Deconstructing Family Stories: Are They Fact, Fiction, or a Little of Both (a 2023 Reisinger Lecture)

Barbara Vines Little, CG, FNGS, FUGA, FVGS
Oct 20, 2023
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The Source
12m 51s
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Fairy Tale or Fact?
8m 24s
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How a Story Changes Over Time
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

We all have them—family stories—from Indian princesses and three brothers came to America to “We’re related to Benjamin Franklin.” Some are blatantly false; others wishful thinking. But, others may be true or partly true. Discarding even the most outrageous without research is a mistake. Finding the clues in family stories requires careful and thorough research, but that kernel of truth can be worth it.

This class is presented live at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City as part of the Joy Reisinger Memorial Lecture Series and is being broadcasted by Legacy Family Tree Webinars.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Barbara Vines Little, CG, FNGS, FUGA, FVGS, is a professional genealogist whose primary interests are Virginia research and brick wall problems. A former president of both the National Genealogical Society (NGS) and the Virginia Genealogical Socie
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  1. TB
    Terry Bowen
    9 months ago

    So important to dig out the truth. I have so many stories personally heard and seen from others. As a Ball descendant, George is not related to me. Thankful for DNA and records which remain, such as being neighbors to Mt. Vernon.

  2. AW
    Allison Willis
    9 months ago

    A very interesting webinar, I really got more places to search now. I’m learning so much from these…

  3. LS
    Lisa Sanderson-Jacks
    9 months ago

    Interesting examples of how family stories get created and exaggerated through time. And show that you need to do your due diligence to separate facts from fiction.

  4. SG
    Sharron Gebhardt
    9 months ago

    We are so lucky to have such a treasure as Barbara Vines Little!

  5. VM
    Victoria McGuinness
    9 months ago

    Barbara’s stories were entertaining as well as illustrative of the need to verify the individual elements of family stories. I now recognize the need to publish, at least on my own online family tree, documentation relating to family stories and readily accepted family trees that I have disproven with records. I have work to do!

  6. CM
    Connie Moretti
    9 months ago

    Could listen to Barbara all day! As usual, she presents vital information illustrated wcolorful examples and interesting narration.

  7. KR
    Kim Rogers
    9 months ago

    Excellent topic and a lot of information. Very interesting and well presented.

  8. BC
    Brenda Cook
    9 months ago

    I loved the way she dispelled the myths in her family history. In the end her genealogy has been cleared of incorrect information.


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