Genealogy for Advanced Users: Grow Your Family Tree Online

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Apr 10, 2018
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 28s
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1m 46s
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7m 52s
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Sun Charts
6m 38s
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Tree Consistency Checker
8m 23s
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FamilySearch Integration
9m 58s
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Pedigree Tree View
6m 25s
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Ancestral Birthplaces Chart
4m 31s
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Announcements / prizes
2m 37s
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Questions / answers
36m 33s

About this webinar

Learn how to expand your online family tree. This webinar will delve deeper into the various tools available on MyHeritage to take your family history research to the next level. 

About the speakers

About the speakers

MyHeritage is the leading global destination for discovering, preserving and sharing family history. Our platform and DNA kits make it easy for anyone, anywhere to embark on a meaningful journey into their past and treasure their family stories fo
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Uri Gonen has been working at MyHeritage since 2005 where he took on different challenges and roles in product development and product management. He has been part of the wild journey of MyHeritage from a small startup to a dominant company in the
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    A brilliant My Heritage webinar with lots to update and lots to look forward too.

    Always so informative. Thanks so much!

    Ancestor map looks great !

    Awesome, amazing, for the new additions and the ones that are coming. Uri gave a very informative webinar. I must get back to doing genealogy after I get some more sorting done. Just itching to get going with more discoveries but keep telling myself first things first.

    Birth location chart looks great.

    Cant wait for legacy and MyHeritage to sync

    Every day a new learning experience.


    Excellent as usual

    Excellent presentation and Q&A session.

    Excellent presentation!

    Excellent presentation. Looking forward to the upcoming additions and appreciate learning new tips on navigation.

    Excited about the features to come.

    Excited about the new upgrades, can’t wait for them to come/

    Excited about what is available and what is to come!

    Exciting new ideas.

    Exciting news about the coming enhancements

    Glad My Heritage listens to customers. These tools sound fantastic. Technology is great when you know how to use it.

    Great explanation of new features and near-future features. Uri is easy to listen to.

    great info, thanks

    Great info… Thanks…

    Great info; Thanx! I could listen to Uri all day…he has an excellent presentation…very pleasant and professional!

    Great information presented. Look forward to using this.

    Great information that will be useful as I continue to build my trees. Thank you

    Great slides with very clear explanations from Uri. Looks like I will be spending more time on My Heritage but can’t even keep up with checking all the ‘maybe matches’ now.

    great talk

    Great thanks!

    Great webinar. Am very excited about the new features and learned about some existing ones. Thank you.

    Great webinar. Thank you.

    Helped to learn more about what I can do on MyHeritage. Can’t wait for the new birthplaces chart! Thanks 🙂

    I just purchased a MyHeritage subscription and have not uploaded my tree from Ancestry. Seeing the options to work on the tree in a different place is helping me think about uploading. Ancestry and MyHeritage each offer different options so having more can be a really good thing. Participating in these webinars to learn about current and future features is fantastic!

    I liked seeing new products and those to come.

    I needed this–I am still trying to learn how to build my tree, and what options are available in MyHeritage. I like the sync possibilities, and can’t wait until Legacy develops a way of syncing with MyHeritage. So much more for me to learn now about syncing with Family Search, etc.

    I’m finally starting to record my family on line. I previously had found the process so diffucult and time consuming. I’m axious to continue working on my tree. I love the Sun Charts!

    I’m looking forward to the new information when it becomes available.

    Interesting subject and excellent presentation.

    Interesting to see the changes to myheritage

    It gave me a lot more information on how to use my MyHeritage subscription.

    learned some new features about MyHeritage and I didn’t know there was a weekly webinar regarding them.

    looking forward to upcoming versions and new map features

    Lots of interesting things.

    Love the intro to new features

    Love the upcoming features.

    Many good things to look forward to!

    My Heritage is an amazing company!

    So much to learn now and in the future, too. Thank you very much.

    Sun Charts, True Consistency Checker, Ancestral Birthplaces……..SO exciting!

    Super material selection. Not only three things about to be available, but three things I didn’t know were already available. I’ll run the Tree Consistency Checker as soon as I finish this note.


    Thanks! Love the Sun Chart!

    This was great, very informative !

    This was the best I have attended in long time…..the information was absolutely awesome, and I am looking forward to the new features for the Sun Chart.. Thanks Uri.

    Very clear presentation on some features of MyHeritage.

    Very excited about the new abilities coming down the road. Can’t wait!

    very exciting plans

    Very helpful and excited about the new things coming. Thanks a lot.

    Very impressed with My Heritage & their efforts to continuously improve/enhance their products, and their willingness to share plans. Thank you!!

    Very impressive features now (and soon) available. Thank you.

    very informative – not used MyHeritage very much now feel very encouraged to use it far more thank you

    Very informative and the ability to synchronize with FamilySearch is wonderful

    Very interesting I like seeing where MyHeritage is heading in the future

    Very interesting and informative. Love the new things that are coming especially the ancestral birth chart.

    Very much enjoyed this one,,,,and look forward to more..

    Very, Very Interesting…. Can’t wait until his next one !!!



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