Special Appearance by the Founder and CEO of MyHeritage

Gilad Japhet
May 2, 2018
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Speaker's Introduction
2m 03s
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The MyHeritage Story
10m 49s
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The birth of MyHeritage
5m 44s
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Growth Years
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The Team
2m 30s
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MyHeritage Today
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Solving a Genealogy Mystery
17m 42s
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MyHeritage and Legacy
12m 36s
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Join us and the founder of one of genealogy’s most successful companies, Gilad Japhet, for an intimate view into his brainchild, MyHeritage. Learn about:

  • the story of the founding of MyHeritage, key milestones and learnings along the way
  • a super interesting genealogical mystery of 70 years that Gilad took on and solved
  • Legacy: why we like it, why we acquired it, and its future
  • some highlights of new things about to be released by MyHeritage

About the speaker

About the speaker

MyHeritage is the brainchild of tech veteran and experienced genealogist Gilad Japhet. His entrepreneurial vision and passion for family history have grown MyHeritage from a garage startup into a world-leading consumer web company  with ten
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    Thank you so much for this webinar! I am so excited about what we have and what is coming!

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I loved this webinar.

    Thank you. I enjoyed hearing about Gilad’s personal journey

    Thanks for the “State of my favorite genealogy program” 🙂

    Thanks for the update and future happenings.

    This has been a fantastic webinar, which is very inspirational for going forward with a vision. It has shown me that my own vision and passion is the right path to travel.

    This measurement can’t be high enough

    This was a fascinating Webinar. Gilad’s personal story of how he became interested in genealogy and built MyHeritage from scratch was interesting. The genealogy case study was very moving, and it was wonderful to hear that MyHeritage’s plans for Legacy and the future are so positive. Great presentation.

    This was absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!!!

    This was an awesome webinar – I was honored to be present. I am so glad that Gilad persevered through all the hardships to make this into such a wonderful place! It was emotional – sad and happy, and I really felt like I was part of “the family” today. Thank you so much!

    This was one of the best webinars yet. I appreciated hearing the story of MyHeritage as told by its founder, also the future of Legacy. It sounds like the best for both companies is yet to come! Thank you Gilad and Geoff.

    Truly exceptional!!!

    Truly outstanding!!

    very enjoyable

    Very informative and genuine.

    Very informative and transparent talk by Gilad. I was expecting just another webinar about how to use MyHeritage, but turned out to be totally different and better. It is nice to hear the backstory of how a company came to be and how it is still growing, expanding.

    Very informative. Thank you.

    very interesting and exciting to think about all the changes that have occurred and will occur in the future. I am excited to think that Legacy will be staying around. So don’t quit Dave, Ken, Geoff and all. Legacy Family Tree Software and the webinars are awesome!!

    Very interesting to see some of the future plans and glad legacy will be around for a long time

    Very interesting.

    What a fantastic speaker and informative webinar! THANKS!

    What a ride! So wonderful to listen to Gilad and hear the story and the news. I am thrilled that you are working on a Mac version, even though my husband kindly gave me a low-price Windows laptop. Old people have a hard time learning new stuff! (regarding computers…!) Best wishes to you all.

    What a terrific webinar!! Legacy has the best, but this outdid them all. I am so happy to belong to both My Heritage and Legacy Family Trees. Glad I was able to attend today. Keep up the good work.

    What a wonderful story of MH birth. New respect for the company and its founder. Can hardly wait ffor the innovations. When I started with MhH several years ago it was against recommendations of my genealogy mentors…but somehow it looks like I picked a winner! Great job everyone.

    What a wonderful story!! The plans are fantastic. Thank you Legacy and MyHertiage. May you always remain here for us.

    What a wonderful webinar. So like the way Gilad has chosen to do business. Totally the right and proper way as I see it and I salute you, sir! So enjoyed hearing how you built the company….and really the entire webinar. Just stellar!

    What wonderful stories and information! Thank you!

    wonderful i will have to try to find the earlier talk

    this was totally impressive and gave me goose bumps

    Wonderful to hear the “My Heritage” story from the founder himself. I am looking forward to the the fruitful collaboration of Legacy and My Heritage and feel that it will benefit genealogy in so many ways!

    Wonderful to learn the story how My Heritage started.

    Wonderful webinar! Looking forward to all the new features/updates.

    Wonderful webinar! Thanks Gilad and MyHeritage. Thanks Legacy.

    Wonderful webinar!! Love Legacy and love My Heritage!! Thank you!!




    Words alone cannot describe my emotions while watching this webinar. Fantastic!

    wow so much and thins changing fast

    Wow! So happy for the information about the merger, but so amazed to hear the story of My Heritage and Gilad. Thank you! Thanks to Jeoff as well.

    Wow, Wow, and more Wow

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    Great to hear news right from the top guy in the company! Keep up the great work!

    Great webinar!

    Great, Great, Great

    He made a wonderful afternoon for me, and a lot of people everywhere.

    Heart warming, exciting and inspiring. Great to know I’m on the right teams!

    How nice to hear the :genealogy” of My Heritage!

