DNA

    I don’t use My Heritage, but I wanted to listen to Anne Young and learn more. Seems like I always take away some knowledge any time I listen to a Legacy Webinar. Thanks for bringing this to you.

    I had a little trouble with the accent (I am in USA), and the screen shots were very fuzzy. However, it was a very nice overview of MH and DNA!!

    I had some difficulty understanding everything that was said, and the visuals were so blurred that I couldn’t read some of the info she was talking about. However, the presentation seemed comprehensive and was a good overview and explanation of MyHeritage. Thank you.

    I have been researching DNA matches through MyHeritage. It was nice to have an overview of all the tools available.

    I know now to click on everything. Liked ideas for note taking.

    I did enjoy listening to the presenter, especially her Australian accent. She was very thorough, and her love of genealogy was obvious.

    It information was too advanced for me. The font was too small and blurry to follow.

    It was a good presentation for beginners.

    It was a good tour of the screens. I believe the information will be universally applicable.

    It was good to know about all the extra clicking I can do. Not straightforward to understand all the detail but sufficient to have a go and see where it leads.

    It was good

    just starting with DNA so it was imformative

    Learned some new ways to use the tools. Thanks

    Learning more and more about My Heritage DNA. Just got my results back. Perfect

    Learning new info & review what I know is a good thing. Thanks

    like the different thought process on learning about matches

    Lots of features I want to start using.

    Lots of good info, happy to know that My Heritage does Auto Cluster!

    It was a very helpful presentation on getting the most out of MyHeritage’s tools. I appreciate this particular lecture!

    much information to process. will view the presentation again.

    She did a thorough job. Thank you, I enjoyed it and always learn something new or something I need to work through again.

    She gave a very detailed account for using MyHeritage.

    slides were difficult to see well. Too much white. Otherwise, thank you. It was very informative.

    Thank you for an educational class! It was very intriguing to learn about the advanced My Heritage DNA features and will definitely explore the site.

    Thank you for this interesting webinar on such a very relevant topic!


    The seminar was informative and timely. I am currently working on a project with My Heritage DNA clusters and this was immensely helpful to further my research. Thank you

    The slides would have been clearer and easier to read if they had not been split screen.

    There was some useful information.

    There was a lot of good information shared

    This gave me alot of information. I am very excited

    This helped explain more about DNA matches. Thank You!

    This webinar was very informative.

    Though her discussion excellent, but too much information on screens, small figures made it difficult to read

    Top notch.

    Very enlightening, thank you!

    Very good

    very good tips

    very good!!

    Very helpful! Can’t wait to dig into my DNA matches!

    Very informative

    Very informative on My Heritage but not any new information for me.

    very informative. The tools look great!

    Very interesting! I learned a lot about My Heritage website.

    Very interesting

    Very interesting.

    Very well organized and knowledgeable on subject.

    Wonderful on MyHeritage DNA.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Very useful tips for using MyHeritage DNA results.

    A lot of it is still over my head, but I keep watching these webinars and absorb a bit more with each one.

    A statement about the Theory of Relativity helped me think about how to research the person.

    Although the speaker was very clear and informative, I didn’t have the backgound information needed to really enjoy it.

    Anne Young explained the DNA Matches very well without being too technical. I know absolutely nothing about DNA testing. Yet, I was able to follow the conversation very easily. Great job, Anne!!!

    anxious to try these new ideas. thank you

    Basic info but well presented so it made for a very good review. The green arrows were very helpful.

    Can’s get enough of this stuff There’s almost always another button to press that uncovers new information.

    Clear and interesting. Thanks a lot.

    Did pick up some new information , such as making sure to scroll down on the different screens.

    Enjoyed it very much

    Enjoyed the presentation and got a lot of helpful hints that I hope to use soon.

    Examples/screenshots were good. Speaker moved at an even pace and spoke clearly. This is especially important when the speaker has an accent different than my own.

    Excellent but screens were not very clear and sharp, very hard to read

    Excellent family examples and how they could be explored at MH. Very clear presentation about all the bits and pieces at MH.

    Excellent overview of tools and how to use them

    Excellent speaker. Very clear.

    Excellent! Thank you!

    Fascinating review and new information to lead me on!!!

    Good coverage of the basics. Perhaps a little too basic for me but not bad to get reminders about the MyHeritage tools. Interesting history of her family and Australia.

    Good explanation of DNA tools at MH!

    Good information but, it was hard to see the pages on my computer.

    Good lesson in how to use the matches

    Good overview

    Good presentation.

    Good refresher on MyHeritage and new information for me on finding cousins, specially since I have just discovered 3 new cousins.


    Great explanation of all the details my heritage has for each match!

    Great information and strategy! Screenshots were a little difficult to see clearly.

    Great information to help me out pieces of puzzle together

    Great presentation!