From the 18th to the 21st: The Records of Prohibition

Judy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL
Dec 15, 2020
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About BCG
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Speaker's Introduction
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Getting to the 18th
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The 21st and Repeal
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Other Key Resources
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

The 18th amendment took effect in January 1920 and ushered in more than a decade of Prohibition until repealed by the 21st amendment in December 1933. In those few years, so many records were created of juice joints and bootleggers, revenuers and Untouchables — producing a gold mine for researchers.

About the speaker

About the speaker

A genealogist with a law degree, Judy G. Russell is a lecturer, educator and writer who enjoys helping others understand a wide variety of genealogical issues, including the interplay between genealogy and the law. She has a bachelor’s degre
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    A great presentation prohibition that also taught me about where to find court, prison, and other records.

    A great topic, very interesting, and Judy G. Russell is a thorough presenter, and her slides are well done. Thank you.

    A really great background information on probition

    Absolutely one of the best, especially for those of us with an ancestor in the liquor business. Great insights as to where to find records related to felonies etc.

    Always a pleasure to attend Judy Russell’s presentations!

    Always enjoy Judy Russell’s webinars. They are always very informative.

    Always good with Judy!!!

    Always love Judy’s presentations!

    Always love Judy’s presentations. I always learn something.

    Another great presentation. Good topic and a lot to think about. Many new ideas!

    Another wonderful presentation from Judy! I would listen to anything she chose to speak about because her lectures are always well researched, include wonderful media, and, she spins a great yarn!

    As always – Judy was amazing!

    As expected informative and interesting and fun.

    Double 5…..excellent

    Even though I have no one connected to bootlegging, it was fascinating!

    excellent information

    Excellent presentation.



    Excellent, very informative!

    Excellent. Fantastic. And very interesting.

    Exceptional handout, bibliography, great photos and stories…

    Fact filled and very entertaining. I love her webinars!

    Fantabulous job by Judy G Russell, as usual

    Fantastic webinar! Now I have a lot of things I can research when my insomnia kicks in. 🙂

    fascinating information. I have had trouble finding an ancestor’s bar in the early 1900’s so hoping that some of judy’s suggestions will provide some leads.

    fascinating topic

    Fascinating topic, phenomenal speaker!

    Good info.

    Great history talk! Incredible photos! It was so well researched.

    Great history!

    Great info, thank you

    great information!

    Great information!

    Great new sources for research! As always, fantastic!

    Great presentation and presentation style.

    Great presentation as always, thanks!

    Great presentation! Learned a lot and the hand out is awesome!

    Great topic and great speaker.

    Her webinars are always good.

    Highly informative, and great context not just a list of sources.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    I always enjoy learning from Judy.

    I always learn a great deal from Judy Russell! Thank you!

    I always learn something from Judy.

    I always look forward to any webinars given by Judy Russell.

    I had no idea about what records were created. So interesting!

    Judy is a great presenter and always has suggestions for resources. I file her syllabi and also take notes in case future research calls for topic-specific research. The images she uses keep things flowing and engaging. Always informative!

    I loved the history lesson. I do wish she had mentioned Puget Sound as a place where alcohol came by water and too late to ask, but wonder if alcohol came from Mexico by water or land to California or the Southwest.

    I really liked the historical background to put our ancestors lives in context along with the records.

    I will attend ANYTHING Judy presents – she is soooo awesome!

    Informative. I will review the resources presented for further information.

    Interesting and informative

    Interesting topic

    Interesting. Something I never thought of looking at.

    It was very interesting and informative.

    It was very interesting.

    It was very well done. I now have new ideas for research. I have part of my family’s still from the 1920’s!

    Judy covered history, intriguing stories, and a wealth of resources. It was a really terrific webinar.

    Judy is a fantastic speaker and always has such interesting presentations.

    Judy is a great presenter with interesting topics and great slides.

    Judy is a very entertaining and knowledgeable speaker. I really enjoy her webinars.

    Judy is a wonderful speaker. So knowledgeable.

