How the West Was Won in Canada

Lianne Kruger
Dec 16, 2022
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About this webinar

The Canadian west was not won by cowboys and guns. The west was won by homesteaders, NWMP (RCMP), and railways. For a $10 registration fee and a lot of hard work a male farmer could have 160 acres of land. Farmers or want-to-be-farmers came from all over. We will use a couple of case studies, search for homestead records, review all the components to understand what the records indicate, convert the data to enter and locate it on Google Maps, and view what the area looks like today. Other records such as Hudson’s Bay Company and RCMP records will be shown.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Lianne Kruger is a professional genealogist and speaker specializing in Canada, homesteading for U.S. and Canada, video recording family history, and using technology in all aspects of genealogy such as Google Maps, Google Drive and Evernote.
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  1. MH
    M. H. DeMers
    2 years ago

    The historical perspective was most helpful

  2. GL
    Graham Lowe
    2 years ago

    Lianne Kruger, thank you for your very detailed and informative presentation and accompanying syllabus. Even I, a western Canadian resident for all my life, learned several new things of historical significance. Your webinar has inspired me to dig even deeper to better flesh out my family history research.

  3. PH
    Patricia Hallman
    2 years ago

    My great-grandparents left Galicia and traveled to Baltimore, Maryland lived there for about 2 years (1893-95), and then homesteaded in Saskatchewan.

  4. NT
    Norm Talbot
    2 years ago

    Great Canadian presentation!

  5. CW
    Cynthia Ward
    2 years ago

    Excellent, My lines that are in Canada, Were centered in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia until the early 1900″s were Loyalists.

  6. CM
    Cheryl Mapes
    2 years ago

    Very education and helpful links to records

  7. SM
    Sarah Mundt
    2 years ago

    Speaker was easy to listen too, kept a good pace, and very knowledgeable. I can’t wait to watch this a few more times and find out more about my Canadian ancestors. Thanks again for a wonderful presentation!

  8. AR
    Alva Rose Balter Noonan
    2 years ago

    Very informative. Looks like I need to check out the whole section Jewishgen has on Canada. I didn’t even know that existed so “YAY Lianne”.


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