From Grandmother to First European Landowner of Canada

Lianne Kruger
Jan 15, 2021
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About this webinar

In the 1980s, my grandmother gave me her parents’ names, their wedding date and the names of her 15 siblings. From that information I researched from the early 1900s in Northwest Ontario back to the first European landowner in Canada. I will explain each step I took along the way, how I did it then, and how to do it now. Although, the process is the same these steps are done so much easier and faster today with today’s technology and the internet.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Lianne Kruger is a professional genealogist and speaker specializing in Canada, homesteading for U.S. and Canada, video recording family history, and using technology in all aspects of genealogy such as Google Maps, Google Drive and Evernote.
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    A great one for Canada. Thank you Legacy

    A great presentation. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Loved all the resources Lianne provided as I am new to researching Canadian records.

    A jam packed webinar. A wonderful first ‘Canada’ webinar. Thank you.

    A lot of great links for Canada Research!

    A lot of great new links to explore!

    A very large amount of extremely useful information presented in a short time.

    All new learning for me.

    All sort of databases I did not know about! This is one of the most useful webinars for me ever!!!

    Although I don’t know of any Canadian ancestors right now, we had ancestors in Niagra Falls NY so it’s possible that they might have also migrated across the border. This was very helpful.

    An excellent program about Canadian Records!!!

    As with most webinars there always some gems that are discovered and this one was the same. I thought it was well done and packed with information. Thanks!!

    Awesome!!! I will be listening to this one again. Look forward to the other Canadian series and those by Lianne.

    Brilliant webinar with lots of great links to explore.

    Canada is not one the places my ancestors were in or passed through, but this was full of important info. Thanks

    can’t wait for it to post — entered late due to EST mis-calculation

    covered all bases SLOWLY – Thank you

    Enjoyed the webinar Although, I have no known Ancestors who were born or lived in Canada. Thank you!



    Excellent – I learned so much !

    Excellent compilation and explanation of resources! Thank you!

    Excellent information Lianne

    Excellent overview of research tools for Canadian Genealogy. Looking forward to Leanne’s September webinar, as well. Thank you.

    Excellent presentation…easy to follow…did not feel rushed.

    Excellent resources in Lianne’s presentation and syllabus for this American with Canadian ancestors!

    Excellent resources!

    Excellent resources. Thank you

    excellent sequencing

    Excellent! Helpful use of visual props and links. Engaging for the learner/listener. Modulated voice. Well done!

    Excellent. Want more Canadiana.




    Good info. I am an experienced researcher living in Canada, so not a lot new info. But I rather expected that.

    Good information, lots of websites to investigate.

    Good list of resources to check out – thanks!

    Good presentation. I look forward to listening again!

    Good summary of Canada research resources

    Great info for anyone looking for Canadian resources.

    Great info for those of us in Canada! Many new websites and collections to explore!

    Great info! Went a little quick to get the sources written down

    Great Information

    Great information

    Great information about Canada

    Great information.

    Great information. Thank you.

    Great information. I plan to start my Canadian search all over.

    Great introductory class to research in Canada! She covered a lot of ground in one hour, but left us a fantastic syllabus to explore.

    Great kickoff to the new O Canada series. I have MANY Canadian cousins I am discovering through shred matches on The Big Four.

    Great knowledgeable, lots of resources

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Great links. Thank you!

    great list of resources/websites in addition to the usual ones used!

    Great overview for Canadian Research plus I especially enjoyed the “Earliest Known Ancestor” ie. EKA Google Map

    Great presentation. I have a Loyalist family whose son moved to Wisconsin in 1848 from New Brunswick and have done quite a bit of research on his family in the US, Now I am going to work on the family in Canada that stayed. It gave me many resources to start my research. Thank you.

    Great Presentation. Well Done

    Great speaker

    Great speaker with lots of information of how and where to search for Canadian records.

    Great speaker, knowledgeable, interesting.

    Great to see Canadian content and a Canadian speaker! Showed us a variety of websites to use!

    Great webinar

    Great webinar to kick off this series. This is the first time that I’m been exposed to a number of Canadian sources.

    great webinar! Really appreciated it.

    Great webinar, very informative!

    Great webinar. Thank you to the speaker!

    Handout is beautifully done!

    I also enjoyed the extra ideas such EKA and the use of Google Map pins

    I am from Liberty Lake/Spokane, WA and my father was born in Alberta, Canada in 1920; my grandmother was born in Ontario in 1899 and I have lots of ancestors to research in Ontario. I am very excited about all the tips and hints from today. And, I have been to Red Deer, Alberta; I still have relatives and friends living there.

    I enjoyed it! Thank you

    I learned so much from Lianne Krueger . Never thought of using Google Maps to track my Ancestors.

    I liked Lianne’s style

    I liked the webinar about Canada. It was a good webinar for beginners on Canadian genealogy.

