How to Use the Smart Matches & Record Matches MyHeritage Technologies

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May 22, 2018
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 37s
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5m 15s
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Smart Matches
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Record Matches
6m 10s
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Instant Discoveries
3m 08s
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Global Name Translation
4m 24s
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What makes us different
1m 21s
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Live Demo and Q/A
39m 39s
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Announcements / prizes
6m 41s
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Questions / answers
19m 49s

About this webinar

This webinar covers two powerful matching technologies from MyHeritage in depth. You'll understand how to best use them to benefit your research.

About the speakers

About the speakers

MyHeritage is the leading global destination for discovering, preserving and sharing family history. Our platform and DNA kits make it easy for anyone, anywhere to embark on a meaningful journey into their past and treasure their family stories fo
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Shahar is the Product Manager responsible for the health product on MyHeritage. Before his current role, he was managing the core genealogy features of MyHeritage, such as Instant Discoveries, family tree pages, matching technologies and the gen
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago



    Interesting Q&A

    Is there a better word than EXCELLENT ?

    It was excellent, but I will need to watch it over and over again in order to remember all the great information from it.

    It was good to hear more about how to use the matching technology more effectively and how to add the good information to my tree.

    It was great. Have been using My Heritage for some years, and today I learnt some new tricks. Thank you.

    It’s a great concept and program.

    It’s all new to me, so very informative.

    I’ve used MyHeritage for several years; however, this presentation showed me avenues I haven’t explored as yet. Thank you for an interesting and productive presentation.

    Learned a lot — very helpful!

    Learned a lot. Especially that I don’t need to import all the dates, names, and events (which I believe are incorrect) just to get the rest of the information. Thanks

    Learned more about working within My Heritage. Am awaiting ability to integrate from Legacy so can update on MyHeritage as well.

    Learned so much!

    Like more of these hands-on

    Live Q & A works very well, more please.

    Lots to practice. Thanks

    Love the live format!

    Loved the “Watch Geoff Live” exploration of the MyHeritage site. I learned more in this webinar about MyHeritage than several of the others combined.

    More Q&A was very helpful!!

    most of what was covered I had experience with but I also picked up some tips.

    Much needed session. Clarifies some issues and very enlightening.

    Need to have more sessions on how to use My Heritage

    Nice introduction to matching features of MyHeritage.

    Nothing beats live Q&A to understand and learn more about how to use MyHeritage or any software, for that matter.

    Now I understand more about SmartMatches and feel more comfortable with the MyHeritage website and what it offers. Thank you for this presentation and I know I will be reviewing it again.


    Please had part 2 soon

    Q & A was a very good part of the webinar

    Q and A with real time examples is top drawer…

    Really good! I have recently started and did have questions about some of these features. Now I understand it so much better. Thanks

    Shahar was such a flexible and well-informed speaker!

    So looking forward to the things on the horizon with MyHeritage and Legacy!

    Thanks…..MyHeritage is really opening up so many new leads for me…and I’ve been a researcher for years!

    Thank you for putting up with all of our questions!

    The descriptive overview followed by demo and Q/A was VERY helpful. Mr. Bitton, your presentation first made the demo with Geoff more meaningful.

    The general info was a great help, however the Q&A was outstanding!!! Love the MyHeritage webinars. They try hard and try to anticipate what we want and need to do our family research. I am so impressed with them. The My Heritage and Legacy combination is very enlightening!

    The hands-on approach is very effective.

    The hands-on part was very informative. The presenter is so knowledgeable. MyHeritage is an awesome site which is always coming up wit new and better ways to help their users.

    The presentation helped my learn how to use matches and other features a lot better! Thank you!

    The presented material was quick but good!

    The Q & A with real time examples was great. Hands-on is always a good way to learn.

    These My Heritage webinars are always so informative about using the site. Today especially good as it evolved into a Q&A.

    This was a very good learning experience, especially with demonstration of various tools and processes while “Watching Geoff Live!”

    This was excellant, would love another session like this with Q & A

    This was very instructive. I was worried about smart matches messing up my tree. Thanks for this webinar it cleared up a lot of things. Please continue what you all do. The Q & A was helpful too. Thank you.

    This webinar eased my mind about using Smart Matches and Record Matches. Thank you!

    Very enjoyable and I learned a lot of secrets of moving around and using My Heritage. Thank you!!

    Very helpful

    Very helpful as I learn more about journeying through MyHeritage.

    Very helpful to see someone doing various tasks instead of just reading a how to for the tasks

    very helpful

    Very informative ! I love the that one of the sources we can search is published books.

    Very informative and answered many of my questions in how to understand how to add, change and review smart matches.

    Very informative. Thank you.

    Very interesting

    Very interesting, I have a better understanding of how to view and consider smart and record matches. Thank you

    Well done. Learned a lot. Like “hands on” learning.

    well informed presentor, well led by Geoff.

    Wonderful Presentation.

    Wonderful webinar!!!

    Wonderful Webinar. Especially like it when Geoff. went live with his tree. It helps to see the actual steps. Thanks you for the Webinar.


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