How to locate an ancestor in Ontario, Canada West or Upper Canada (when you don’t know where they lived)

Janice Nickerson
Feb 19, 2021
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About this webinar

This webinar will provide strategies and resources to help you discover where your ancestor lived in Ontario, Canada West or Upper Canada, when you don’t have a specific place of origin. These include the types of records you should search in your ancestors’ place of later settlement, as well as records that are specific to Ontario (which, depending on the time period, might be called Ontario, Canada West or Upper Canada) research. As the focus here is on locating your ancestor, we will focus on province-wide records and indexes. We will not cover the many records and indexes that are useful to the genealogist once the place of residence is known. Handout materials will include references for specific publications and records.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Professional genealogist Janice Nickerson loves a good challenge whether it’s identifying elusive ancestors, tracking disappearing descendants or telling richer family stories. In addition to helping her private clients discover the richness of th
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    A great road map to locating some ancestors and finding out info about other ones.

    A lot of information and sources. Nice to be able to go slow enough to understand more of what is being covered. I have a lot to do before I can get to a lot of this, even though it was my own grandparents who emigrated to the US. I wish more records were available in CA online.

    A wonderful snapshot of ontario ancestry resources that are available today. Thanks !

    Am looking forward to investigating these resources – thank you for your fine work!

    Another great great webinar. Thanks to all of you at Legacy to make possible that canadian series. The first one help me and this one is also helpful since I now have knew places to look at and may be find more informations on my ancestors. Thanks again I have a good week end.

    Appreciated the reference to as I’ve been looking for a good source for Canadian newspapers.

    As a fellow Ontarian what can I say? Excellent presentation!

    Awesome webinar! So much valuable information.

    Been researching Ontario family for many years and still you have spurred me on to dig deeper.

    Brilliant webinar on a greatly needed area for genealogical research resources.

    Enjoyed this. Thank you



    Excellent – lots of useful information

    Excellent content and presenter. Great slides as well as an extensive handout.

    Excellent detail without being overwhelming

    Excellent handout!

    Excellent information

    Excellent information and well-presented!

    Excellent information for Ontario research

    Excellent information that will help further my research. Great tips and URLs

    Excellent information-need more Canadian Webinars

    Excellent introduction to Ontario resources! I learned so much. I especially appreciate her thoughtful and helpful answers to the many questions at the end. Looking forward to her next webinar in August!

    Excellent pacing by Janice and good overview without detailing down too far. I liked the Q&A. Will join because of the quality of this presentation. Thanks

    Excellent presentation and syllabus.

    Excellent presentation on the databases. Very informative and I have used them for years.

    Excellent presentation. Very informative.

    Excellent presentation. Janice is one of the best resources for learning about Ontario resources.

    Excellent presenter. I look forward to her presentation in August 2021.

    Excellent resource list. Janice is clear and well informed.

    Excellent sources of information provided by Janice. Thank you so much!

    Excellent speaker great presentation

    Excellent speaking style, very knowledgeable.

    Excellent webinar chock full of information. I need to listen to it again to catch everything.

    Thanks to Janice, Marian and Legacy!

    Excellent webinar! So many resources I wasn’t aware of! Now I know what I’m doing this weekend.

    Excellent! Clear, concise–but with enough detail. I had confidence in the expertise of the presenter.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    I can’t wait to start digging into some of these resources.


    Excellent. Can’t wait to print the syllabus (I am a member). My father was born in Alberta, Canada; my grandmother was born in Mountain Grove, Ontario, Canada! I love the O’Canada series.

    Excellent. Information-rich. Thank you very much!

    Excellent. Thank you!


    Exellent information

    Fantastic I think I shall listen to this again.

    Fantastic – Thank you!

    Looking forward to Janice’s next presentation.


    Fantastic! It’ll take me hours and hours to go through and apply all my notes and the handouts. Thanks so much for all the information.

    Found it gave me some new ideas of where I might find some info for people I cannot find

    Glad there will be more Canadian webinars. Any covering border crossings between US and Canada?

    Good info, especially what records are and are NOT available at the various website, or only partially available. I have noticed that p2 of the agricultural census of certain years were not on ancestry, but happy to know I can find them via the Archives website. Thank you Janice and FTWebinars.

    good information, Janice Nickerson is very knowledgeble.

    Good overview

    Got lots of ideas for searching for an 1820s marriage record in Ontario

    Great content. We want more from Janice! Moderator’s use of chat was outstanding!

    great handout

    great info!

    Great info. Pleasant, knowledgeable!

    Great information

    Great information – thank you!

    Great information on additional sites to visit.

    Great information on where to search for my Ontario ancestors

    great information to help locate Ontario ancestors

    Great information to use for my searching! I found Irish ancestors that came to Michigan from Canada and I wondered why. Now I better understand why.

