Foundations of Scottish Genealogy 6 of 12: Scotland has no Probate – Wills and Testaments, Land Inheritance back to 1544

Dr. Bruce Durie
May 3, 2019
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8m 06s
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Wills or Testaments?
8m 12s
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Inheritance in Scotland
5m 06s
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18m 37s
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Where to Get Wills
7m 42s
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2m 33s
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Unclaimed Estates
6m 08s
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Using Retours
11m 37s
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Understanding a Retour
8m 40s
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Retours After 1700
5m 58s
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Where to Get Retours
11m 59s

About this webinar

Scotland has Wills and Testaments – which are not the same thing, although some Testaments may contains Wills. And there is no Probate – Scotland has a system of Confirmation instead. Also, do not look for land, houses or other “real” property in Wills before the 1860s. Land and property inheritance was by a separate system. This Class will use ScotlandsPeople and other resources, and will follow on to the next Class.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Dr. Bruce Durie is considered one of Scotland’s top genealogists, with an international reputation. He is perhaps best known for his eight-year BBC radio series, “Digging Up Your Roots” and “A House with A Past”, and he has authored over 30 books,
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