From Generation to Generation: An Updated Look at Kinship Determination

Judy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL
Oct 8, 2020
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About this webinar

Proving relationships between generations is an essential skill for genealogists, and one that has to be demonstrated for certification in the Kinship Determination Project. Get an updated review of this three-generation narrative linking family members from generation to generation. Presented as part of the Joy Reisinger Memorial Lecture Series, and sponsored by the Board for Certification of Genealogists.

About the speaker

About the speaker

A genealogist with a law degree, Judy G. Russell is a lecturer, educator and writer who enjoys helping others understand a wide variety of genealogical issues, including the interplay between genealogy and the law. She has a bachelor’s degre
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    1 year ago

    After listening to Judy, I think I may just attempt to go for my BCG certificate at 66 years of age.

    Almost gies me the feeling I can do this!

    Always enjoy Judy Russell. Gives concise and exciting information.

    Always enjoy Judy’s lectures. Although I know longer need to submit a KDP for my renewal portfolios, I got some excellent tips for my ongoing personal family research writing.

    Always great to hear Judy present. Thanks.

    Always learn so much from Judy! One of my favorite presenters.

    Always much good info.

    an excellent speaker

    Appreciate the info and attitude!

    As always enjoyed listening to Judy Russell.

    As always, enjoyable excellence. Thanks so much.

    As always, Judy Russell hit it out of the ballpark. Great presentation.

    As always, she is great and shares lots of very helpful information!

    Clear flow to the webinar, and the hints/tips at the end were great! Realistic!

    Clear with so much detailed information. Great!

    didn’t realize this webinar was about certification

    enjoyed it so much–I am now on the clock. Inspiring!

    Examples would help.

    Excellant explanations and examples.



    Excellent – so helpful and found choosing the right family sets the tone

    excellent !

    Excellent and entertaining presentation of the material – Judy is always a great lecturer!

    Excellent explanation of how to meet the KD standard. Very helpful hints for anyone working on certification.

    Excellent info! Thank you Judy and BCG!

    Excellent presentation as always. I could listen to Judy all day!

    Excellent presentation from a very engaging speaker !

    Excellent review and comments regarding not only the certification process but also the standards, concepts, principles underlying the process–and therefore quite useful even to those of us not planning to pursue certification. I’ll use the syllabus as a check-list before completing the final draft of any project.

    Excellent seminar. thanks

    Excellent speaker




    Excellent! Also, I wish a box could be added in question 3 for those currently on-the-clock!


    Extremely helpful to help me understand the GDP.

    extremely interesting & helpful even though I have no plans to be certified, I’m too old (75)

    FAN club investigation was interesting although it was a bit fast for me to follow the logic. Look forward to seeing the replay

    Fantastic presentation by Judy excellent advice on moving forward with an application for Certification

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    1 year ago

    Great detailed explanation of the KDP. I understand it a lot more clearly now.

    Great information

    Great information.

    Great presenter – interesting and easy to follow

    Great, inspiring webinar and thanks for the excellent syllabus!

    Her great explanation of the requirements made me consider getting certified. Thank you very much.

    I ALWAYS enjoy listening to Judy, regardless of the presentation. And, although I’ve decided not to pursue certification at 74 years of age, I try to use BCG standards when doing my own work. Thanks!

    I always enjoy listening to Judy. I don’t plan on pursing certification, but I like to make sure that my research is as accurate as possible and that I have my source citations as much as possible.

    I always get so much great information every time Judy speaks, I know now that I have picked the best family for my KDP and will be successful in writing to standards.

    I did not see anywhere ahead of time that this was going to be strictly on the BCG application process. I am not planning to apply so was not useful to me. I already do everything that is required to prove the linkage of generations so there was nothing new here. But I always enjoy Judy Russell’s presentations.

    I feel much more informed about the KDP and what is required for the certification portfolio. I especially appreciate Judy Russell’s tips.

    I have a lot of work to do! Amazing information to help with application process.

    I learn so much from Judy each and every time I get the chance to hear her in a webinar or see her in person!

    I learned a lot. I have been doing research for 25 years but only recently thought of publishing my research and possibly getting certified.

    I liked the idea of including stories though I think it must be pointed out they can be somewhat expanded by a family relating them over the years.

    I loved how she found stories on her family. I have not found anything like that yet.

    I loved that Judy was so specific about the requirements and how to find information on BCG’s website.

    I missed the beginning, but am glad I caught the last part. Wonderful information

    I think this is the best webinar I have ever watched!

    I was just curious but at this time it is not what I want to do

    I watched a recording of Judy’s 2014 presentation. This was just as good, but it brought us up to date with the new standards. Someone asked the question I had, so I’m good to go!

    I watched Judy’s 2014 KDP presentation. This one was just as inspiring. It may have been the spark for me to begin working on my application.

    I’m working on my BCG portfolio and appreciated Judy’s overview of the requirements. I found the review of reasons why some portfolios fail especially helpful even though I’ve seen the statistics on the BCG-ACTION discussion group. It would have been helpful to hear something about use of DNA evidence in the KDP now that the DNA standards have been added.


    Interesting topic that I knew nothing about previously

    It was so entertaining and informative. Great slides too.

    It was very clear and concise. Thank you!

    it was well laid out, concise, and right-to-the-point. Thank you.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    1 year ago

    Judy demystified the KDP. Hearing as much as possible about the elements of the portfolio, not only encourages me to move forward on my own portfolio but calms any fears I have about being out of my league.

