Grandma's Obituary Box: The Use of Obituaries in Genealogical Research and Their Role in American Culture

Pam Stone Eagleson, CG
Dec 11, 2019
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Speaker's Introduction
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Where to Find
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After the Revolution
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Post 1920
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Obituaries are a genealogical resource that help document our ancestors and bring them to life. This lecture examines the clues and types of information found in obituaries as well as where and how to locate them. A discussion of obituaries through the past three centuries will show what values were important to our ancestors and how those values have or have not changed through the years.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Pam Stone Eagleson, CG, is a researcher, writer, and educator. She is a graduate of Northwestern University with a B.A. degree in history and sociology, University of Southern Maine with a M. Ed., and Tufts University with a C.A.S. in Museum Studi
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    …although this was geared towards American obits there was still a lot of helpful information to follow up here in NZ.

    A vast amount of information was given over the allotted time. Well presented, well done. Thank you!

    An interesting topic & presentation. Thank you.

    Besides the knowledge she imparted, I was impressed by her courage under pressure when there were technical problems. I’m a speaker myself and I would have had a hard time handling it.


    content of this webinar was very interesting. I had never looked at the subject of trends and how obituaries reflected the events of the time. Fascinating…

    Content very good.

    Cool info

    Well researched

    Even with the tech troubles, it was still a good webinar.

    Excellent thorough presentation!


    Except for the audio issues, it was a very good webinar. Interesting slides.

    Found information interesting. Learned more about obituaries; how and why the are written.

    Good content

    Good information

    Good information

    Good information


    Great insight into obits throughout history.

    Great recoveries by speaker and moderator when there were audio problems. Great job!

    Great topic! I too love obituaries and will continue to search for them as part of my genealogical research efforts for myself and my client.

    Great webinar, just a little long on examples.


  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    I thought the presentation was too long, with too many examples. Good material and enjoyable, but could be trimmed a bit.

    I want to go back to the beginning. What I heard was great.

    Interesting facts and excellent sources.

    Interesting stories and good ideas of how to use obituaries. Thanks!

    interesting to see how obituaries have changed through the years. Presenter showed lots of examples.

    Interesting topic

    Interesting, but not helpful for my research

    It was about the styles of obituaries rather than the genealogical information one can get from obituaries and leads to find obituaries.

    It was pretty good.

    lots of good historical information that puts the style of obituaries in context and provides explanation of why they were written the way they were. Lots of follow-on links, Also the presenter, Pam Stone Eagleson, was truly a great presenter given the technical difficulties – Thanks for hanging in there!

    Lots of good information
    Lots of great examples

    Lots of information.

    Loved it. Such great information.

    Mostly things I already knew. Examples were good.

    presenter very knowledgeable. moderator very professional and knowledgeable. thank you.

    Some great research points. Interesting examples of obits through the ages but way too many.

    Thank you

    Thank you for this interesting topic.

    The info was interesting

    The lecturer certainly knew her topic! She provided excellent examples that were spell-binding! Love this stuff!

    Thouroghly enjoyed the webinar. Interesting changes thru the ages. Tips appreciated – writing own now & filing for future use, etc. Will be looking for couple of books mentioned, including fiction! Never would have thought of that.

    Very enlightening!

    Very informative, despite the technical issues.

    Very informative. Thank you.

    very interesing

    Very interesting and enjoyable webinar. Thank you!

    Very interesting and informative. Thank you. : )

    Very interesting to see the ways obituaries have changed over the years.

    Very well presented. I use obituaries all the time through

    Wonderful webinar on obituaries.

    Would have enjoyed more ideas of where to find obituaries, but it was still great

    Would like to have had more discussion about obits as primary vs secondary source and copyright issues.


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