African American Research 101 – Reconstruction Era (Part 2 of 3)

Ari Wilkins
Apr 12, 2024
Free through April 30, 2024
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Freedmen's Bureau Records
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Contraband Camp Records
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Military Claims
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Military Service Records
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City Directories
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

This lecture will discuss how to get started in African American research. The objective of this presentation will be to research either a free person of color or a formerly enslaved African American and identify the last enslaver. It will introduce Reconstruction Era records such as: The Freedmen’s Bureau records, Freedmen’s Bank Records, Southern Claims Commission records, military records, census records, voter’s registration, newspapers, and vital records. It will also cover methodology for 1870 African American brick wall problems.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Ari Wilkins graduated from Louisiana State University with a bachelor’s degree in interior design. She has been actively researching family history since 1998. Ms. Wilkins has spoken nationally at the National Genealogical Society, the Federation
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  1. LM
    Lori McNeil
    6 days ago

    So insightful, another incredible webinar

  2. DF
    Dennise Faulkner
    6 days ago

    I indexed the recorder of several types of Freedman records in the past and was glad to see them presented here. I am still trying to connect a Levi Miller to his family but can only find white persons one generation to soon. This is for a friend. My family of Prunty last name it is hard to understand how they have the last name and live apart from them on the same census. But keep trying to find info. This can help I hope. Thanks.

  3. JR
    Joyce Rose
    6 days ago

    The information was really informative. A little bit overwhelming. Thank you so much for the direction. I will be putting in a lot of effort to find my ancestors.

  4. RF
    Roxanne Flowers
    6 days ago

    I really enjoy the webinar today and I learn a lot. Thank You Ms. Ari Wilkins

  5. AS
    Angela Southworth
    6 days ago

    She raised excellent situations to consider when looking at the census record and why one should not assume particular relationships within a residence. I don’t think I even considered the possibility that young children were taken in by other families after the war. — I have attended ALL of the marathon webinars thus far. Not sure how much I am retaining at this point but each one has had great takeaways. Even the Greek session that does not pertain to my family had great correspondence prompts to use.

  6. JW
    Janet Williams
    6 days ago

    Ari was well prepared and provided a lot of information in the short time we had. I became a member of Legacy Family Tree Webinars today and I am looking forward to hearing Part 1 and Part 3 in August.

  7. PE
    Patricia Ellis
    6 days ago

    I am enjoying all of the webinars. I signed up for seven of them. unfortunately, some other commitments have come at times when webinars I wanted to attend conflict. Thankfully I am a member so I can go into the library and listen to them. They have been informative and i have enjoyed the speakers.

  8. LH
    Laura Holman
    6 days ago

    I received lots of good information in this webinar. Some I did not know about. I am also enjoying the marathon and learning so much. Excellent speakers very knowledgeable and I will be digging deeper into my family search. Happy and successful searching to all.


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