MyHeritage DNA: Advanced Features

MyHeritage DNA: Advanced Features

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by Ran Snir

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MyHeritage DNA: Advanced Features


Your DNA results are ready and not sure where to begin? In this session, we'll review the different aspects of the MyHeritage DNA product, learn about useful tools to organize your list of DNA Matches, how to differentiate between them and understand how to better utilize the Chromosome Browser. To make things super-easy, we'll go through the product using real life examples and learn how we can use each tool to progress with the genealogical research.


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Presenter: Ran Snir

Ran Snir, Product Manager, is responsible for MyHeritage DNA products. He leads a talented team of developers, QA engineers, and designers to create and optimize DNA users’ entire journey — from ordering a DNA kit, tracking the kit’s progress, receiving results, to leveraging a continually growing suite of features to make the most of the DNA results in genealogical research. Most recently, he led the development of the Chromosome browser for shared DNA segments feature, from concept through production and launch.

Ran Snir