Fire Insurance Maps – The Google Maps of Their Day

Jill Morelli, CG, CGL
Apr 20, 2016
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2m 05s
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Speaker's Introduction
2m 14s
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3m 20s
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What Are They?
16m 39s
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Map Development
3m 06s
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Finding the Maps
8m 42s
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Reading the Maps
4m 25s
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Use of the Maps
18m 18s
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Announcements / prizes
5m 15s
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Questions / answers
17m 17s
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After-webinar party
21m 22s

About this webinar

Fire insurance maps were developed in the late 19th century to assist insurance companies in managing their risk of coverage in areas where they did not have a physical presence. Over 54,000 maps were made of communities large and small and many communities had multiple maps created between 1895 and 1920. These maps today offer an incredible window into the past, illustrate the evolution of these communities and describe the physical environment of the lives of our ancestors. We will explore the history of the maps including the the Sanborn Map Company which had a virtual monopoly by the 1920s. We will also identify where to access these maps and, using four case studies, illustrate how these maps can solve our genealogical problems and add context to the lives of our ancestors. All is eventually tied to the genealogical proof standard.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Jill Morelli, CG, CGL is a “Roots” genealogist, becoming interested in family history in the 1970’s with the Alex Haley show. At that time, she just collected “stuff.” After a hiatus during which she had a family and volunteered in her community,
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