Chinese American Research: Challenges and Discoveries

Grant Din
Feb 10, 2021
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Speaker's Introduction
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Eras of Immigration
6m 33s
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Pre-Exclusion Documents
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Exclusion Era Documents
17m 18s
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Post-Exclusion Era
2m 17s
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Post-Immigration Act
13m 47s
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

The Chinese Exclusion Act, in effect from 1882-1943, made it difficult for Chinese to immigrate to America but also created a myriad of documents, many stored in the National Archives, which help genealogists. Researchers often have to determine if family names are "real" or "paper" because of what people had to do to overcome discriminatory laws. The workshop will provide an introduction to these and many other resources, and offer suggestions on other available documents and organizations.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Grant Din has conducted genealogical research for over thirty years and currently serves on the board of the California Genealogical Society. He served on the staff of the Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation for eight years and currently v
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    A fantastic presentation by Grant Din on his searches, wonderful genealogical finds, and connecting with his Chinese family.

    Absolutely fascinating! BTW, one of my cousins showed up in my matches just a day or two ago. When I messaged her, she said that one of her daughters who has been teaching English in S Korea for 4-5 years, wanted to have her DNA done — but it’s ILLEGAL IN S KOREA TO HAVE YOUR DNA TESTED, so she had a kit sent to both her Mom and Dad for Christmas! We have no idea how wonderful the US is — despite our problems!!

    Although as far as I know, I do not have any Asian ancestors I found this very interesting & gives one hope for my genealogy.

    Amazing, helpful, wonderful presenter! And so great to finally be able to connect with folks who are doing research on Chinese American genealogy. BTW, Grant Din’s handout is exceptional, so generous in his sharing of information!

    Chinese genealogy is so difficult, but Grant made it seem approachable. Excellent presentation. His presentation also highlighted the xenophobic history of the US – an important reminder.


    Fantastic webinar with lots of great information on tracing Chinese family members.

    Good information with resources shared. I will use to assist my cousins who have a grandfather who immigrated from China in the 1920’s.

    Grant did a great job making a very complex subject accessible and inspiring!

    Grant Din is the best!

    Grant Din was a knowledgeable, thoughtful presenter sharing lots of useful resources.

    Grant Din’s presentation and images were very informative. Fascinating storyteller. Thank you for offering this webinar, which also promotes education about the history of Chinese immigrants in America.

    Grant gave a wonderful seminar

    Grant provided important details in how to research your family tree. Thank you Grant!

    Grant was informative, positive, and encouraging to the audience.

    Great info!

    Great information

    Great information – thank you!

    Helps me in researching my wife’s heritage.

    I don’t have any Chinese in my family tree but this webinar was informative.

    I don’t have Chinese ancestors that I know of but this was a very interesting Webinar. What a great speaker !!

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    It is wonderful that you are adding Asian genealogy to the webinar series.

    It was very informative.

    Lots of great info

    Loved the information that Grant Din presented. He was quite personable and very easy to understand. Loved his slide presentations.

    Really enjoyed the webinar. Looking forward to the documentary about the six Chinese who survived the Titanic.

    So much interesting and informative information!

    Thank you for hosting this webinar! I’m very excited to see a more diverse collection of ethnicity webinars. Please offer more of these! The speaker was very knowledgeable and enjoyable to listen to. The presentation was really interesting as well as informative.

    Thank you for sharing today! Wonderful insight!

    Thank you!

    Thank you. Very informative and reassuring that I’m not the only one hitting brick walls. But the more information you have leads to more clues and every once in a while you do hit the motherlode.

    Thanks to Grant and Geoff. Presentation was well-organized, and, beyond resources, gave strategies and alternate approaches. Excellent.

    The family I’m tracing was from Mexico, so the US records don’t help a lot.

    This was quite interesting. Thank you for the info.

    This was so very interesting! The speaker was excellent and I found all the photos and other exhibits he showed to be fascinating. Thank you!

    Very Good

    very informative

    Very informative and the speaker was excellent and very knowledgeable

    Very interesting presentation. It’s always great to hear of someone’s research and see how what your are doing compares with someone else. Very pleasant time. Thanks again.

    Very interesting.

    very well done. thank you!

    Very well presented and a wonderful overall story to tie all of the great information together.


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