Combining DNA and Traditional Research – In-Depth Case Studies

Michelle Leonard
Sep 4, 2019
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Speaker's Introduction
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Theory of Relativity
1m 21s
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Confirming Lines
10m 59s
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No Tree Case Studies
14m 54s
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Unknown Parentage
16m 42s
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NPE Case Study
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

DNA testing has exploded onto the genealogy scene in recent years and is now one of the most important tools available to advance family tree research. In order to successfully use DNA testing for genealogy, however, it’s essential to combine it with traditional research. This presentation will concentrate on several in-depth case studies that demonstrate what can be achieved when you combine long-established research methods with DNA test results. These case studies will cover verification of family tree lines, the breaking of brick walls, the testing of hypotheses and the solving of hitherto unfathomable mysteries.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Michelle Leonard is a Scottish professional genealogist, DNA detective, freelance researcher, speaker, author and historian. She runs her own genealogy and DNA consultancy business, Genes & Genealogy, and specialises in DNA Detective work part
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    A lot of info in a short time

    Absolutely amazing webinar. Can’t wait to get onto Ancestry and try what I’ve learned today.

    Absolutely fantastic!

    Absolutely outstanding! A Zebra.

    Adding this webinar to one of my top favorite.

    After watching her previous webinars, I knew this would be good!..Excellent webinar and bring her back.

    Although much of this was a little over my head, I have played around with my DNA enough that some of it made a lot of sense. I’ll have to go back and watch the beginning DNA webinars.

    Amazing and mind blowing! My mind is reading right now. Thank you!

    Amazing and very informational.

    Amazing presentation, very informative!

    Amazing! Very helpful – even when you’ve been working with DNA results for a decade. (Bought my 1st Y-DNA test in 2009 and added mtDNA and Family Finder to that kit in 2010.)

    Another webinar I’m going to want to watch again — so much information packed into such ashort time!

    Beyond excellent. Michelle is one of my favorite and most effective teachers of genetic genealogy.

    Brilliant but a lot of detail crammed in so difficult to take it all in.

    Brilliant webinar with a great amount of information to assist everyone to move forward with their Genealogical DNA research. Shows many case studies that explain ways to follow through different ancestor lines and theories.

    can’t wait to watch again…so much good info

    DNA matching methodology = A+

    Enjoyed. I know this will help me with my DNA matches.

    Exactly what I needed!

    Excellant information. I guess I now have a challenge to try to build DNA matches with no or small given trees!



    Excellent MUST re watch!

    EXCELLENT Will go back and listen to other webinars.

    Excellent case studies covering a range of DNA matching situations, shared by a knowledgeable, energetic, and very clear presenter. I’m inspired to try some new techniques for building family trees!

    Excellent DNA case studies.

    Excellent information and easy to understand.

    excellent loved the examples and could follow her thinking. Wish I could do it as well as she can. Wonderful hour.

    Excellent presentation and picked up several ideas and methods for working the DNA matches – will have to revisit this webinar a few times as I’m sure I missed something while processing an idea;-))

    Excellent presentation packed with tons of practical tips. I’m excited to try some of them in my research. Would love to hear more from this presenter!

    Excellent presentation! It’s amazing how much content she covered — in detail — while still making everything clear. Would love to see more such case studies.

    Excellent presenter.


    Excellent! Thank you!

    Excellent!! Going to build my master tree right now…..

    Excellent!! I will have to watch it again (and probably again)

    Excellent!!! One I’ll listen to many times

    Excellent, thank you

    Excellent. Learned several new tricks.

    Fabulous! I will be starting my master tree today!

    Fantastic! Thanks – so much great information in learning how to work through case studies. Very helpful.

    Fantastic! Made me feel good about techniques I’ve figured out on my own and given me new ones to use. One of the best webinars ever.

    Fascinating presentation.

    Great – just wish I understood DNA a little better.

    Great case studies! Easy to follow and very encouraging.

    Great examples and details. I’m going to have to watch it again to absorb everything shared here! Thank you much!

    Great examples and they were very well explained.

    Great examples!

    Great presentation! Very sophisticated!

    Great presentation!!! Michelle was very informative. She is a great speaker!!

    Great presenter … well prepared. Examples went a bit over my head. But I enjoyed it immensely.

    Great presenter and very helpful information!

    Great to see how to use DNA results to find connections where there is little obvious evidence at first glance

    Great Webinar

    Great webinar and great Q&A!

    Great webinar with wonderful examples. A lot of information to cover so I will have to go back and look at this webinar again and again.

    Great webinar! a lot of good information. Thank you! : )

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    I always enjoy a practical, hands on, “this is how you do it” presentation. Thanks!

    I am going to try the Master Tree that she talked about to help me with my DNA matches. I have been using a spreadsheet but it causes so much confusion that it is not practical. I enjoyed the case studies… that has given me some ideas about how to sort through my no tree problem (although I’ve been using shared trees for ages) Great webinar!

    I can’t wait to see and listen again on today’s webinar was Fantastic! And I hope that Michele Leonard comes back to update us with some new information that she is waiting for, on her last case study! Combining DNA and Traditional Research is a must see!!!

    I enjoyed this seminar. I always learn something new from the Legacy webinars. Thank you.

    I have a known Scotland line. Always thought it was too difficult to research. With the tips, search suggestions and other webinar suggestions I am more encouraged to get started. Thank you!