    Judy is always good. So informative. I learned a lot.

    Judy is always interesting and slide are most helpful telling the story.

    Judy is an excellent speaker. She could make dirt interesting. More please

    Judy is so good — nationwide knowledge about a topic that is still ‘touchy’ at some levels in many locations.

    Judy is the best!

    Judy is top on my list of great presenters

    Judy Russell always provides the most informative and interesting topics.

    Judy Russell is a definite STAR in genealogy research/webinars – She’s passionate, informed, experienced and is an excellent teacher as well. Her handout was also very worthwhile!! Thank you for yet another very interesting helpful webinar!

    Judy Russell is a great presenter. I hope we will hear more from her in 2021.

    Judy Russell is a top-notch, wonderful presenter. I thoroughly enjoy her presentations.

    Judy Russell is always an excellent presenter.

    Judy Russell is always awesome!

    Judy Russell is an excellent speaker. She does a fabulous job of making topics in genealogy interesting, never boring!

    Judy Russell is the best!

    Judy Russell is the best.

    Judy Russell never fails to deliver a high quality seminar. In particular, this presentation gave me a better mental picture of the Prohibition times. Thank you, thank you.

    Judy Russell’s seminars are always chalk full of valuable information.

    Judy was spot on . . . as always!

    Judy’s always superb!

    Judy’s knowledge was phenomenal! The presentation was so well organized and comprehensive from the beginning to the end!

    Judy’s webinars are always excellent!

    Just love Judy. She is so up on her topics.

    Legal Genealogist super webinar once again! Thanks Judy.

    Loved the full history on the subject. Judy’s got to be gaining considerable enjoyment in expanding her knowledge base.

    Never had any thoughts on prohibition before (other than it was a stupid idea, lol). Judy’s talks are always informative and entertaining

    Not only extremely interesting but also entertaining!! Thanks.

    one of the best.

    Prohibition records presented a new topic that I had not considered pursuing on its own. Judy’s webinar was very interesting and instructive.

    Rumrunning is part of our family’s big mystery that I’ve solved with genetic genealogy. The rumrunning part of the story is the only piece we haven’t proven. This was so informative and fabulous!

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    She packs more in an hour than I can even imagine. Love being amazed by her knowledge on topics.

    So interesting

    So much wonderful information !!!

    Thank you.

    Thanks from Australia, at the moment I have no need to look for records but love to hear the History of America!!

    The images and illustrations were fantastic.

    The presentation was fascinating! I have a ton of new sources to explore.

    The topic was interesting and Judy was thorough and entertaining.

    This was fascinating history for anyone who had not genealogical connection to prohibition.

    This was very informative. I have several individuals that I can now research using the webinar information.

    very informative — Thank You

    Very informative & a bit overwhelming. Judy always does a great job. She is so knowledgeable. She has a great speaking manner.

    Very informative and entertaining!

    Very informative and good historical content. Thank you.

    Very informative!

    very interesting and educational

    Very interesting and eye-opening. Great presenter. I especially like the small article from Altoona, PA (my home town) about the two cows being victims of moonshine refuse!!

    Very interesting and great presenter.

    Very interesting and very timely.

    Very interesting look at not-well-known record collections. Though not as direct an application to certification as most BCG webinars.

    VERY interesting look at this period of history and its genealogically important records!

    Very interesting topic and research resources.

    Very interesting webinar! Thanks!

    Very interesting!

    very interesting!

    Very Interesting!!!!

    very interesting, lots of information

    Well done as usual. Thank you.

    Well presented. Just wasn’t as interesting to me as some are.

    What a great topic! Judy is always fun to listen to.

    What a great topic! Totally different. Thanks so much, Judy. And thanks for the wonderful handout.

    What a wealth of information and great resource for searching. Thank you for this webinar

    Who can resist a webinar from “theleagalgenealogist?”

    Wonderful presentation!!

    Wonderful webinar! Thank you. This hour just flew by.

    Wonderful Webinar!!


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