How to trace your UK ancestry

Kirsty Gray
Dec 18, 2019
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Speaker's Introduction
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Case Study
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Free UK Genealogy
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Scottish Research
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Family History Federation
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On the ground
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

From the comfort of your home (outside the UK), trying to uncover your roots (whether in England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales) can be an extremely challenging task. However, it is far from impossible with a plethora of information available online from books to databases, transcriptions to images, photographs and other (numerous) online sources. This webinar will provide individual case studies to highlight what is available online and offline, hands-on tips and details of how offline material might be accessed from afar.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Kirsty is a professional genealogist and ‘people finder’ who runs her own research company Family Wise Limited. As a freelance author, she has published articles in family, local and social history magazines and handbooks across the globe. She has
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    3rd grand father was from Devon UK, At last we may be able to go further with the information received today in this webinar. Thanks a lot.

    A bit late, but will pick up the beginning on video. I learned so much today! When I was trying to find folks “across the pond” it was a real challenge. So much more now and Kirsty gives such clear hints and suggestions for accessing things that I think I can now start to connect at least some of my English people (the later ones) with their origins in England and Wales, and esp (be still, my heart) my beloved Cornishman great-grandfather.

    A wealth of information!

    Always good to listen to Kirsty providing worthwhile sources.


    Awesome information. Thanks for all the websites I can now go dig into!

    Brilliant 🙂 …… where does one begin to say how helpful this was, thank you so much 🙂


    Excellent as always!

    excellent audio and graphics

    Excellent for beginners/intermediate – great review and details. And her handout is very practical. I always love listening/watching to Kristy Gray’s webinars. I always learn new things, new thinking out of the box. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

    Excellent info !

    Excellent presentation

    excellent presentation

    Excellent presentation and information! Thank you!

    Excellent presentation. Provided many sources for researching UK people with good assessment of sites.

    Excellent presentation. Thank you

    Excellent webinar. Thank you!



    Excellent. Great suggestions on websites that I had never tried. Looking forward to checking them out.

    Excellent. So many new avenues of research.


    Fantastic webinar with lots of great information.


    Gave me a good base to start researching great grandparents

    Gave so much information, in such a short time frame. Thank You!

    good info.

    good references

    Good so far….but unable to continue at this time…Will listen again later on.

    Gosh. Fabulous Webinar. Thanks a lot

    great content and so well organized. Thank you!

    Great info!

    Great information given today! How to Trace Your UK Ancestry by Kirsty Gray…..thank you so much!

    great overview

    Great reminder of all those UK sources by an excellent presenter!

    Great speaker with a wealth of knowledge!!

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Great speaker, good overview of current resources!

    Great way to end the year and looking forward to the next! Merry Christmas, Geoff and Marian and a Happy 2020!

    Great webinar to end 2019! Thank you.

    great…do one on Northern Ireland.

    have many ancestors for the UK Always learn something new from her webinars

    I always learn something new from Kirsty, she’s an excellent speaker.


    I always say “one question answered means two or three more question!” In this case, more pleasurable research findings!!

    I enjoy Kirsty’s webinars. She is easy to follow and has great tips.

    I have been doing research in Scotland and Ireland for awhile and I enjoyed the detailed records that come from there. Thanks for your time in showing other places to look for information.

    I have English ancestors and working Irish ancestors for a client…great information…am anxious to check out some of the websites Kirsty gave us. Have her back again!!!

    I have Scottish ancestry and was Thrilled to learn about the Scotland’s People website!! AND to learn that Scotland has Excellent birth, marriage, and death records. Thank you!!

    I learned a few more sources or information to be found on the sources I’ve already looked at.

    I received some excellent new sources to use in my research of my UK ancestors. Thank you

    I’ll need to view this again to pick up on the things I missed on the first pass. So much useful information. Thanks Kirsty.

    Informative, inspiring webinar. Thanks!

    Inspirational for sure!


    Interesting webinar. Thanks. Happy Holidays to all…

    Kirsty covered a lot of resources in a short period. I leared so much . . . can’t wait to visit some of these sites. Thanks for another excellent webinar!