    Judy is a fun and energizing presenter. I need to get going on the certification process. This looks like a possible route.

    Judy is always a great presenter

    Judy is always a great teacher and entertaining.

    Judy is always an inspiration.

    Judy is always wonderful, and she made the certification process seem less intimidating.

    Judy is amazing! I love the way she turns complicated tasks into digestible steps. That makes the certification process seem less daunting and actually very doable. In addition, her enthusiasm is inspiring. After her lectures I usually have several ideas swimming around in my head that I can’t wait to work on. Now, if she could only manage to help me extract 48 hours from every day I might actually be able to get this done! 😉

    Judy is an excellent lecturer. I look forward to each and every one of her lectures

    Judy is my favorite presenter. She speaks slowly and enunciates clearly. I feel that each word she says has been carefully selected.

    Judy is outstanding as always

    Judy is such a wonderful speaker. Very interesting!

    Judy is the best presenter with the most interesting approaches to genealogy. She makes learning FUN!

    Judy is the best!

    Judy makes everything very clear and I always learn a lot from her.

    Judy makes researching enjoyable and wants you to run to use the information she provides. I always learn something new or clearer about something I know.

    Judy makes the KDP sound so easy!

    Judy never disappoints. Great info, encouragement!

    Judy never fails.

    Judy rocks!

    Judy Russell always has new ideas and approaches to getting the message across.

    Judy Russell at her best. Thank you!

    Judy Russell creates motivation to just do a KDP for fun!

    Judy Russell is a jewel!

    Judy Russell is always a treat to learn from.

    Judy Russell is always excellent. Very good presentation.

    Judy Russell NEVER disappoints! The information she provided today on the KDP was insightful.

    Judy Russell walks on water!

    Thanks to Legacy Family Tree Webinars for presenting this series!

    Judy Russell was excellent as usual, but I am not interested in getting CG certification. I really like the free syllabuses.

    Judy Russell was her usual wonderful, highly informative self 😉

    Judy Russell’s enthusiasm for her topics is evident. She does a wonderful job of explaining what is needed for certification.

    Judy Russell’s presentation was fantastic, as always, with lots of helpful information, even if not applying for certification.

    Judy Russell’s presentations are always so interesting, this was no exception!

    Judy shed more light on this process.

    Judy was fantastic as usual.

    Judy’s clear explication of the KDP will prove quite useful should I decide to pursue certification.

    Love, love Judy Russell and her presentations! She is easy to follow and understand, concise, and just a joy to learn from.

    Need to check out the BCG Website and learn how to do Citations.

    Nice tips as working within my ProGen group as everything works off from the BCG process that leads to becoming a BCG candidate,and some new tools to purchase to assist.

    not what I thought it was going to be about –BUT!!! very very informative and soooo helpful for just general genealogy!!

    Thank you so much for this webinar!!

    Outstanding and a reminder to document research correctly!

    Really wish there was guidance for intermediate family historians

    She’s always great

    So helpful! Judy always makes things understandable

    Such great info. I am currently on the clock and she answered some of my questions.


  4. Legacy Family Tree
    1 year ago

    Terrific, love it

    Thank you for an update on the KDP. It was incredibly helpful.

    Thank You for the wonderful webinar. I have received my Genealogy Standards book. Hearing and seeing first hand explanations was great.

    Thank you so much! It was excellent!

    The best of the best. So precise and clear. Excited to apply some day in the future.

    The presentation by Judy Russell was wonderful, as are all her presentations. I believe I may want to pursue certification in the near future.

    The step by step approach, as well as telling about failed portfolios, were really helpful

    This is the second time that I’ve had the pleasure of listening to one of Judy’s presentations. She is MARVELOUS! And so knowledgeable.

    This was a great talk, wonderfully put together and well presented, and FUN to listen to !!!

    This was new territory for me, but I found it very informative.

    This was very informative.

    Truly extraodinary preso!

    Useful information!

    useful to understand the Standards Judy discussed

    very Do-able project after Judy explains it. Would love to see a webinar on how to choose the best families for KDP, Case Study and the other option [brain fart]

    Very engaging and informative.

    Very good information for doing my own genealogy.

    very helpful as I start my journey to certification

    Very Informative

    Very informative and clear

    Very informative and interesting speaker.

    Very informative as Judy Russell always is.

    very informative!

    Very informative!

    Very informative. It was good to hear what should not be done and learn what is actually needed. Also learned to stay within the limits and not go overboard. Thank you!

    Very interesting! Thank you!

    Very interesting.

    Very interesting. Judy made it sound like a doable endeavor.

    Well done.

    well organized! Good info.!

    What a great review of requirements and best practices. Anyone could benefit from this talk.

    While I’m not planning to go through the certification process, I found Judy’s power point and examples extremely helpful, for me as a writer of family histories.

    Who doesn’t get something out of the Reisinger series (ergo, all Legacy Webinars), and Judy Russell is always a treat and an intense learning experience.

    Who doesn’t love and always learn new things from Judy Russell!

    Wonderful explanation of the KDP requirements. I have a much better understanding of the requirements and will definitely watch this webinar again.

    Wonderful, as always. I’m inspired to practice preparing some KDP reports. Thank you!

    You gave me a idea for searching for my birth family and documenting.


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