3-2-1 data backup is great, but first you need to find all of your data

Thomas MacEntee
Sep 8, 2023
Free through September 30, 2023
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Speaker's Introduction
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Why Backup Your Data
5m 40s
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Before Backing Up
9m 43s
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Online Backup Programs
6m 52s
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Restoring Data
9m 20s
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions /answers
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About this webinar

By now you’ve all heard about 3-2-1 computer backup. Having three copies of your data makes sense, but this relies on knowing where your data is in the first place. Is everything on your computer? What about the external drive in the closet? Or the SD cards in the drawer? Is some of your data in a cloud application, and what happens to that data if you forget to pay the subscription? I call this problem “Data Scatter” and it is the enemy of the 3-2-1 backup model. It’s hard to back up all your data if the primary copies are scattered everywhere. Let’s walk through the problem and we’ll propose a few things you can do to reign in your data and give the 3-2-1 backup model a fighting chance.

About the speaker

About the speaker

What happens when a “tech guy” with a love for history gets laid off during The Great Recession of 2008? You get Thomas MacEntee, a genealogy professional based in the United States who is also a blogger, educator, author, social media connector,
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  1. MC
    Maria Capaldi
    2 weeks ago

    Great information from Thomas MacEntee, was great to see him!

  2. GS
    Gina Spr
    2 weeks ago

    Good webinar… Thank you

  3. DC
    Dellie Craig
    2 weeks ago

    very informative

  4. KS
    Kathleen Smith
    2 weeks ago

    Very informative Webinar…appreciated the info and will consider buying and updating my system.

  5. BL
    Barbara L Stanford
    2 weeks ago

    Thanks so much for having Thomas MacEntee speak on the inportance of back-up which is so important and necessary to keep our files safe!

  6. KM
    Kristin Macy
    2 weeks ago

    Ever changing technology will always be a challenge, thank you Thomas for making things so much easier to understand. Backup Data is very very important!

  7. SM
    Sue Meise
    2 weeks ago

    Thomas always is a Special Guest! He is so informative. Thank you for this class.

  8. LP
    Linda Pardee
    2 weeks ago

    it pretty much bore out what I already knew and how important backups are.


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