An Overview of Important Historical Record Collections

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Jul 31, 2018
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 19s
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Denmark Census and Church
6m 41s
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Canadian Obituaries
1m 37s
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New York and New Jersey
1m 48s
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Coming Soon
10m 50s
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Announcements / prizes
1m 57s
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

In this webinar, we will highlight new MyHeritage record collections. You will learn everything there is to know about the collections from the information they include to how to best leverage the records in your own family history research. 

About the speakers

About the speakers

MyHeritage is the leading global destination for discovering, preserving and sharing family history. Our platform and DNA kits make it easy for anyone, anywhere to embark on a meaningful journey into their past and treasure their family stories fo
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Tal is a Director of Product Management at MyHeritage and is responsible for MyHeritage's core genealogy service including the family tree, matching technologies and the historical records search engine. He leads a talented team of developers,
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    A good webinar.

    Always interested in understanding MyHeritage.

    appreciated the yearbooks and newspapers, thank you!!!

    Brilliant webinar with masses of records to check out.

    Can’t wait to check some of the new collections as well as others. Thanks.

    Enjoy learning the short cuts to getting information. Thank you!

    Enjoyed seeing the new records and step by step searching

    Excellent info as always !

    Excellent presentation with lots of very helpful information for using My Heritage effectively. Thank you!

    Excellent presentation. Very practical with the live examples

    Excellent tips and overview of the available resources. Thanks!

    Good info!

    Good information. I like that he showed what was added and will be added. Thanks 🙂

    Good overview of features on MyHeritage

    good stuff

    got some new tips..


    Great as always. Finding all kinds of info. Working on 50th High School Reunion. May find some of the missing here.

    Great info! Now I want to leave work, and do some searching on My Heritage 🙂 More time, more time, I need more genealogy time!

    Great information! Thanx!

    Great job

    Great overview.

    Great Webinar

    He was clear

    I can’t wait to start looking into the yearbooks, and newspapers.

    I have never used My Heritage and wanted to learn something about it.

    I haven’t used My Heritage a whole lot and learned so much today!

    I knew a lot of the info,but it was a good overview and some new things.

    I learned a lot about My Heritage. I plan to start using it.

    I learned a lot. Thank you!

    I learned so much from this that I didn’t know existed. Very informative and look forward to more from him.

    I missed the first part, but what I saw was excellent as are all MyHeritage webinars. Thanks to the entire organization for making research easier and more user-friendly

    Informational as well as very, very enjoyable!

    Interesting topic. Learned some new information and ways to do my research.

    I’ve been searching for a good source on newspapers. Never knew it was here. THANKS!

    I’ve learned how to use the MyHeritage data bases much more efficiently! Thanks Tal.

    Keep up what your doing, it’s making things better for us.

    Learned how much I still can learn about using MyHeritage.

    Learned much NEW info for using MyHeritage Thank you

    learned new search ideas.

    Lots of Good info !!

    One of the best from MyHeritage…I really love when they get into the details….I personally am still struggling with the smart matches…

    SO MUCH information, I will have to review the webinar again. Such a great understanding of My Heritage was taught by Tal Erlichmann…Thank you!

    Tal did a great job with showing us how to use the site and all the new exciting and upcoming records. Thanks!

    Tal sold me on MyHeritage! Great webinar!

    Thanks so much for this webinar. This is truly an underutilized source for me! I plan to check it out in the near future!

    Thanks! Very informative

    These My Heritage webinars are always the best.

    this webinar helped me understand a little more about the search feature. Thanks

    Very good!

    Very helpful! Thanks!

    Very informative – lots of valuable suggestions for research.

    Very informative, especially about the yearbooks and newspaper collections.

    Very informative.

    Very interesting! I haven’t had much luck with yearbooks or newspapers; I do belong to two newspaper sites, but OCR returns hundreds of records when only a handful might match. I’m thinking about a new newspaper website now… good job!

    Very well organized and clearly presented.

    Wow ! So much is out there. I am amazed! Thank you!

    Yearbooks was the best part.

    You just get better and better! Awesome! I want to Thank You so very much!


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