    I astonished re the ethical standards and brilliance of business standards of MyHeritage!!

    I found this webinar to be informative, enlightening and encouraging.

    I had concerns with MyHeritage before and what they would do at a later time. After listening to Gilead I believe that MyHeritage will be around for many years to come and will continue to grow and have only the best of the programming and records for helping us to find our family. Thank you Geoff and Gilead.

    I learned a lot.

    I must admit, at first I was concerned about the merger with Legacy and MyHeritage but after listening to this webinar, I feel good about it. It is nice to hear that MyHeritage is not going to be making a lot of changes with Legacy but will be adding beneficial options to Legacy.

    I was so impressed with today webinar.

    I would say a 5++++++ Really appreciated his sharing his journey. and What a supportive, loving wife! I have even more respect for My Heritage. thank you for this webinar.

    If you had a higher number I would’ve marked it! What a wonderful webinar and the true story was remarkable!

    I’m so glad I’m part of this.

    Incredible. Gilad is an awesome human being!!

    Insightful, emotional, and truly appreciated

    Inspiring to hear his story and vision for My Heritage and Legacy. Glad that he is letting Legacy do what they do best. Love Legacy for their webinars and focus on education. There is always more to learn! Appreciate the scope of records My Heritage has. I have made several breakthroughs on my European ancestors due to their trees and vast collection of records.

    Interesting inside look at the way one man’t passion for genealogy grew into a genealogy business powerhouse…thank you!

    Interesting, informative and passionate presentation.

    It was great to learn more about the founding of MyHeritage and how it will integrate with Legacy. I was very interested to learn more about the Big Tree, which will look for relationship paths using both DNA and family trees.

    It’s great and refreshing to know more about the founder and CEO of My Heritage. I am a new user introduced to My Heritage by my sister. After this webinar, I am switching all my genealogy research and work over to the My Heritage family of products!! I totally am impressed by how the company was started and its growth and ethos! I will totally support a wonderful company like My Heritage. Thanks for sharing!!!

    It’s so nice to hear about the founder of a company and learn of Gilad’s commitment to genealogy. How refreshing!

    Just Plain Awesome!! Thank you!

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    Knowing history and learning about of its evolution was great. Very moving segment about the discoveries involving the Corfu/Erikoussa families: the bravery of the Christian people who hid the Jewish family from Nazis, the search and reuniting of descendants of those families, etc. Great to hear of innovations being introduced and and the new MyHeritage and Legacy partnership. Bravo!

    Let me start by saying, I almost NEVER give a ‘5!’ Though I have continued to research my family history, I have been ‘hesitant’ to add it to Legacy since the news of the acquisition by MyHeritage. Today, I have become excited, confident, and ‘relieved’ to learn of the background of the acquisition and excited about how it will continue to go forward. I’m now proud and happy to be part of the Legacy/MyHeritage family!

    Love the way MyHeritage is communicating with their customers – and the speed with which they are generating new functionality and content. The pedigree view was a must have for me, fantastic that it is here already – new triangulation indicators is fantastic – another timesaver, and more upcoming enhancements to DNA matching – sounds like it will be a huge timesaver by cutting down on trying to build trees of matches trees to find MRCAs.”

    Loved it! looking forward to the new stuff coming up – the big tree, Theory of Family Relativity, new ethnicity algorithm, etc! My family is stuck on a couple of my dad’s father’s lines and I hope these may help us break through the brick walls.

    Loved the story of the Greek island.

    Maximum rating! Great family and business story. Good company, good people. And I was in tears too. Thank you Gilad and Geoff.

    more than I expected…I loved getting an idea of the future for the software

    No dry eyes here when he told the story. Soo Moving!

    Off the charts!!! A heartwarming presentation of the humble beginnings of MyHeritage, which has helped significantly in its great success and continued growth. Gilad’s passion shines through all that he puts his hands to, as does Geoff’s. Thank you, gentlemen!

    OH WOW! This was sooo amazing! It’ll be great to see all the new things coming to the genealogy world! Thanks and congratulations to My Heritage and Legacy! You both are so wonderful!

    One of the best I have attended

    One of the best. Glad to hear about My Heritage’s continuing support for Legacy. Don’t know what I’d do without it! The innovations sound great.

    One of the very best ever! There is now hope for my brick wall. This is exciting! Thanks very much!

    really a ten

    Really enjoyed Gilad’s presentation and it was most interesting. Thank you! 🙂

    Realy interesting to know his history!

    So much exciting, informative info – thank you! Looking forward to exploring MyHeritage and its DNA capabilities.

    So so GOOD

    Speechless! Super intelligent, kind, generous, forward looking genealogist dedicated to reuniting families throughout history, honoring their memories and keeping them alive! Thank you, Gilad and Geoff!



    Terrific!!! So glad I have both Legacy and MyHeritage. Looking forward to all the new enhancements to come!!

    Thank You

    Thank you Gilad for MyHeritage and all the genealogy that you do. I too enjoy genealogy. Keep up the good work. I can see you care about what you do. Thank you again…

    Thank you My Heritage for keeping Legacy as is and for the great partnership!


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