    Kirsty Gray shared so much of her knowledge on Tracing Your UK Ancestry. I learned a lot about searching on Find My Past. I started out with FMP many years ago because my mother and most of her ancestors were born in England. I had no idea what I was doing, so I gave up and started working more on my paternal side. Now I know more about how to search UK records, I will go back to my maternal ancestors and try to fill in the many blanks. Thank you.

    Kirsty is a fabulous presenter. She provided so many avenues for research in such a short time! Thank you!

    Kirsty is certainly fun to listen to and gave a lot of good information. I will definitely watch her prior webinars and encourage you to have her present new ones soon. One interest I have is records of the 1709 “Poor Palatines” who came to England looking for transport to the English colonies. My family arrived in May 1709 and left in January 1710. I’d like to find some records of their time in London and names of ships on which they sailed to what later became North Carolina.

    Kirsty obviously knows her way around UK genealogy. Would be interested in something before civil registration, possibly dealing with ‘brick walls’ i.e., apparent dead ends. Some ways to tackle them.

    Kirsty was terrific gave me some wonderful ideas as to how to possibly find my 3x great grandfather.

    Learned about new sites and was especially interested in the information regarding Irish research. Very informative. Will subscribe to the blog.

    Learned som new web sites:)

    Loads of info, loads of notes. Hopefully I will be able to finally find my great-parents in England. So far, all I have is their names. Thanks so much. 🙂

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Lots of good information to get me started in my English research!

    lots of helpful info

    Lots of info, thankful for the syllabus! One I will probably have to listen to again.

    Lots of new leads for research.

    Loved the presentation, Kirsty’s enthusiasm and her breadth of knowledge.

    Loved this webinar. Probably my favorite one so far

    maybe a future webinar on early records sources late 1700’s- 1850’s?

    my ancestors all left UK prior to most of today’s discussion. Hopefully will be able to utilize some of this information

    My brick wall —My 7th great-grandfather is picked up in Pennsylvania during the American Revolution War. One source states he was born in Wales in 1754, so I am excited to look into the records from Wales. Thanks for sharing this information!


    Oh, boy, lots more places to search in a meaningful manner.

    One of the best webinars this year!

    One of the best! Thanks to Kirsty for her enthusiastic, generous, and information filled webinar. I learned so much and am enthused to return to searches for UK ancestors.

    Really enjoyed Kirsty’s expressed heart for helping in genealogy.

    Really terrific information Kirsty. Had run out of places to look except for going to Scotland , Wales and England. Hopefully can dig up more details on places. Thanks!

    She did a fine job. Thanks for this opportunity 🙂

    So thorough and well done. A lot of useful information. People were finding things as the webinar was going on from what the presenter was presenting.

    So very interesting. My ex-husband was born in England as was his mom. She married his father during war. Can’t wait to find more information and supply her death certificate so that we can see her information. Thanks!!!!

    Some great new info. Would be interested in some more in-depth webinars on specific counties/areas – e.g., Cornwall, Lancashire, West Midlands, etc.

    Speaker was very good.

    Such a pleasure to listen to and very knowledgeable.

    Such great information. Thank you!

    Teriffic information on a topic I needed. Is she available to do a more in-depth webinar on Scottish genealogy sources?

    Thank you very much for drawing my name. Very excited. Love watching her webinars, she is so knowledgeable and full of energy. Merry Christmas everyone.

    Thanks for all the web links and thank you Kristy for your enthusiasm!

    the presenter absolutely knows her material and is approachable for the future

    The webinar was great! So much information-Thanks!

    Very clear and easy to understand.

    Very enjoyable. Kirsty gave a good overview of a very big topic and helped us know where to start or continue researching family. Thanks!

    Very good and helpful for us as beginners.

    Very good listing of the most relevant websites

    Very good, wish I could have stayed on line but got called away.

    Very informative and interesting

    Very informative!

    Very informative, as always!

    Very informative.

    Very interesting and informative!

    Very knowledgeable presenter, with good tips for all of us!

    Very useful information and clearly explained.

    Very useful tip about local family history societies.

    Very valuable to reminded of all the websites that are very valuable.

    Very well done!

    well done

    Wonderful seminar

    Wonderful webinar on English research.


    Wonderful! Thank you!


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