Chinese Genealogy: An Introduction to Jiapu 家譜 (Chinese Genealogy Records)

Anthony King
Apr 14, 2022
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1m 46s
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 55s
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9m 27s
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Historical Overview
6m 17s
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Searching for Jiapu
5m 02s
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Locate Your Jiapu
16m 00s
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8m 55s
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Shanghai Library
4m 36s
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How to Read a Jiapu
24m 11s
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Announcements / prizes
4m 08s
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Questions / answers
20m 35s

About this webinar

Because of the Chinese tradition of ancestor veneration, the earliest discovered written records in China included genealogical information. The rich, historical tradition of preserving genealogies in China gives the potential for someone of Chinese ancestry to be able to trace their lineage for over 100 generations, reaching back thousands of years. This presentation includes a brief history of Chinese genealogies, a look at the typical format and content of these records, search methodologies for finding Chinese genealogies (including searching for ancestral villages and exploring the Chinese genealogical collections of FamilySearch, the Shanghai Library, and other institutions), and instruction for reading the lineage and data tables portions these records.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Tony King was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. He descends from Chinese immigrants who came to California, Oregon, and Hawaii in the late 1800’s. Having retired from a 30-year career with the federal government, he has resided overse
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  1. KJ
    Kenneth Johnson
    1 year ago

    Wonderful presentation! I really enjoyed the detailing of his search experiences. Kenneth Johnson-Elk Grove, California

  2. FK
    Fred Kerr
    2 years ago

    Absolutely excellent! So happy I found this and watched. I’ll have to go through it several more times, but it is very valuable. My wife’s ancestors immigrated from Canton to Honolulu in the late 1800s.

  3. ES
    Eva Smith
    2 years ago

    This was so helpful! Thank you Tony! Would love to see more Chinese webinars in the future!

  4. TS
    Traci S. Kape Thysell-McPherson
    2 years ago

    Full of information. Thank you, Anthony!

  5. JL
    Jeanie Low
    2 years ago

    I appreciate Anthony King’s expertise in deciphering and explaining Jiapu for bilingual challenged researchers. .

  6. AJ
    Angel Jacoby
    2 years ago

    Super informative presentation! I’d be very interested in more webinars about Chinese genealogy.

  7. RS
    Robert Sit
    2 years ago

    Excellent presentation!

  8. FM
    Florence Moran
    2 years ago

    Presenter was very logical and easy to follow! Excellent introduction to Chinese research! I loved his story about finding his Jaipu in the ruins of an old building which was being demolished !


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