    I learned so many subtle techniques and sleuthing tips for building Matches’ trees.

    I love case studies! Thank you

    I think there may be a different solution to the last example, but I’ll have to watch again. Will definitely watch again. I think I am using these techniques already, but it is wonderful to see someone else explain them so I know I am not crazy. Thanks!

    I think this is the most helpful webinar I have listened to date.

    I will listen again and recommend.

    I wish I could give her a ten! One of the best webinars I’ve seen here and one that I will definitely watch again.

    I wish there was more time for more quest ions.

    I’ll have to watch it many times to follow the logic, but that’s OK.

    I’m glad I’m a webinar subscriber so I can view again and stop it frequently. Michelle crams a lot of material into a short time period! Excellent material.

    I’m not completely up on DNA, but it made sense anyway. 🙂

    Informative and well presented. It was full of ideas to help further my DNA research.

    It was a great webinar

    Just a little fast. But presented great processes on how to proceed.

    Looking forward to hearing more from the presenter.

    Lot of good tips and ideas to explore.

    lots for great info

    Lots of great information! Perhaps she could have had one less case and talked a little bit more slowly. The content was easy to follow, but the presentation moved VERY quickly.

    Lots of information packed into one hour. Will need to re-watch the webinar to better understand.

    Love Michelle Leonard, her presentations are terrific!

    Love this presenter, she is always so good

    Loved it! I learned a lot and confirmed I’m on the right track with my methods. Thank you very much!

    Michelle is so articulate, made the instructions much more easy to understand. I’m so glad to find out about the Master Tree—learn something new every day. Thanks so much.

    Michelle Leonard – first time listening to her webinars. Very impressed by her command of the subject and her ability to explain a complicated subject in a more simplified way! Great job!

    Michelle Leonard is an excellent presenter. Her webinar was very helpful and easy to follow. I will continue to follow her tips; sticking to one paternal and one maternal master tree that is private and unsearchable and doing the research. Looking forward to her upcoming webinars and revisiting this one over and over. Thank you!

    Michelle Leonard is experienced, well informed, and a really great trainer. I learned so much!

    Michelle Leonard is such an enthusiastic presenter. She included so much information that a re-watch will be necessary.

    Michelle was brilliant! She makes working through the complicated relationships seem so much easier than I’ve found it. I do really like the creation of a master or temp tree. It seems a useful idea. She’s a excellent reminder to be persistent. I’m pretty good at triangulating to which quarter of the tree my match might be from, but
    if it’s not easy to go from there, I usually just leave a note and move on. I did however manage to unite my 1st cousin with daughter he didn’t know he had.

    My husband turned on webinar for me as I was going to be late joining. The parts I was able to see/hear were fabulous. I thought Michelle was a lovely red-headed Irish lass, but behold, she is a lovely red-headed Scot.

    Need to learn more and then listen again!

    One of the best webinars I’ve ever heard. I will definitely watch this again and try to put into practice some of the strategies I heard.

    Outstanding, must watch again and purchase Michelle’s book.

    Outstanding. This should motivate anyone with even a passing interest in doing this kind of research.

    Phenomenal! Thank you so much!

    Really good detailed information on strategies to break down brick walls or unknown ancestors. I was late to join but would definitely watch the recorded version to absorb more information even if I wasn’t late. Thank you Michelle!


  3. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    so clearly explained, excellent

    So informative

    So much good info!

    So much helpful info!

    So much information, glad I have a membership and time this week to do some major learning. Wonderful presentation and great resource suggestions.

    So useful!

    still a little confused, but lots of good ideas

    Super presentation

    Super sleuthing beyond DNA makes this a memorable webinar!


    Thank you for this truly intermediate webinar. Several excellent tips here.

    Thank you Michelle — Excellent content and delivery!!!

    thanks, wonderful webinar! brilliant

    The speaker spoke a bit fast, so I will watch the recording.

    The webinar relied VERY HEAVILY on Ancestry trees, and other Ancestry features. While the substance was good, it doesn’t relate well to those of us who use legacy and My Heritage.

    this is one to watch again and again. so many great tips

    This was a very clear & informative presentation. I’ll watch Michelle’s other webinars. Thank you.

    This was an absolutely wonderful webinar! I learned so much useful information. Michelle really helped me to understand the nuts and bolts of using DNA with my genealogy research. Brava!

    This was GREAT. I found it very easy to follow along with her examples while she moved quickly through the process.

    Very good information. Confirms what I’ve been doing with one particular family, working all 10 children of my 3g-mother’s sister forward to descendants, to see if I can find any names the same as in my 3000+ 5th or remote cousin matches at ftDna.

    Very good webinar!

    Very good!

    Very good!

    Very good, but I’m going to have to review this at least two more times to get all the benefit possible from it.

    Very impressive! I wish I had her skills.

    Very informative and excellent guidance.

    Very informative but over-whelming I need to go back to basics!

    Very interesting

    Very interesting and a very knowledgeable speaker. This was way above me but gave me lots of ideas on things to look into.

    Very interesting and challenging DNA webinar! Love Michelle’s accent, too! Thank you very much.

    Very interesting!

    was fabulous

    Well presented.

    Wonderful–she is great and gave me many good ideas for my research.

    wow fabulous


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