Dissection & Analysis of Research Problems: 10 Steps to a Solution

Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL
Oct 27, 2023
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3m 46s
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5m 35s
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Rethink our approach
2m 12s
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List all known facts
4m 29s
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Identify our evidence
10m 01s
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Appraise our sources
5m 50s
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Insure success
1m 02s
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Analyze prior conclusions
3m 03s
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Analyze known facts
10m 40s
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List all associates
4m 03s
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Identify all resources
4m 31s
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Draft master plan
6m 11s
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Announcements / prizes
5m 01s
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Questions / answers
10m 43s

About this webinar

Solutions to tough problems are not just “found.” They are analytically constructed. This session explains how to break down problems into their most-critical elements. It summarizes the types of questions and tests that should be applied to each. Then it demonstrates how to analyze, rank, and assemble the resulting answers into an effective research plan. In this process you’ll walk through ten steps, learning how to apply micro and macro analysis, evaluate prior conclusions, argue with their evidence, develop targeted worksheets, and complete a plan of action that can be pursued as time permits.

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About the speaker

About the speaker

Across a long career, Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG, FUGA, FNGS, has been an innovator of research methods and strategies. Published widely by academic and popular presses, she edited a national-level scholarly journal for 16 years, taught
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  1. DC
    Debra Cole
    3 months ago

    I recently found the Legacy Family Tree Webinars and am amazed at the wealth of knowledge and the great presentations. I enjoyed watching the video tonight and learned some great tips and information. I will definitely be watching as many videos as I can – both previously shown and the new ones coming up.

  2. AD
    Annie Delyth Stratton
    6 months ago

    I have had to put my genealogy work aside for the last four years. I had three research trips planned that I have had to let go of, so I have decided to do a deep analysis on what I have, what it tells me, and what I need to take it further. In reviewing my records recently back to when I started, sometimes I just cringe at my beginner mistakes. I got better, and now I want to really organize it. I will never finish it (does anyone?), but I think a good housecleaning will help me see what I have accomplished (an astonishing amount, considering the state it was in when I inherited it!) and get it in order to pick up, by me or by one of my children or grandchildren. Elizabeth’s approach is a great way to get this done, I think. And I may find that I end up with more than I think I have as a result.

    BTW, Geoff, I am wowed that one of those wee kids I saw in the background from time to time over the years is an adult and ready to fly! Congratulations on job well done,

  3. MJ
    Martha Jones
    6 months ago

    Excellent as always. She is such an inspiration !!

  4. WG
    Willene Gillies
    6 months ago

    This has been the best webinar I have ever attended. The information gives renewed hope to those of us who have needed it. I enjoy listening to Elizabeth Shown Mills and think she should have a doctorate degree after her name. Surely she has earned it.

  5. CC
    Cathy Cline
    6 months ago


  6. RC
    Rebecca Corson
    6 months ago

    This was one of the best webinars I have attended. Elizabeth Shown Mills shows us how to break our brick walls in a methodical and logical way. I am so happy that my membership allows me to watch this again and again. I am going to follow her steps to start “putting cracks” in my 3rd great grandfather’s brick wall. Elizabeth’s teaching skills are truly a treasure trove that everyone one can use to become the better researcher. Thank you for an excellent series.

  7. SB
    Susan Bankhead
    6 months ago

    Elizabeth always teaches me so much!

  8. LJ
    Leslie Johnson
    6 months ago

    What can you possibly say about learning from ESM?!?!?!? She is one of the genealogy greats!!! I just couldn’t miss this opportunity to learn from someone so experienced and knowlegable, and HIGHLY recommend this webinar. The handout was stellar, and provides all the tools we need to make us better researchers. This webinar forced me to admit just how raggedy my current research strategies are. Now that I know better, I definitely plan to do better!!! Thanks, ESM!!! You are appreciated!!!


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