Can You Write a Wrong? Copyright in Australia

Cathie Sherwood
Dec 6, 2023
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Speaker's Introduction
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What is copyright?
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The Fine Print
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Knowing what we can freely use, without permission, in our family histories ensures that we are not infringing on the rights of others. For example, did you know that if you watch your grandmother make her secret pasta sauce, writing down the ingredients and methods she used, you have created your own ‘literary work’ which is now protected by copyright? (Just don’t tell Granny!) How then does copyright law apply to published and unpublished works? What is fair use and moral rights? Can a distant cousin use information in her family book that I have researched? This presentation will examine those aspects of Australia’s copyright law which apply to family historians and discusses ways we can comply with the law.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Passionate about history and addicted to family history, Cathie has been researching her Irish, English and Scottish ancestors for over forty years. She was a university lecturer in digital technology and education, retiring as an Associate Profes
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  1. TS
    Tricia Smout
    7 months ago

    What a brilliant presentation …. so comprehensive, and so clearly explained. Thank you so much Cathie.

  2. GA
    Gail Albert
    8 months ago

    Great webinar, Cathie. Australian Copyright information has never been so straight forward.

  3. LP
    Leanne Prescott
    8 months ago

    Cathie Sherwood’s credentials are amazing. The topic was well researched and presented in an easy way to understand. Her syllabus is fantastic and a great reference to fall back on – I will be looking at more of her presentations to add to my research knowledge. Thank you so much for this Webinar.

  4. AA
    Amy Andre
    8 months ago

    The subject of Copyright might be a bit ‘dry’ but Cathie Sherwood breaks it into bite-sized pieces and makes it interesting and memorable with her use of examples, graphics and photographs. Even if you do not reside or publish within Australia this webinar is an excellent overview of the concepts that family historians should be considering as they research, record and relay their findings.

  5. RM
    Rosilyn Matthews
    8 months ago

    Very informative webinar. I now feel more enabled regarding copyright issues. The webinar was very clearly presented and I am pleased that I have a Webinar membership so that I can watch it again at any time if I need to clarify any points.

  6. GR
    Gay Rowe
    8 months ago

    I found Cathie’s content very interesting and helpful. I am always careful not to copy information from other trees without checking the information is correct and where it has come from. I am very pleased I was able to take part and learn so much about copyright and usage. Thank you Cathie and Geoff.

  7. AC
    Ailsa Corlett
    8 months ago

    Excellent information as usual from Cathie. So much I was not aware of regarding the copyright and just what we can and cannot do. Great slides very easy to understand and where to go to check out this information.

  8. KL
    Kristy Love
    8 months ago

    Cathie’s webinars are always highly informative and well-presented. Highly recommended!


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