Gilad Japhet

MyHeritage is the brainchild of tech veteran and experienced genealogist Gilad Japhet. His entrepreneurial vision and passion for family history have grown MyHeritage from a garage startup into a world-leading consumer web company  with tens of millions of users around the world. Before founding MyHeritage, Gilad left his mark at BackWeb Technologies and at BRM Technologies, where his roles as Head of Product Management and leader of the anti-virus research unit, respectively, were instrumental to these companies’ successes.
Over the last decade Gilad has been the driving force behind our mission to make family history easy and accessible for all with a range of award-winning products. He has led MyHeritage through significant acquisitions, and the forging of partnerships with industry peers.
Gilad also invests his own time in various pro bono initiatives, utilizing the technologies and network he’s built at MyHeritage for the greater good. Achievements range from tracing hundreds of heirs of stolen properties or looted artworks and providing them an opportunity to reclaim their family’s property, to personally getting involved to solve genealogical mysteries and reunite families. It’s these activities that have earned him the nickname “Sherlock Holmes” in the genealogy space.
A proud dad of three, Gilad’s sense of adventure has led to many trekking expeditions off the beaten track. Whatever you do, don’t challenge him to a game of chess.

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