    Great information! Thank you!

    great information, well spoken…clear presentation

    Great information.

    Great presentation and speaker.

    Great presentation. Hope to be able to attend Ms. Nickerson’s next one in August

    great presentation. So well organized and thorough

    Great resources!

    Great seminar. Thanks!!

    Great sources given to go check out!

    Great Webinar

    Great webinar on how to find ancestors in Ontario, Canada West, or Upper Canada.

    Great webinar. Looking forward to using everything I learned today.

    Great webinar. There seems to be lots to learn about Canada. Would like to know more about immigration etc. in a later webinar


    Great. Got some clues as to how to sort my wife’s Canadian family roots

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    I hope we get a similar webinar for the Quebec area

    I learned more about things I thought I already knew! Clearly stated.

    I live in Ontario, research in Ontario and am a long-time member of OGS BUT Janice mentioned some websites I had never heard of before. Great presentation! Great info! Well presented!

    I loved all the information on Ontario Canada. I want to research more in that area.

    I thought this was an excellent presentation.

    I wasn’t able to listen to the entire webinar, but I got some very valuable information from the portion I heard. It was very well presented — straightforward and clear presentation of the information without a lot of extraneous talking. Very well done!

    I’d like a webinar about Maritime records from Canada and the Great Lakes.

    Information was great.

    Informative, well organized and presented

    Interesting, informative, well organized. Thank you.

    It is good to have this info in my toolbox. You never know when it may come in handy. Thanks.

    It was a lot of information to take in at once. But great ideas to start drilling down into my research.

    It was very interesting and I enjoyed it very much Thank you

    I’ve been doing Ontario research for years, but learned several new sources. You can teach an old dog new tricks:-)

    Janice was very informative and the handout will be a great resource. Thank you!

    Janice was fantastic. Learned so much. Can’t wait for her webinar in August.

    Janice was knowledgeable and sincere

    Janice was very informative; lots of valuable and previously unknown information given. Thank you!

    Janice, thank you for the very informative content provided in both your presentation and handout!!! 🙂

    Janice’s webinar was excellent in every aspect. I especially appreciate the handout and ability to save the Chat. Interesting Q & A session, too. Kudos to Marian, for very effective and welcoming hosting.

    Learned about lots of new sources – much thamks!

    List of resources is wonderful. Thank you, Janice.

    Living in the States, and searching for an unknown Canadian citizen birthfather, I had no idea WHERE to start, so this has been most helpful! Thanks!

    Look forward to 20 August webinar

    Looking forward to a similar webinar about Quebec I have some loyalist ancestors who settled near Montreal after the American Revolution.

    Looking forward to purchasing annual subscription to Legacy webinars again… my husband, too! We miss Geoff here in Arizona at the West Valley Genealogical Society.

    Lot of info and good length.

    Lots of excellent information! Thanks!

    Lots of good info. Thanks.

    Lots of good information and sources provided to help with Ancestry search. Will help me to get started on finding some of the details.

    Lots of good possibilities of alternative sources of information

    Lots of great information. Thank you.

    Lots of helpful information

    Lots of information Thank you

    Lots of information and presentation was exceptional.

    Lots of really good information. Nicely presented.

    Lots of sources covered for people to further their research.

    Lots of useful information!

    Love the explanation of general info like county/township/concession/lots breakdown and how maps of the lots are noted. Great seminar. Thanks!

    Love the O Canada webinars. Learned a lot today.

    Loved it! Very informative about early records sets that aren’t easy to find!

    much needed information was discussed as my Scottish and French ancestors moved on from Quebec

    My first webinar and it was quite helpful as I start searching for ancestors. thank you.

    My relatives are more recent and this was more ancient.

    Not being from Canada, Janice introduced me to a number of websites I did not know existed. Thank you, it was very informative and hopefully, very helpful.

    Provided access information which I find helpful.

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Quite a few sources with which I was unfamiliar, thank you!

    Really informative. Thanks

    She is so knowledgeable and shared herself so easily, the websites are fantastic.

    She was very informative and I so appreciated her approach. I am looking forward to her lecture this fall.

    So informative, please keep up the Canadian Series. I plan to re-watch it several times.

    So many sources to check out!

    So much great information! Thank you.

    So much information !!

    So much information! I will be reviewing this one again in the library!

    Thank you so much!

    Soooo interesting and Janice is sooo knowledgeable. Thanks, Janice for a super webinar. Thanks Marian for picking my name for a door prize. Well done!

    Looking forward to use my free membership immediately.

    Such a wealth of information! Janice Nickerson was a pure delight and a real door-opener to archival resources and publications.

    syllabus looks good but rapid speaking hard to understand

    Thank you!

    Thank you! Just wish I could have seen some pictures.