    I love the O Canada Series

    I thought she was professional and shared a great amount of beginner information for searching Canadian records.

    I watched from Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada…..learned about some new Canadian resources to check out. Thank-you!

    Informative, lots of information to process.

    It was very interesting!

    Learned lots!

    Lianne did a great job giving us so much information in a short time. Her Syllabus was helpful to follow along and make notes. Jeff, as usual……. such a great personality and consummate host.

    Lianne Kruger gave lots of web sites and information on how to search for our ancestors.

    Lianne Kruger is a great speaker, and she gave us so much information and “”how to’s”” in an hour. I hope someday I can be as thorough as she is. Thank you for this webinar.

    Lianne, thank you for your excellent presentation to kick off O’ Canada Series!!! Thanks Geoff!

    Lianne’s presentation included a lot of really great information and sources.

    Lots more resources to follow through on–thanks, Lianne and Geoff!

    Lots of Canadian sources I was unaware of. Great webinar.

    Lots of detail.

    Lots of good information and a good review for a Canadian like me!

    Lots of good information that I can definitely use. Thank you

    Lots of good information.

    Lots of good information. I have been researching in Canada for some time and the links she provided will be very useful. Great webinar.

    Lots of good resources. Thanks. I particularly benefitted from your section about creating a map of “earliest known ancestors.” The map technique will be really good for a variety of genealogical projects. Just what I have needed, and I didn’t know it!

    Lots of great sites to keep us busy

    Lots of great tips!

    lots of information. Thanks for having a Canadian speeker.

    Loved all the examples and slides.

    Many excellent suggestions given. Thank you!

    Nice to have Canadian information:)

    One of the best presentations I have ever seen. Thank you!

    Presenter was great

    So glad for all the links for Canada and the other webinars in this series.

    So glad I have had the chance to visit my ancestors ‘landing places’ in Lambton County, Ontario. Still want to go to Cornwall for the other branch.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    So good to find info for Canadian Research

    So much useful information. Now where do I start? So much to do, so little time. Thanks . Can’t wait until September and going to look at her evernote webinar too.

    Super webinar with lots of easier sites to research on.

    terrific resources, clearly presented, most informative

    Thank you for all the good websites to explore!

    Thank you for the interesting webinar.

    THANK YOU for the new CANADIAN series of webinars! Lianne’s class was excellent, well documented, easy to listen to and full of pertinent information. What a great start! I can’t wait for what’s to come. Also, thank you for sharing the Chat Log for us members because I use it like a footnote reference. If I tried to write down every entry into the chat post, I would miss much of the lecture or the posts and probably make lots of mistakes.

    Thank you so much for this excellent webinar. So much information that I will be checking out for my Canadian family research.

    Thank you that was a very comprehensive lesson on where to research.

    Thanks for doing this special feature on Canada!

    thanks for sharing all your hard drilling down to our roots. keep safe

    Thanks Lianne, a great presentation covering a lot of information. Super handout as well!

    That was great! A wonderful handout…so helpful when it is hyperlinked. I think that very last segment about creating a Google Map would make an excellent Tech Zone topic. Looking forward to the rest of OCanada! Thanks.

    This is my first time on the Legacy Family Tree Webinars. The process to connect was quite easy to follow as a novice. I’ve done online and in person research in Ontario before, so I was happy to see I had found much information on my own, but I also enjoyed learning quite a bit I hadn’t known or found. I look forward to viewing other webinars in the future. Thank you for this opportunity to view Lianne Kruger’s presentation and to the host for facilitating.

    This was fantastic! You provided so many sources to use that will be very helpful for me. Many thanks!

    very interesting

    Very good but must leave before the end cause a meeting

    Very good presentation! Lots of resources. Thanks Lianne.

    Very good. A lot of very helpful information. Thank you.

    Very happy to have a series on Canadian records.

    Very helpful to a beginner. Now I will have to investigate each resource that you have mentioned. Thank you very much!

    very informative

    Very informative and lots of practical tips and resources identified

    Very informative for where to search-especially if you don’t live in Canada, but need to find that elusive Canadian citizen birthfather!

    Very informative with lots of links to try! Thank you!

    Very informative! Thank you!

    Very informative, lots of leads. Researching for my daughter-in-laws side of the family and didn’t know anything. Now I have confidence and several tips! Thank you.

    Very informative.

    Very interesting webinar!

    Very interesting.

    Very interesting–hope I can find Canadian ancestors! Super handout!

    Wasn’t quite what I was expecting but still very good with lots of this to check up on.

    went great!

    Wonderful to have so many sites to look at. Not much sleep for me in the next few days. Great presentation!!!

    Wonderful way to start the O Canada webinar series!

    Wonderful. Lots of good tips. Well presented. Thank you.

    Wow, what a great presentation full of tons of information!


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