Gold! Gold! Gold! The 1897 Klondike Rush

Jill Morelli, CG, CGL
Oct 13, 2023
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Speaker's Introduction
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The Other Gold Rush
1m 21s
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The Discovery
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The Journey
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The People
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The Records
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

We often hear of the California Gold Rush but the Klondike Gold Rush pulled the US out of a deep depression yet you do not hear much about it. We will outline the importance of this very short Rush, plot the routes and identify locations where you can find the records of your ancestor in the Canadian Rockies.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Jill Morelli, CG, CGL is a “Roots” genealogist, becoming interested in family history in the 1970’s with the Alex Haley show. At that time, she just collected “stuff.” After a hiatus during which she had a family and volunteered in her community,
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  1. HD
    Heather Dawson
    8 months ago

    Fascinating. Thanks

  2. AR
    Alyssa Ritch
    9 months ago

    Jill rules.

  3. TQ
    Tamara Quiring
    9 months ago

    So much great information!

  4. AA
    Amy Andre
    9 months ago

    Very interesting. A family story says a great grandfather loved The West and he had seen San Francisco, Seattle and Alaska. Now I know why…

  5. AH
    Anna Hopkins-Arnold
    9 months ago

    Excellent introduction for people seeking a Klondike Gold Rush ancestor. She reviewed the Klondike Gold Rush with its context among other US Gold Rushes and impacts on the regional, US, and world economies (pulling us out of a depression), but also the human consequences (winners and losers), environmental damage and heavy impact on the lives and culture of First Nations people in the region. Jill also shared what records to search to find information on Klondike ancestors and cited where to find photos.

  6. CC
    Christine Chesters
    9 months ago

    Nice to remember that genealogy is not all about records and documents and how to acquire them. Context is as equally important. Of course, at the end, Jill provided locations to find source documents, but I enjoyed listening the history of the Gold Rushes.

  7. JP
    Jan Penningon
    9 months ago

    That was a great webinar. Anyone with an interest in history of that area would have enjoyed it. I have some relatives who went to Pierce County Washington – I need to go back to see if they were involved in the mining.

  8. CL
    Clara Lawver
    9 months ago

    Very thorough and definitely convinced me that following a gold rush was NOT worth the time and effort. Thank you Jill.


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