    Thank you. So much information I will need to listen again.

    Thanks for adding Canadian information to your list.

    Thanks for the References.

    Thanks so much for providing Canadian genealogy info, esp presented by such a knowledgeable expert!

    Thanks so much for this presentation. Really appreciate the information that Janice Nickerson shared. Most of my research has been in Quebec, but more and more I am finding a few families who were in Ontario.

    Thanks, very informative, while listening to the questions I found more records on my Scottish family that arrived in Canada about 1850’s, still searching for shipping records

    The presenter was clearly very informed about her topic and showed a wonderful passion for genealogy.

    The presenter was so well organized that even though a lot of what she was referring to me was new, it all made sense! Her powerpoint notes made a great framework for the information she discussed. I can’t think of any way this could have been better! I have several strategies now for finding those elusive early Upper Canada residents and I can’t wait to get underway!

    The webinar today was very informative and Janice is a wonderful presenter. Her instrucions and information were easy to follow.

    The webinar was clear and concise. Well done.

    The webinar was excellent and Janice’s answers to the many questions at its end were also very informative.

    This was great! With all these new resources I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me.

  5. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    very comprehensive webinar.

    Very focused and excellent coverage. Sometimes she spoke a little fast, but I can revisit and listen again with my membership.

    Very good Thank you

    very good overview of the major sources available for researcing Ont.

    Very helpful! Well-organized, useful information. Looking forward to checking out some of Janice’s suggestions.

    Very helpful, great list of specific resources, thank you.

    Very helpful. Nickerson did a good job of introducing us to many resources.

    Very informational. Thanks

    Very informative and I loved her Canadian accent!

    Very informative and now I have lots of new places to look! Thank you

    very informative and the handout is spectacular Thank You Janice

    very informative and well presented… didn’t realize it was only going to cover earlier time period, which isn’t relevant to my research

    Very informative

    Very informative!

    Very informative! I have new places to check for my ancestors.

    Very informative! I’ll be joining!

    Very informative! Learnt a lot!

    Very informative!!

    Very informative, I learned lots.

    Very informative, very well organized, extremely useful information. Thank you. I would love to have something similar about Manitoba and the other western provinces.

    Very informative.

    Very informative. Thank you.

    Very informative.

    very informative. Thank you

    Very informative… Thank you

    Very interesting

    very interesting and informative

    Very interesting and informative.

    Very interesting presenter with a huge amount of information. May have been helpful in doing a walk through case study to demonstrate how to search some of the resources listed – but time constraints may not have allowed for it.

    very interesting thankyou

    Very interesting, lots of information. Thank you

    Very knowledgeable and interesting.

    very thorough and very clear voices and powerpoints . Would Like to know more about townships and maps of concessions and bit more about that sometime e.g nam s of townships where people settled like loyalists

    Very thorough research, and so helpful for researching my mother’s first husband, a RCAF pilot who was adopted into a family as a baby. His plane was shot down over the North Sea six weeks after they married. He was never found.

    Very through. Lots of good references.

    very useful back ground information & links

    Very useful information on researching in Ontario. Glad you are doing the Oh Canada series!

    very useful information presented

    Very well done

    Very well done. Very clear speaker who was very well organized.

    very well organized and presented/ lots of info

    Very well presented. Glad to get her references to the various archival holdings

    Veryinteresting, and informative. Thanks.

    Wealth of resources

    Well done.

    well formatted & presented. Lots of info.

    Well organized and concise. Excellent handout! Thanks!

    Well organized and much information. Took notes fast.

    Well organized speaker, relevant topic for those of us searching for ancestors who first lived in Canada. As always, no disappointments with Legacy Family Tree Webinars. Looking forward to the remaining webinars in the Canada series. Thank you.

    Well organized. Lots of useful content. Very much looking forward to the August Legacy Webinar on Ontario Genealogical research, as well as all of the other webinars in the Canada series. Thank you Legacy.

    Well presented and logical. Great sources. Really enjoyed the session.

    Well presented and very organized handout.

    Well presented with great information that I didn’t know about.

    Well presented.

    Wonderful handout, Janice. Thanks so much. Looking forward to your next presentation. Thank you, Legacy, for offering this Canadian series. As a transplanted American now living in Ontario, I’ve discovered over the past 40 years that each Province is VERY UNIQUE and VERY INTERESTING. I hope you’ll continue offering more Province-specific webinars. Thanks.

    Wonderful presentation!

    Wonderful presenter and learned a great deal!

    Wow! What a lot of information is out there! Thanks!

    Wow, this webinar really delved deeply into Canadian sources, including the subtle details for how to find what you’re looking for. Janice seems to know all the tricks! Thank you so much for the O Canada series that I’m finding to be essential for my Canadian family research as well as my Irish family that came through Canada and went on to the US.


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